Cleveland: Cameras Put in Viewing Booths To Deter Sexual Activity

June 11, 2005, as reported by WKYC, a Cleveland TV station:

“Two years ago, unprotected male on male sex was running rampant in the back room video booths.

“Channel 3 News was tipped off about the open sex by a local schoolteacher, who claimed her boyfriend told her he had unprotected sex with over 100 men, many at the West 25th bookstore.

“Channel 3’s story caught the attention of Cleveland city council, and the health department.

“‘From the Channel 3 reports, it’s something, a concern that had been highlighted to us,’ said Matt Carroll, health director.

“‘The intent is to eliminate the lewd behavior that was going on,’ said Carroll. ‘And the settlement that has been reached, it would appear would have a very strong impact on eliminating that behavior.’

“Based on terms of the settlement, city council passed legislation this week–requiring all adult bookstores to install video cameras in each peep show both. Store employees will monitor the booths. City lawyers can view the tapes on demand.”

Read the full story (this site, which tracks adult industry news, has explicit ads).

See the text of the Cleveland ordinance (PDF).

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