Capital Video Must Undergo a Site Plan Review

Capital Video filed more details of their plans this week with Northampton’s Building Commissioner:

Letter of August 8: “The building will be used primarily for the selling of adult themed DVD’s, Novelties, Videos (VHS), magazines, and Boutique products. All products will be displayed in a manner not visible to the general public from the exterior. Entrance into the store requires a person to be off [sic] legal age in the commonwealth. The store is monitored for entrance by checking ID cards to verify age of any questionable person.”

Letter of August 10: “The second floor structure will be removed leaving the space open from the ground floor to the roof, as is in the rear portion of the building. This will eliminate the calculated gross square footage of the second floor.”

Both letters are signed by Anthony E. Nota, Property Manager of Capital Video Corporation, 1060 Park Avenue, Cranston, RI 02910, Phone: 401-464-4800, Fax: 401-464-4884.

By reducing the square footage of 135 King Street to 6,222 square feet, Capital Video is trying to reduce the parking the city will require. Northampton Building Commissioner Anthony Patillo judges that the revised plan will require 21 parking spaces. The old use for the building (a car dealership) required 12 parking spaces.

The addition of 9 spaces requires Capital Video to undergo a Site Plan Review. This means the Northampton planning board will hold a meeting to discuss the proposal. These meetings are open to the public. The earliest possible date for this meeting is September 14, with the next date September 28. We will keep you informed about meetings concerned citizens should consider attending.

As a practical matter, citizens now appear to have a month to convince building owner Barry Goldberg, leasing agent Robert Greeley, and other parties with an interest in this property to find a more suitable tenant. We urge you to make good use of this time.

Friday’s Republican has a related article on Capital Video’s new plan:

“Suzanne L. Beck, the executive director of the Northampton Chamber of Commerce, said her organization has had no formal discussions about the proposed shop but that she has concerns about its location, which she described as a gateway to the downtown area. Beck said she would favor a more traditional location for such businesses, such as a dense highway zone.”

Friday’s Gazette also has a related article (may require a paid subscription):

“Because the company dropped plans for viewing booths in its proposed store, it will not need to seek an entertainment license from the mayor….

“‘Now there is a mechanism for official public comment,’ [Ward 1 City Councilor Maureen] Carney said. ‘There is a planning board hearing that will take up the matter so all those with issues with the plan can exercise their first amendment right.'”

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