Iceland Criminalizes Strip Clubs

Object, a UK organization, has kindly given us permission to reprint the following bulletin from their Stripping the Illusion July 2009 update:

case study: Iceland

“We have now shown that we understand the connection between pornography, prostitution and human trafficking.” Gudrun Jonsdotti, spokesperson for Stigamot, an Icelandic sexual violence support center.

“A complete victory has been achieved after many years of fighting by women’s rights organization and other social organizations and no less by MPs who have often submitted bills on this topic to Althingi [the parliament]. I’m one of them and so this day is an especially happy day for me.” Ásta Ragnheidur Jóhannesdóttir, Icelandic Minister for Social Affairs.

This case study focuses on Iceland – the first country in the world to fully criminalise strip clubs. In the wake of Iceland’s financial and political crisis, Prime Minister Johanna Sigurðardottir (the world’s first LGBT country leader) was appointed in January 2009. Sigurðardottir, a former Social Affairs Minister, leads a Left-Green coalition and her government has since passed a law which which bans strip clubs and the purchase of sex acts (the sale is already decriminalised).This is a bold step which recognises the links between different forms of commercial sexual exploitation. So how did it come about?

For several years women’s organisations and human rights groups have been campaigning on this issue and puting pressure on the Government to take action. In 2002 research commissioned by the Icelandic Ministry of Justice found links between strip clubs and prostitution in Reykjavik and the European Commission against Racism and Intolerance later reported that women were being trafficked into the industry. Local police also found that most of the North American women working in Icelandic strip clubs had been trafficked into the country by the Adventure Dance Agency, a “business entirely controlled by the Hell’s Angels motorcycle gang in North America,” according to the deputy police chief of Reykjavik at the time.

A poll undertaken in April 2009 found that 58% of Icelanders supported a ban on strip clubs and MPs frequently raised the need to take action in Parliament. It wasn’t until Sigurðardottir was voted in that this became a reality. The persistent campaigning on this issue is an inspiration to campaigners worldwide!

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