Multi-Media Presentation: Sex(ism), Identity and Intimacy in a Pornographic Culture

When: 7:30PM, Saturday August 26, 2006
Where: The Media Education Foundation, 60 Masonic Street, Northampton MA, 413-584-8500

Free and open to the public, but not suitable for children under 18

From Internet pornography to MTV, popular culture bombards us with sexualized images of idealized women and men, and conveys powerful messages that help shape our sexuality. These pictures jump off the screen and into our culture and are now so commonplace that they seep into our gender identity, our body image and especially our intimate relationships. The result is not a more liberated, edgy sexuality, but a mass-produced vision of sex that is profoundly sexist–a vision that limits our ability to create authentic, equal relationships that are free of violence and degradation.

The presentation will be made by Dr. Gail Dines, Professor of Sociology and Women’s Studies at Wheelock College in Boston. Dr. Dines is a nationally known lecturer on college campuses. She is co-editor of the best-selling textbook Gender, Race and Class in Media and co-author of Pornography: The Production and Consumption of Inequality. She has written numerous articles on pornography, media images of women and representation of race in popular culture. She is a recipient of the Myers Center Award for the Study of Human Rights in North America.

NoPornNorthampton is not a sponsor of this event, but we encourage people to attend.

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