StandardNET: “Pornography at root of more and more domestic violence incidents”

Utah’s Standard-Examiner reported on September 19: More women requesting help are reporting that their abuser views pornography, according to officials who work with abused women.“Five years ago pornography wasn’t something we talked about,” said Kay Card, director of Safe Harbor, a women’s shelter in Davis County.The pornography is a “cancer”, she said.“Women can’t compete with […]

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Bitch Magazine: “Wack Attack” – Confronting Online Harrassment

“Wack Attack”, a 2008 article from Bitch Magazine, offers advice to women and feminists confronting online harrassment: 1. Don’t Silence Yourself. Even the staunchest advocates for ignoring harassment support this stance, because they want women to keep writing online. Do whatever you need to do to feel safe, but don’t quit. Your silence gives every […]

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Should porn performers enjoy the same workplace protections as other Americans? Matt Siegel raises the issue for The Advocate (8/12/09): Business Before Pleasure?…Tony Malice of JM Productions, a straight porn production company, says the business isn’t really set up for performers who refuse to work on camera without a condom: “If a girl only wants to work […]

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