Coming Soon Unless You Act: “Use Em’ Abuse Em’ & Lose Em’”

An Open Letter to Barry G. and Annette E. Goldberg of Longmeadow, MA

Dear Mr. and Ms. Goldberg,

We are residents of Northampton, concerned that you are about to lease your property at 135 King Street to Kenneth Guarino’s Capital Video Corporation. Mr. Guarino is a major producer and retailer of pornographic material. The proposed site for his new porn shop is surrounded by long-established residential neighborhoods, homes with young children, churches, counseling centers, and a school of dance.

We are proud of our city, the home of Smith College. Parenting Magazine has named it among the “Top 10 Family Friendly Towns”. Boston Magazine includes it among its “Best Places To Live – Big Small Towns”. Author John Villani calls it the “Number One Best Small Arts Town in America”.

Studies show that sexually oriented businesses can scare away shoppers and pedestrians, increase crime, reduce property values, increase business failures, and lead to harassment of passersby. Kenneth Guarino is a convicted criminal (conspiracy to evade taxes). Court documents describe how Mr. Guarino was a long-time associate of Natale Richichi, who has himself been described as “the last living member of Albert Anastasia’s Murder Incorporated”. Over the years, Mr. Guarino paid Mr. Richichi over $1.7 million in cash. We are anxious that you have invited Mr. Guarino to play a long-term role in our community.

We ask you to extend the same care to King Street that we’re sure you have for your own neighborhood in Longmeadow. Please consider if this care is compatible with a retailer of such movies as:

50 Guy Cream Pie #4
Sinful Sisters
Deviant Housewives
Cherry Slits
Porn Of The Dead
F*** The System
Transsexual Prostitutes #39
Gangbang Sluts
Man Whores #3
Strap Attack #4
Office Slut Gangbang
Use Em’ Abuse Em’ & Lose Em’ #9 (“Ride along as we pick up ordinary young women f***’em senseless and dump’em! It’s all good clean fun!”)

These movies and many similar titles are sold at, Capital Video’s website.

Your leasing agent, R.J. Greeley Co., is a member of the National Association of Realtors, and subscribes to their code of ethics. This code states that the interests of the nation and its citizens “impose obligations beyond those of ordinary commerce. They impose grave social responsibility….” R.J. Greeley is also a member of the Massachusetts Association of Realtors, which observes that “One of the nation’s most challenging opportunities in housing lies in the recovery and rehabilitation of declining neighborhoods.” The City of Northampton has been working on the revitalization of King Street for many years. We fear that the proposed porn shop will stymie these efforts and make things worse.

The law may permit you to rent to Capital Video Corporation, but landlords also have a duty to the community to use good judgment. We urge you to terminate your relationship with Capital Video and find a more suitable tenant for your King Street property.


Adam Cohen and Jendi Reiter

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