Now on Sale at The Swirlies (explicit)

Counter-protester holds up a sign near at 135 King Street, Northampton in 2006

Porn defenders will claim that it’s about love for women, an expression of art, not violence. TalkBackNorthampton, one of our more vigorous opponents for a time, prominently displays this graphic on its home page:

In the post, “I support pornography”, blogger Libby Spencer leads with this picture:

With few exceptions, these claims and characterizations are false. They have little relation to most porn as it is consumed today. Let’s consider, for example, the Swirlies. These films are on sale now at We have blurred the images to hide the identities of the performers and make them less explicit…

If our opponents would like to defend porn, they must defend pictures like these.

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Gail Dines Presents: Pornography and Pop Culture (explicit)
“Now, I’ve been on television shows with many pornographers, and they have the absolute chutzpah to turn around and say to me, ‘But we love women. This is a celebration of women.’ Well I have to tell you, if you think calling a woman a ‘cumbucket’ is your sign of love, sorry… These men hate women…

“I say this to men over and over again. You might not go to pornography hating women, but you’re sure as hell going to come away with that feeling. You get much more than you bargained for with pornography, and that’s the problem with it. The other problem with pornography is it sexualizes the violence and degradation against women. And when you sexualize violence you render that violence invisible, because when men see that they can’t step back and critique it… You are basically trying to have a rational conversation with an erection and it doesn’t work.”

Video Presentation: A Content Analysis of 50 of Today’s Top Selling Porn Films (explicit language)
Robert Wosnitzer: “We went through Adult Video News every month. [It] publishes a list of the top 250 best sold and rented adult DVDs… [W]e avoided the issue of ‘What is pornography?’ because AVN defined it for us, in a sense… We took the top 50 from each month, went back over a six month period, randomly generated took the top 50 films. We coded by scene. We had a total of 304 scenes that we coded over this randomly generated list of the top 50 films…

Ana Bridges: “…I’m going to begin to talk about what it is that we found after looking at these 304 scenes in these 50 top selling pornographic films. In total in the 304 scenes we coded a total of 3,376 acts of aggression. That ends up averaging…to an aggressive act every minute and a half. The scenes on average contained eleven and a half acts of verbal or physical aggression…”

Bridges: “We also coded for, what…we’re calling loosely in this talk, ‘extreme acts’ (of sex acts). The only sexual sequence that we coded, which is…when one thing follows another, was something called ATM…’ass-to-mouth’. This literally involves anal penetration followed by oral sex…she is literally eating her own shit. That occurred in 41% of the scenes that we coded…

Bridges: “So how many scenes didn’t contain aggression? About 10%…”

Bridges: “Less than 10% of the videos showed any kind of a positive act, and that included kissing… caressing happened maybe twice. Something like a verbal compliment, ‘Gosh, you look pretty’, not, ‘Slut bitch, come over here,’ that happened maybe five times in the 304 scenes. So we have a ratio of positive to negative behaviors of 1 to 9, which is not a sustainable, happy relationship.”

Now on Sale at Capital Video: Watch Women Eat Their Own Poop (explicit)
One of the newer crazes in porn is a genre called “ass-to-mouth”. In a typical scenario, a man has anal sex with a woman, then puts his penis into her mouth. In effect, the woman is being paid to eat her own feces. How to interpret this as empowering to women is beyond our imagination.

A quick search of Capital Video’s website,, finds “A2m – The Art Of Ass To Mouth #1” (PDF) and “A2m 4” (PDF) now on sale. The sales copy for the films claim:

Ask any girl and shes sure to tell you – “There’s nothing more romantic than Ass-To-Mouth”.
Herbert, Brooks and Osayande on Misogyny, Money and Power;’s War on Women and Blacks (explicit)
Pain In The Ass
The bitch has been naggin at you all fuckin day. Take out the garnage. Do the dirty fuckin dishes. Dont drink so much beer. Blah Blah Blah. Theres only so much a man can fuckin take so when its bed time make it your turn to be the major pain in her ass…

Now Showing at The War on Privacy and Consent (explicit)
Blame It On Daddy
Look what daddy made them do. These chicks are fucked up and they just can’t get enough. Adopt these sluts today make them call you daddy and see what they won’t do!…

Ex Boyfriends Revenge
Dedicated to exposing real ex-girlfriends.

Extreme Audition #6
What happens when you have a tiny little blonde walk into your studio? Well a lot of fun for Michael Kahn. This pretty little thing was in tears by the end of this video. She had no tolerance for pain and so it was great fun to beat her little ass…

New Blood
Hold on tight and smile Bitch! The only difference between a filthy cunt whore on the street and a porn star is the

Real Hidden Coed Girls #1
The college coed cummundrum continues! In other words college chicks are getting filmed naked! Without their permission! Naked while they change dress shower get ready for bed or take communal showers with other girls at the… Making Nazis Sexy (explicit)

Plenty of movies have been made about the Nazi regime, but only the porn industry expects you to orgasm to it. Now on sale at, you’ll find Nazi Torture Castle (explicit link)…

Now Showing at The War on Relationships (explicit)

Improv Resource Center: True Porn Clerk Stories (explicit language)

A lot of fetishizing has to do with unwitting or unwilling participants, and that runs pretty hard up against my “whatever floats your boat” policy…

Rocco’s Animal Trainer series, I’m told, traditionally ends with Rocco fucking a woman up the ass while he shoves her head into a toilet and flushes…

Comment on “How About You Don’t Ask To Come On My Face On The First Date?” at Jezebel
Jezebel is a busy website devoted to “Celebrity, Sex, Fashion. Without airbrushing”. It’s a Gawker property and hardly a bastion of anti-porn sentiment. Here is a comment submitted by apollonia666

Um. Once had a really hot Italian guy put his finger in my hiney during our first (and only, for a reason that will be clear in just a moment) time in the sack, which was okay, but then he tried to put the same finger in my MOUTH.

Dead. Fucking. Halt. I showed him the door.
The Psychology of Porn for Men
Bill Margold, one of the industry’s longest-serving film performers, was interviewed in 1991 by psychoanalyst Robert Stoller for his book Porn: Myths For The Twentieth Century. Margold made no attempt to gloss over the realities. “My whole reason for being in this industry is to satisfy the desire of the men in the world who basically don’t care much for women and want to see the men in my industry getting even with the women they couldn’t have when they were growing up. So we come on a woman’s face or brutalise her sexually: we’re getting even for lost dreams…”