Massachusetts Legislators Aim to Expand Rape to Include Forms of Deceit (explicit language)

The February 28 Republican reports on a bill just filed that aims to expand the state’s rape law to include certain cases of fraud and deceit, not just physical force.

Proponents said existing law must be tightened after a Westfield man allegedly had sex with his brother’s girlfriend while posing as his brother in a darkened room, and a Wilbraham pharmacist allegedly posed as a gynecologist and gave exams to two women…

“‘No’ continues to mean ‘no;’ what this bill will ensure is that ‘yes’ means ‘yes,’ ” [Middlesex District Attorney Gerard] Leone said…

[The bill] says, in its entirety: “Whoever has sexual intercourse or unnatural sexual intercourse with a person having obtained that person’s consent by the use of fraud, concealment or artifice, and who thereby intentionally deceived such person so that a reasonable person would not have consented but for the deception, shall be punished by imprisonment in the state prison for life or any term of years. As used in this statute, ‘fraud’ or ‘artifice’ shall not be construed to mean a promise of future consideration.”
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Abuse of Power
A young athlete is taken advantage of by his own doctor! A perverted policeman… An innocent cop is bullied by a gang of hooligans!

[Residents of Hartford have recently become aware of a real-life abuse of power, as dozens of victims have complained of sexual abuse at the hands of Dr. George Reardon. “Many who have accused Reardon of abusing them say the doctor told them that they would be participating in a childhood growth study. No such studies were presented during medical hearings in the early 1990s when Reardon’s attorneys were fighting for his license, reports the Hartford Courant.”]
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Corrines Painful Examination
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Scoring by Deceit

Use ’em Abuse ’em & Lose ’em #7
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Now Showing at The War on Privacy and Consent (explicit)

Testimony in Massachusetts: Porn Confuses Young Men about How to Behave
There’s a professor of psychology at UMass Boston who has done his doctoral dissertation and subsequent research on sexual aggression among young college males, and he’s found that in dozens and dozens of interviews that young guys will sit there in a room with him, and they’ll admit to or talk matter-of-factly about, “I did this to her, I did that, and we did this and that,” and they never once refer to themselves as rapists, of course, and they never once refer to the behavior that they’ve engaged in as raping behavior, or in any way criminal. But this psychologist will tell you that he knows that if they were under oath in the court of law, they would be admitting to first degree felonies, but they think it’s normal, perfectly natural herterosexual relations.

Gail Dines Presents: Pornography and Pop Culture (explicit)
Example Website:

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Some Porn Hard to Distinguish from Training for Pedophiles (explicit language)
A subgenre of pornography sexualizes differences in age. Because of strict laws banning child pornography, actual children are almost never used in commercial pornography sold above ground. But videos are available that highlight the differences in ages between adults (such as women in their 20s and men over 50) or that use such markers as clothing and hair styles to portray adult women as children…

[A] scene in Senior Stimulation involved a man who appeared to be in his 50s coming into the bedroom of a woman who appeared to be in her 20s, but was dressed as a teenager in a child’s dress, saddle shoes, and hair barrettes. When the man determined that the book she was reading is about fish, he begins a conversation about checking her vagina, which he called her “fish tank”…

The woman in that scene was clearly an adult, but the intent was the sexualization of an adult-child relationship. This strategy was the basis for the video Cherry Poppers Vol. 10… A detailed description of one of the vignettes shows how this video not only depicted child-adult sex, but offered realistic, detailed instructions on how to initiate a child into sex, a manual for how to perpetrate a sexual assault on a child.

In this scene, the girl went into a house, where she called out for her older sister. Max entered the house shortly after her, also looking for the sister. After he found the girl in her sister’s bedroom snooping into her sister’s possessions, Max said that if the girl was good to him, he would not tell the sister about her snooping. Acting confused, as one would expect a child to be in such a situation, the girl is told by Max that he would “show you what boys like” but that they would have to be careful because if the sister found them, “She’ll get mad.”

…Throughout the sexual activity Max alternated gentle talk of her being a “good girl” with rougher reminders that she was a cunt. “Say it,” he demanded. “‘I’m a little cunt.’ Can you say ‘teenage  fuckmate’? Say it. Repeat it.” He told her how fun it was but reminded her not to tell her sister. He treated her as if she was his special friend, yet also spit in her mouth at one point. These are the standard strategies of a pedophile: alternating affection and abuse to leave the child confused, and telling the child that the sex is special but must be kept a secret from others.

Testimony in Indianapolis: Porn Wants You to Believe Women Secretly Love Bondage and Torture, that “No” Means “Yes”
The stories involve “Tanya Learns the Ropes”, “Tanya’s Initiation into the Exotic Joys of Bondage”… This particular story, though most of the magazine had graphic pictures of women, nude women, tied up in obvious expressions of pain, now this particular story didn’t have any pictures, but it was all about a women who had described herself, supposedly, at the outset of the story as an avid women’s-libber, and she said that she’d never had a good sexual relationship with anyone because she was accustomed to going out with what she called wimps who respected her… The whole storyline indicates that she told him she was scared, and she told him she didn’t want to do any of this, and she told him it hurt, and she asked him and begged him to stop and yet, the storyline indicates that secretly she loved it. Secretly, she was aroused and it was the most wonderful experience of her life. This tends to be the story that is retold and retold in this literature. And at the end of the story, of course, she describes herself as the man’s willing slave. All she wants is to do any humiliating tasks he assigns to her. She has learned her lesson.

Smith Sophian: “Definition of ‘no’ should not be debated in cases of rape”
Why is the meaning of “no” even debated in cases like this? And is this the start of a slippery slope? Will “no” eventually cease to actually mean anything, to have no power? No means no and rape
is rape, regardless of when it is said or for what reason.