Now on Sale at (explicit language) is a website of Capital Video Corporation, the company that proposes to locate their newest porn shop at 135 King Street. Here are some of the movies they promote online:

This DVD features a story-driven title that mixes drama with hardcore sex. Wonderland tells the story of a man obsessed with his stepdaughter’s friend when she visits during Christmas break. Gary sacrifices everything in his traditional suburban existence for a single moment of ecstasy with a femme fatale.

Monique on the Sly
You never know who your friends really are until you’re at a big horny no-holes-barred birthday party with them. First come the hors d’ouevres then come the whores.

The New Devil in Miss Jones
Twenty-five years later the devil gets her due! Paul Thomas reimagines adult cinema’s greatest masterpiece in a brand new DMJ that Adult Video News is heralding a milestone! In it Savanna (Miss Jones) is a virgin suicide who begs Jenna (The Devil) to grant her just a little more time on earth before her descent into hell. Jenna obliges but only if Miss Jones totally and completely surrenders herself to the sins of the flesh!

Deviant Housewives
In this world nothing lasts forever and it looks like Kelly Erikson’s husband Van needs some space. Kelly decides to invite all her friends going thru the same problems to stay and support each other. But all of Kelly’s friends have an empty void in their lives they need filled and it’s from a younger man!

Use Em’ Abuse Em’ and Lose Em’ #9
Ride along as we pick up ordinary young women fuck’em senseless and dump’em! It’s all good clean fun!

1 Night in Paris
Best price on the web! We are purchasing a huge amount of them and will fulfill all orders as soon as it arrives. This collectors item is a must have for your adult video library! Paris Hilton a blue blood celebrity now forever to be referenced by her 102 minutes of shame. Watched this surveillance film of the Hilton family’s worst nightmare…. The finale showcases Ms Hilton’s blowjob talents where Solomon jerks his load on her breasts….

Housewives Unleashed #16
These fine ladies have been locked away in their houses for far too long. With their husbands away on business our housewives need crave and demand satisfaction. The action gets hot and horny the moment their desires are finally unleased..!

Private Man #07 Desperate Househusbands
The married residents of Pussy Willow Lane have switched roles the wives are high powered working executives and the husbands stay at home and fuck each other! Welcome to the world of the Desperate Househusbands!

Mother Fuckers #03
When the husband’s away the whores will play. Six sexy housewives are ready to get down and dirty on anyone in the neighborhood with a hard on as they get jammed fucked and stuffed full of rock hard cock until their dripping wet cunts are pounded raw and their assholes are jackhammered and stretched into wind howling gapes as they suck massive dick and lick up every last drop of cum like good little fuck sluts.

David and Jennifer have a marriage on the rocks. In desperation they seek out a marriage counselor who proposes a revolutionary new method of therapy. David and Jennifer have free reign to cheat on each other for the next 24 hours. Their sexual inhibitions are set free and their fantasies fulfilled as they visit The Dark Side. offers video on demand through, another Kenneth Guarino creation. Among the offerings there:

Milf Bonanza 2
Faith has to be the prettiest mother you’ve ever seen! If you ever wanted to fuck your friends’ hot mom this movie is for you. Save the drama for your momma… MILF… it does a body good!


We are reminded of an earlier item posted to NPN:

At a 2003 meeting of the American Academy of Matrimonial Lawyers, two-thirds of the 350 divorce lawyers who attended said Internet porn contributed to more than half of the divorce cases they handled.

6 thoughts on “Now on Sale at (explicit language)

  1. You may not want to run this publicly, but I’d appreciate it very much if you could read it through and see if there’s some guidance or advice on this crucial matter. Thanks, “patrick.” (

    I believe I have lost a long time (albeit estranged) friend from college down in south florida to the porn/sex slave “industry.” But, I’ve also got a hunch she may be responding to something that happened even before we met. I check to see if she’s alright and not in trouble, but whenenever I see her name, it’s associated with a website linked with spyware, and that’s something I don’t want to touch at all with all that stuff’s infamous for. Is there anyway other than trying to ascertain arrest records (without having to pay for what should be free public information) to find out if she is safe and out of the business. Please contact me privately on this.

    Even though our relationship broke up over 35 years ago, we both separately married and built our own families. When I checked to see if she was still alive while in the process of writing a devotional and putting in a belated “thank you” for her gutsy suggestion that I seek help when my first bout with mania came on (completely unbeknownst to me), I came across several aliases on the search machine and that rang alarm bells to this former reporter.

    Then I saw the notations, and quickly enough their association with spyware; which made me all the more nauseous and genuinely worried for her welfare. Because no matter how many years have passed, if I still hold out some form of concern for this person, there’s no way I could simply walk away from what I see is a horrible “lifestyle” and predicament. I have no proof she might’ve been molested before knowing her, but I had noticed some changes in her behavior half-way through the year we were together, and they occurred while she was in her home town in upper Broward Co., FL.

    After we parted, she married a man her former classmates at her former college were aghast at and had a son, but she was said to be pregnant before they got married. From that point on, a year later, I had to give up any ghost of a chance of reuniting, nor now do I believe it would’ve been wise.

    Nevertheless, I’ve never forgotten her kindness in many other instances nor what she meant to me when I was a scared 19 year old far from home (wmass). It’s this reason I’m worried and looking for any avenues of assistance so that I may be able to get my devotional to her in time, and hopefully a message of concern from a long time memory who still considers her a friend might help her restore her life; even if we never see each other again, which would be best since I’ve been married to a most wonderful woman for the past 24 yrs.

    It’s a personal and spiritual matter of great importance for this woman and a man who still cares enough for her welfare.

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