Gazette: “Hadley’s fortified zoning foils effort to reopen ‘adult’ shop”

July 12: The Daily Hampshire Gazette reports, “A merchant’s attempt to run an adult video and magazine shop on Route 9 in the guise of an antique coin retailer has failed.

“The venture was foiled by a town bylaw that prohibits adult stores from opening in the town’s commercial zone….

“‘I don’t think the town fathers intended that to be a place for that type of shop,’ [Hadley Selectman Gerry] Devine said….

“[Hadley Building Inspector Timothy] Neyhart said Northampton might learn something from Hadley’s experience with the store, which began when Adults Only opened in 1995 at the site of a former farm stand….

“‘We feel the bylaw we have is extremely strong and it’s something Northampton should be reviewing,’ Neyhart said.

“In 2004, residents at annual Town Meeting agreed to revise the bylaws
governing adult entertainment businesses, requiring that any such store
get a special permit from the Zoning Board of Appeals and be located
within the industrially zoned areas that include small portions of
Route 9, Mill Valley Road and Rocky Hill Road near the University of
Massachusetts football stadium….”

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