What They’re Saying about Capital Video’s Kittery Store at Squirt.org (explicit)

Capital Video’s Amazing.net porn shop in Kittery, Maine has been a hot topic of conversion on squirt.org, “your neighborhood cruising guide”. Squirt’s profile of the site gives directions and “hours” of 10am – 1am. Who goes there? “Married guys looking for head and those who provide it.” Here are some (graphic) comments about the site from squirt members:

murphymap, 2/7/05
hey guys, any of you hot men stopping by tonight 2-7-05. Last time I was there, 3 of us jacked off, while 3 more hairy dudes…watching next door. Was all shot loads all over the glasss!!

ramitdeeper, 2/19/05
Who ever was in the next to last booth today about 11:30 and came into my booth (very last on left) and fed me…huge cock, I wish I had time to ask about a repeat, that was the largest cock I have ever done and the way you fucked my throat was unbelievable… Lets do it again

wayne53nh, 3/5/05
Are the GH [glory holes] still covered. It seems that this has affected business as the last few times I’ve been there …very few… “clients”

fnl, 3/8/05
Friday night was way HOT as two couples came in to the booths when I was there. They were HOT! HOT! HOT!

BondMe56, 3/11/05

Going there either today, tonight, or tomorrow. Wife is away, so no time constraints!!! Would love to hook-up with…couple, if possible.

ramitdeeper, 3/13/05
9AM Monday 14th, last booth on left as you go in will get you a nice, wet, bj if clean nice cock…

rickinheat, 4/30/05


achillessucker, 5/12/05
have the gh’s opened back up yet?? wanna come up and get some cock….but don’t want to waste a load on glass…of course will put on a show if there are no gh’s…. but my mouth and tongue are jonzin… for some anonymus cock

Slurp132, 6/16/05
Hey Guys the answer to your question is NO, the friggin GH’s are boarded up like big friggin chastity belts….and…to get anything going is rough everyone is either very picky or gunshy. Everyone loves to show off through the glass…but damn it, I’m a carnivore and I NEED MY MEAT …fuckers…quite making me sit there drooling and come and p… that thing in my lips….

slohnd, 7/28/06
got the best head of my life there. once a guy in an emt uniform came in my booth and sucked me dry. felt like…warm,wet pussy. second guy tongued and fingered my ass till i was ready then took my load in his mouth. wow.

jizzy_1, 9/29/05
no glory holes still…I…wont be back…EVER!

Groundinside, 11/11/05
i’m interested in meeting up here for action – any attractive hot hung tops or vers/tops lookin to play?

SmilyMike, 11/22/05
OH MY GOD !!! I sucked off 3 hot guys in less than an hour. They all were under 25 and looked like they belonged…the cover of GQ Magazine. I’m definatly going back to this place.

Donbro, 12/4/05
…sucked off a lunch time married guy w/a nice cock who pumped his load off in my mouth for me..wish it wasn’t so…away!

cum2daddy, 1/2/06
Well, it may not be completely dead but seems to breathing its’ last breath. Not exactly user friendly. Many other…in Maine have G-holes, why not here? What do they think most of their customers are there for? And, Yes I am speaking for myself. slurp slurp

JohnD2005, 1/7/06
Now for the bad news. Due to the continous finding of used condoms, and adult toys around the neighborhood…Kittery Town Council is reviewing an ordinance to remove the doors and allow them to crack down on activities…. So…another place to meet goes down the drain.

Update on January 15, 2007

mayb, 1/22/2006 9:55:46 PM

Stopped in today for a quick jerk, nothing at all happening there, the
girl at the counter was talking with somebody about how the city is
trying to shut them down…Too bad, this place used to be really busy.

dsammie, 1/23/2006 10:35:37 AM

yeh this place use to be great but like so often we are our own worst
enemy. So many queens that think they have the right to do whatever
they please whereever they please ruins it for us all.

warning from gg2005, 1/26/2006 6:41:10 PM

Was in here the other night for some quick head. The guy sucking me off
just got busy when a guy (employee) was walking through, slamming doors
shut (our’s was shut and locked).

He said “If there are two of you in there, one of you MUST come out or
you will both be banned from the store”. Then he waited until one of us
came out.

After reading comments here, I guess I know why now.

Time to find another place to get some relief.

BondMe56, 2/2/2006 6:55:43 PM

Sounds like this place is just waiting for Taps to be played!!!

ramitdeeper, 2/16/2006 3:50:05 PM

You have been hanging out at the old “State” theater in Portland till
they closed, you now go to Kittery a lot, you drive Lexus, you are
incredable kissed and great at giving head/ you also enjoy getting head
on your uc cock. I think you once told me you lived in Kennebunk..
Would love to touch base with you as Kittery is no longer “neat to hang
out at”

wayne53nh, 2/26/2006 9:47:56 AM

Is this place really dieing. Thought it was the last time I went but
was hoping it was a down day. Is there a new sheriff in town? Used to
be great there.

bichris24 , 2/27/2006 9:17:30 PM

Saturday, February 25, 2006
Evidence gathered at porn store in Kittery

Democrat Staff Writer
KITTERY, Maine — Police have conducted an undercover investigation at
Amazingnet and gathered evidence that will prove sexual activity is
taking place inside the adult video store’s private viewing booths,
Chief Edward Strong told Foster’s Daily Democrat Friday.

Strong said he will use the evidence during a public hearing Monday
night as part of an effort to convince the Town Council an ordinance
forcing the Route 236 business to remove doors from the booths is
necessary in the interest of public health and safety…

Police took photographs inside the store, including some inside the
booths, during an announced visit to the business during the past
month, Strong said. Others, which show discarded condoms and
pornography left on nearby roadsides, bolster neighbors’ complaints of
sex aids being left on residential streets.

More photographs show additional discarded sex paraphernalia and an
empty bottle of prescription medication. Strong said police could not
determine what drug the weathered bottle had contained…

Strong said police did not find any evidence of illegal activity during
their undercover investigation but said there was proof to support his
previous public statements the business is used as a meeting place for
gay men seeking sexual partners.

bichris24, 2/27/2006 9:18:47 PM

The Town Council voted earlier this month to host the public hearing on
a new ordinance, the purpose of which is to “preserve and protect the
general public health, safety and welfare,” according to draft language
proposed by Town Attorney Duncan McEachern.

In asking the council to take action at a meeting in January, residents
who live near the store complained of sex-related trash, including
condoms and sex toys, being discarded on residential streets.

They also referred to a Jan. 18 Foster’s report that men had posted
graphic details of sexual encounters in the store’s viewing booths on a
gay website.

The draft language McEachern proposed to the council Monday notes
“using such viewing booths to engage in or perform various sexual acts
may cause bodily fluids to be deposited on the floors and/or walls of
such viewing booths, thereby causing undue and dangerous risks to
health, safety and welfare of the community as well as to patrons.”

The ordinance states it is necessary to regulate the booths “in a way
that discourages this potentially dangerous sexual activity.” It would
require the booths “be accessible to and from all common areas” in the
store and states “there shall be no doors, drapes, curtains, or other
closures separating any portion of the common area from any viewing

The ordinance would also require each booth “be arranged so that it is
separated from adjacent viewing booths by a solid wall with no view
into any adjacent booth.” Currently, booths at Amazingnet feature
retractable “buddy windows,” according to Lesley Rich, lawyer for the
Cranston, R.I.-based chain…

michaelj2404, 3/1/2006 3:35:36 PM

They did more than that on Monday night. Doors will be coming off soon.
Just the beginning. If only people had respected the neighborhood.

jkeystone711, 3/2/2006 5:45:13 PM

Too bad…This place was once very good. Let’s not spoil a good thing
in the future. Use private email to hook-up and use our heads when on
this site. We don’t need the “moral” police looking to close more
places. R.I.P.

Kennebunk4you, 6/1/2006 1:44:01 PM

Another wonderful place for fun and excitement shot down by the
heterosexuals! This place sucks. I haven’t been in a long time but had
several chances to visit recently and the place was empty everytime.
Used to be full of men but of course the neighboring Hetros have
nothing better to do then shut gay meeting places. Add the expo to the
long long list of places no longer available!

dsammie, 6/1/2006 8:58:00 PM

Sorry but can’t always blame the hetro’s. In this case we were our own enemy. And unfortunatly this is usually the case since so many of us just do not know the meaning of discretion. The last couple times I went here there were guys doing things in full view of the highway. Gotta say if I lived next door to something like that I might be pushing to get it closed too.

BondMe56, 6/2/2006 11:59:16 AM

Is this place closed or just not worth going to anymore????
You’re right, dicretion is of utmost importance.

wayne53nh, 6/2/2006 4:47:41 PM

The last time I went (about a month ago), the doors were still on the
booths. There wre not nearly as many “clients” frequenting the
business, but I was able to hook up and have a good time. People just
need to use some common sense and use the brain located in the head on
their shoulders not the brain located in their other head.

discrete0069, 6/19/2006 9:02:43 PM

Read in the Portsmouth papers on-line that the doors have been removed,
but sounded like the booths are closed. Anyone know? Said the Chief of
Police intended to check up on them – maybe by the time I vacation in
August the fuss will have died down and I can have the same kind of fun
I have at the Fifth Wheel in Portsmouth. Also has no doors (but a much
wider aisle), but that doesn’t slow down the action any. In fact, some
of us like to watch and be watched! Just hope that the guys who don’t
want to get it on in the open booths don’t take it outside – that’s
what got this place in trouble in the first place. Time will tell!

04073Cruiser, 6/21/2006 1:18:02 PM

Drove by the otehr day, and this place was dead. It use to be booming,
and there was only one or two cars in the lot each time I went by, and
none out back. However, Spaulding and the Fifth Wheel looked like they
were pretty busy. I’ll have to get down there again soon to see how
they are now.

wayne53nh, 6/24/2006 9:14:13 AM

The doors are off and lights are on. The people I spoke too were afraid
to get in the same booth. It seems that this place is truly dead now.

BondMe56, 6/25/2006 9:45:55 AM

I, also, finally got to go there last week. They might as well start
playing Taps. There was 1 other person in there, and he went to watch a
movie. I think he stayed in there about 2 minutes & left. I didn’t
even bother with the movies. There were no doors & the place was
lit up like a runway. And this was at lunchtime, usually a busy time.

04073Cruiser, 7/29/2006 1:18:21 PM

Stick a fork in it, it’s done. I drove by at two prime cruising times,
and sero, none nada cars in the lot. The open light was on, but there
appeared to be no customers there at all. Too bad. The fifth wheel
owners should send out thank you cards. That place use to be dead, but
it was hopping both times I stopped in. Goodbye to our old friendly
Moonlight Reader, and Video Expo, all good things must come to an end.

blade642, 9/20/2006 10:10:40 PM

The Maine Dept of Public Health went in there months ago and found
“semen” on the floor and went crazy. That is why the doors are off and
the lights are on. It’s a “Health Safety” issue, and just like Mass,
the idiots need to protect people from themselves. Oh well, both states
begin with M. Go to Portsmouth boys, it’s still Live free or die.

NHScorpion, 9/25/2006 11:18:23 AM

Stoped in yesterday went out back where the booths are looked around no
doors this place really sucks now Didn’t stick around Why waste my time
or money…..This was once a fun place…. Well guys don’t waste your
time or effort….

wayne53nh , 10/1/2006 8:00:59 PM

Time to take this place off the cruising list

BondMe56, 11/2/2006 4:07:35 PM

Is it still bad here????

MaineBear04280, 11/15/2006 11:48:39 AM

Yup, stick a fork in it. Stopped by, and it might as well be closed.
Even the DVD collection was lacking. Once again, for our own safety,
the goverment has stepped in to another business thrive.

catcher234, 12/3/2006 8:59:58 AM

Place sucks now! Was there the other day, NO DOORS! 1 hot lookin dude beating off, he wouldnt let me touch him only watch : – (
Nice cock to! I took off my shirt and got on my knees, hoping for a
facial. He just watched and blew his load onto his chair. Such a waste.

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