Herbert, Brooks and Osayande on Misogyny, Money and Power; Amazing.net’s War on Women and Blacks (explicit)

In 2008 America, where front-running presidential candidates include an African-American and a woman, it’s hard to believe how ingrained misogyny and racism remain in our culture. Not only that, but pornographers are doing a thriving business in selling both, with nary a peep from the progressive community. Bob Herbert publishes a spot-on column in January 15’s New York Times:

“Politics and Misogyny”

…If there was ever a story that deserved more coverage by the news media, it’s the dark persistence of misogyny in America…

Hard-core pornography is a multibillion-dollar business, having spread far beyond the stereotyped raincoat crowd to anyone with a laptop and a password…

Prostitution is legal in much of Nevada…

A grotesque exercise in the dehumanization of women is carried out routinely at Sheri’s Ranch, a legal brothel about an hour’s ride outside of Vegas. There the women have to respond like Pavlov’s dog to an electronic bell that might ring at any hour of the day or night. At the sound of the bell, the prostitutes have five minutes to get to an assembly area where they line up, virtually naked, and submit to a humiliating inspection by any prospective customer who has happened to drop by…

The sexual mistreatment of women in the military is widespread. The Defense Department financed a study in 2003 of female veterans seeking health assistance from the Department of Veterans Affairs. Nearly a third of those surveyed said they had been the victim of a rape or attempted rape during their service…

Fashionable ads in mainstream publications play off of that violence, exploiting themes of death and dismemberment, female submissiveness and child pornography…
In the April 2003 issue of The Atlantic Monthly, David Brooks explains why progressives might be having such a hard time addressing this situation. Clever marketers, knowing the profits to be had from catering to deep-seated sexist and racist attitudes, wrap them in a slippery mix of irony, sexiness and cool. It’s a brave critic indeed who’s willing to invite charges of being dull, sexless, elitist, unmodern, unhip, and even a racist themselves.

“The Return of the Pig”

Have you noticed that male chauvinism is making a comeback? Thirty years after the feminist revolution, if you look at the rap videos on MTV or BET, you’ll find that “ho” and “bitch” are just about the nicest words used to describe young women. Hooters is now so mainstream as to be just another link in the chain of familiar eateries…

To enter the world of Maxim is to enter a world entirely free from the taint of polite opinion…

…these men have not a hint of any quality that might make them attractive to progressive and mature women. Their world has been vacuumed free of empathy, sensitivity, and sophistication. It is as if millions of American men—many of them well educated—took a look at the lifestyle prescribed by modern feminism and decided, No thanks, we’d rather be pigs…

The most interesting thing about the surge of retro-sexism is how unprepared feminists and other enlightened thinkers are to deal with it. The ironic tone of the material defeats them. Feminists seem to know they are being toyed with. They don’t want to appear to be earnest plodders in the face of hip, playful gestures, and they don’t want to grant that anyone is more postmodern than they are…

…We have a dynamic urban culture that treats women like whores and that regards owning a Mercedes as the highest possible human aspiration, and the leading articulators of progressive opinion have almost nothing to say about it. They can’t seem to bring themselves to admit out loud that their most effective ideological enemies have turned out to be the same underprivileged people they wanted to rescue from exploitation…

How do you criticize that culture without seeming square, elitist, or even racist? No one has figured out the answers.
Criticized or not, ill treatment of women and minorities is a problem that hasn’t gone away. Some refuse to be silent. Like the abolitionists of old, they have faith that they can awaken the hearts of others. Ewuare X. Osayande challenges the woman-hating elements of hip-hop culture in his new book, Misogyny & the Emcee: Sex, Race & Hip Hop:

…I knew that I could not turn away from the virtual and actual assualt of Black women by artists that is defended by so many within the community. I knew then as I know now that my silence equals complicity…

Hip hop has been disemboweled of any real socio-political value and stuffed with materialism, sexism and violence and now sits on the shelves of its corporate masters like the prized game that it is…

My argument is a structural one. It is a critical analysis that not only calls out the emcee, but the corporate master and the masses too…

As a Black man, I realize that my first audience is other Black men. And sadly too many of my brothers are busy defending so much that is just indefensible in the name of hip hop or Black manhood…

Sexism is not the purview of any particular group of men. We all have been socialized to view women as objects to be misused, abused and exploited…

White men are no different in this regard… Yet that fact should not stop Black men from addressing the impact that our sexism is having on our community and work for progressive change…

This much I do know: If Black men were to decide that they were not going to go along with white men in the degradation of Black women, the white-controlled, white-supported recording industry would be forced to change because they would not have anyone willing to front for them any longer…

If we only focus on race, then we fail to see how Black women are oppressed in ways that totally convict us as Black men…
As Andrea Dworkin observes, the temptation to oppress is powerful, even among those who style themselves progressives (“what once was the Left wants to be the user, does not want to be anywhere but on top of the used”). Osayande continues…
It is possible for an oppressed group to oppress another oppressed group. Although Black men are oppressed by the system of white supremacy/racism and lack the necessary power to be “reverse racists”, that does not make us incapable of oppressing Black women. Male domination is a reality within the Black community… We as Black men must challenge this… The eradication of male domination will not diminish us as men, but will redefine us as men who are so clear and confident in our own worth that we need not diminish, dehumanize or dominate others in order to express or experience ourselves…

To mistreat, manipulate and exploit Black women doesn’t make you as a Black man a “playa”, it makes you a traitor, a violator and annihilator of your people.

…Defending Black women was the last thing on the mind of The Source magazine. Benzino, David Mays’ Black side-kick, has said as much… [T]he interviewer asked him the following question: “There are a lot of Black women out there who feel what Eminem said is fucked up, but what about the brothers who rap and disrespect them all the time?” Guess what his reply was. This Black man so pissed at Eminem’s 10-year-old rant against Black women replied with, “I ain’t never heard no other rapper call a sister a ‘Black bitch’ in a song. … but to say ‘Black bitch’ from a white person can be taken as racist. If he would have said bitch, it would be no problem (my emphasis).” In other words, the problem is not the fact that he assaulted Black women’s gender, the problem is that he assaulted Black women’s race. And this is why the masses of youth involved in hip hop culture are confused on all the issues be they race, class, gender or sexual orientation. What else can we expect from knuckleheaded negroes running around making accusations on the one hand and excuses on the other, only to render themselves outright contradictions to their supposed cause?

…The real issue here is sexism–not just Eminem’s sexism, but the whole of male dominated hip hop from the corporate suites to in between the music video’s sheets… Boycott Nelly and his Pimp Juice and Snoop Dogg for showing up to the MTV awards pulling Black women by the collar in chains…

Yes, we as Black men face racist assault on a daily basis, but that is a sorry excuse for us to be sexist. The fact is that we do have agency still. No one is forcing us to create images of Black women that dehumanize them or use language that degrades them…

The now infamous image of a man swiping a credit card through the crack of a Black female’s backside in rap star Nelly’s video “Tip Drill” exposes the way these rappers, the recording industry and their eager clientele view Black women: as commodity, as property. Period. Their value is only determined by the degree that they can be violated…

It has become an expectation that every gangsta rapper’s CD will have an obligatory “Beat that Ho” song in their rap repertoire. Gangsta rappers take the persona of the pimp as their street archetype of choice. To be a pimp means that the possibility of slapping, beating or otherwise assaulting a woman is just a look or a word away. This valorization of violence sits at the center of the current image of the rapper…

50 Cent, one of the most popular rappers on the scene today, is heard intimidating a woman on his 2003 top ten track, “P.I.M.P.”, that stayed in rotation on radio for weeks upon its release:

Bitch choose with me, I’ll have you stripping in the street/Put my other hoes down, you get your ass beat…
Snoop Doggy Dogg has an entire track about beating women on his latest CD R&G: (Rhythm and Gangsta) The Masterpiece

Can you control your hoe? (You got a bitch that won’t obey what you say)/You can’t control your hoe? (She hardheaded, she just won’t obey)/Can you control your hoe (You’ve got to know what to do, what to say)/You’ve got to put that bitch in her place, even if it’s slapping her in her face/Ya got to control your hoe/Can you control your hoe?… What kind of pimp holds back?/Never met a bitch that a pimp can’t slap/What’s wrong with pimpin’?
…this verbal assault is just a description of what many of these rappers actually do in their personal lives… Recounting one episode Liza Rios [wife of rapper Big Pun] is quoted as saying:

One time he told me to change the batteries in his beeper… I totally forgot about it, and he took a lead pipe and started swinging on me. I had my daughter in my arms, and I told Cuban [Link, another rapper] to take the baby. After he finished beating me, my elbow was twisted out of place. I was limping for two months.
…In her article, Elizabeth Mendez Berry cites the scary statistic that, “Murder at the hands of a romantic partner is a leading cause of death among African American women between the ages of 15-24 according to the National Center for Health Statistics.”

…Three 6 Mafia won the Oscar [2006] for “Best Original Song” for “It’s Hard Out Here for a Pimp”, the title track to the Paramount Classics film Hustle and Flow. The rap song is written from the perspective of the pimp protagonist, who rhymes about the sex trade:

Wait I got a snow bunny and black girl too/ You pay the right price and they’ll both do you/That’s the way the game goes, gotta keep it strictly pimpin’/Gotta have my hustle right, making change off these women, yeah.
…The American fascination with the pimp is an expression of the perverted white social fixation with a warped Black sexuality… That fascist fascination is found today in the voyeurism of white eyes as they watch their racist projections of Black sexuality acted out on the silver screen…where they can live out their repressed sexual fantasies vicariously via commercialized Black flesh…

The pimp is a consequence of poverty. According to some scholars, the pimp is an option for many inner-city Black men who have opted out of a system that long ago opted out on them… It should be made clear that the pimp is not just a product of male poverty. Its very existence can be more aptly stated to be caused by female poverty. For in the pimp we find the person whose primary function is the exploitation of impoverished and impressionable young women…
Big business has discovered that the pimp ethic–men controlling women by force for sex and profit–has wide appeal. It taps into age-old impulses towards cruelty that confer power and access to women and resources. Three waves of feminism notwithstanding, the media industry has done a remarkable job of promoting the pimp ethic and making it as mainstream as Microsoft.

Osayande writes…

The zoot-suited hipster has passed down to the baggy-jeaned homeboy the pimp lifestyle as something to strive for, something to take pride in. This striving has been spurred on by an American corporate sector that has turned this oppressive condition into a glamorized and self-perpetuating retro-reality…

Robert Beck, the celebrated pimp turned pimp-lit scribe “Iceberg Slim”, confesses to the violence of pimping when [he] states, “The best pimps I have known, that is the career pimps, the ones who could do twenty, maybe thirty years as a pimp, were utterly ruthless and brutal without compassion. they certainly had a basic hatred for women” (Koblin)…

Fear is the pimp’s main weapon in his arsenal of control techniques… Is there any wonder why many rappers created names for themselves that began with the word “ice”? The hook is not always meant to convey coolness–as in being hip–as much as it means to convey coldness–as in being heartless…

The pimp icon has moved beyond rap lyrics and B-rated movies to become an American metaphor infused with a multitude of meanings in mainstream media. There is MTV’s wildly popular reality show “Pimp My Ride”… There is even a website where white collar workers can learn how to “Pimp My Cubicle”…

Raping or pimping Black women is not pay back to white men or white society. When we as Black men rape or pimp Black women we are doing white supremacy’s bidding, not resisting it… The same is true for the rape of white women for that matter… The truth is that when we rape or otherwise sexually abuse and exploit women, we are manifesting the brutal force of patriarchy. We are acting as the oppressors we men are, regardless of our ethnicity or “race”…

[Lyrics from “Throw Some D’s” by Kanye West:]

This is not the night to be disrespecting me. I’m looking right at you right now girl… Oh, hold on, I think I’m doing too much talking. You know what, bring me my needle… Bring me my needle! …I’m looking at these big ass breasts in my face. You know what… Throw some d’s on this bitch. Pop a bitch with a needle. Bitch, watch me pop that chest. I don’t give a fuck bitch, don’t you disrespect me bitch. Pop Pop Pop! A needle right on your fucking nipple bitch… Ever disrespect me again, I’ll put a needle right in ya ass.

Let’s now build on the analysis of Herbert, Brooks and Osayande with a detailed examination of today’s mainstream porn. This is perhaps the most extreme intersection of the pimp ethic, cruelty, racism, sexism and callous corporate avarice, and yet it enjoys remarkably little censure from public commentators. Don Imus got fired last year for calling a women’s basketball team “nappy-headed hos”, but Capital Video gets no flack for selling movies with this phrase and other derogatory expressions. Here is how the porn merchants from Cranston, RI feel about women and blacks…


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The Exploitation of Women in Hip-hop Culture
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Women, especially black women, have less access to power, material wealth, and protection and so have historically used sex (in prostitution and various other domains) as the “bartering chip” to gain access.[3] Misogynistic ideas and practices from the past have been passed down to today’s hip-hop youth. For example, during slavery the black woman was often forced to have sexual relations with any male (slavemasters, overseers, and slaves) that desired her. Black women were sometimes used as breeding instruments to produce more human property, and at other times forced to have sex to pay…for food, the safety of her children, or to be treated less harshly on a day to day basis. They were “paying” with their bodies as a survival strategy.

Gazette: “Dr. King’s eloquence” (1/21/08)
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Therefore, I must ask why this prize is awarded to a movement which is beleaguered and committed to unrelenting struggle, and to a movement which has not yet won the very peace and brotherhood which is the essence of the Nobel Prize. After contemplation, I conclude that this award, which I receive on behalf of that movement, is a profound recognition that nonviolence is the answer to the crucial political and moral questions of our time: the need for man to overcome oppression and violence without resorting to violence and oppression.
Martin Luther King Jr., Loving Your Enemies
“The strong person is the person who can cut off the chain of hate, the chain of evil.”

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There are times for moments of compassion and there are moments when punishment must prevail. When these two moments are at odds with each other nothing can be done to stop a GRUDGEFUCK from errupting. This third film in this series churns out 6 new scenarious where loathing meets libido and passion becomes the punishment…

House Of Pain
House of pain collects plenty of top bondage babes and submissive sluts that have been spanked flogged hog tied gagged suspended caned strapped to walls doors closets the pantry roped to eye bolts spread and humiliated…

Pain In The Ass
The bitch has been naggin at you all fuckin day. Take out the garnage. Do the dirty fuckin dishes. Dont drink so much beer. Blah Blah Blah. Theres only so much a man can fuckin take so when its bed time make it your turn to be the major pain in her ass…

Use ’em Abuse ’em & Lose ’em #2
Use’em:Pick up ordinary girls and persuade’em to get naked. Abuse ‘Em; Do what the fuck you like to ’em! They all love it anyway. Lose’Em:Dump’em and go lokking for your next victim. Ride along as we pick up ordinary young women fuck ’em senseless and dump ’em! It’s all good clean fun!…

Now on Sale at Capital Video: Watch Women Eat Their Own Poop (explicit)
Here’s a film on Goflix.com (affiliated with Amazing.net) that emphasizes how humiliating ass-licking and cum-swallowing can be, at least when the target of the humiliation is a man. (The film’s also racist to boot.)

Cum Eating Cuckolda
THE ULTIMATE HUMILIATION Your wife says you don’t satisfy her in bed. She needs big black cock. And she wants you to watch! While her black stud is pounding her pussy she adds to your humiliation by ordering you to lick her dirty asshole. You do it because you don’t have a choice. You’re a wimp… The coup de grace comes when she lets the black savage ejaculate inside her then positions her pussy over your face and says: “Lick up every drop Sweetie!”

Capital Video’s Magazine Rack: Bondage, Racism and More

Rick Porras, Capital Video Executive, Would Rather You Not Know He Is a Pornographer (explicit language)
We can understand that if you’re promoting your ability to maximize sales, you might not want it known that you were maximizing sales of
A Caning for Miss Granger
My Daughter’s Fucking Blackzilla
Hot Pho King Asians
Please Help Me Pay For College #18: Graduation Ass Of 2007
Ass 2 Mouth #11
Broken China Dolls
Mexicunts #5

Ashley Blue Aka Filthy Whore
Barely Legal: School Girls #3
“These sweet and oh-so-studious school girls can’t wait to have their perky titties peaky titties and most holes corrupted!
…Considering the role of porn in domestic abuse and child molestation, you might not be proud of some of the magazines sold by Capital Video, which include such material as:

…Photo Caption: “Her Master has told her, ‘Don’t you dare move.’ She’s finding that immobility is in itself a form of torture.”

Photo Caption: “Because her body is beginning to ache, she writhes on the carpet. It makes watching her even more arousing.”

Photo Caption: “Tied to the post, Tracy takes a fearful whipping.”
Capital Video: Purveyors of Shame Feature a New “Celebrity Sex Tape Scandal” (explicit language)

Hustler Cartoons: Racism, Misogyny, Anti-Semitism, Homophobia, Pedophilia, Incest, Ridicule of Disabled People… (explicit)
A man watches TV while a woman looks on. On the wall, there’s a baseball bat in a case with this sign: “In case the bitch gets mouthy, break glass”…

The police are called to a home with domestic violence. On the wall are portraits showing women in bandages and smiling men. One cop says, “Yep, it looks like another family with a history of wife abuse.”

A man is shown pointing a jackhammer at a woman’s vagina. She looks alarmed. He says, “Ya know-w-w-w, t-his would-d-d p-p-probably b-be better-r f-for y-ou if y-you’d just l-l-learn t-to r-r-relax-x-x!”
Free Book Download: Diana Russell’s Against Pornography: The Evidence of Harm (explicit)

Hustling the Left
As Craft demonstrates in the numerous Hustler cartoons she reproduces on her site, the magazine mocks child abuse (often by depicting the child as sexually precocious and seducing the adult), and promotes racism and violence against women. Hustler invites readers to identify with Nazis, wife-beaters, incestuous fathers and kidnappers of children (the famous “Chester the Molester” cartoons). The Left would show no mercy to any other corporation that made money by trafficking in racist, anti-Semitic and homophobic images. Why does the porn industry get a free pass?

Kink.com: Bondage Porn Gone Chillingly, Cheerfully Corporate (explicit language)

“Our powerless girls scream as they are tied up and forced to have sex over and over. Are they screams for help or do they really just want more?”

Porn Director: The Idea that Porn Actresses Are Not Prostitutes Is Silly (explicit language)
See, some Porn Whores don’t do privates cause they “are not” a whore. To these Silly Rabbits, they’re “actresses” who have sex on tape as part of their job. They reject the idea that they’re a whore, which means they’ll never do a private, to which I say, More Power To Ya, Whore!

Punishment Porn: “Whether-She-Wants-It-Or-Not” (explicit)
My face averted, I did as I was told. I’ve learned the hard way that hesitating or protesting is stupid. But I haven’t learned how not to feel utterly juvenile and humiliated while I stand there in front of Rich, naked from the waist down while he scolds me, explains what I’ve done wrong, and tells me exactly what I’m about to get…

My shrieking became progressively louder and my bucking became progressively more frantic as he spanked me, and then a funny thing happened. Everything went black. I didn’t pass out, it was more like all my senses shut down, and all I could do was wail out my misery…

I snuggled into Rich’s arms, returning his affections, and promised not to do anything to make him spank me so hard again.

As much as I hate spankings, this is one of my favorite times. The punishment is over, all is forgiven, and the man I love has shown me that he loves me and cares for me…

National Feminist Antipornography Movement
“As Jerome Tanner put it during a pornography directors’ roundtable discussion featured in Adult Video News, ‘People just want it harder, harder, and harder, because like Ron said, what are you gonna do next?’ Another director, Jules Jordan, was blunt about his task: ‘[O]ne of the things about today’s porn and the extreme market, the gonzo market, so many fans want to see so much more extreme stuff that I’m always trying to figure out ways to do something different. But it seems everybody wants to see a girl doing a d.p. [double penetration] now or a gangbang. For certain girls, that’s great, and I like to see that for certain people, but a lot of fans are becoming a lot more demanding about wanting to see the more extreme stuff. It’s definitely brought porn somewhere, but I don’t know where it’s headed from there.’

Military Still Selling Porn on Bases Despite Law (explicit)
Securing the rights of women in Afghanistan and Iraq appears to be a point of pride for George Bush. He has specifically criticized the Taliban for “public whippings of women”. Ironic that we might effectively lose at home what we fight for abroad.

The Science Behind Pornography Addiction
Permission-Giving Beliefs are a set of beliefs that imply that my behavior is normal, acceptable, common and/or doesn’t hurt anyone so I have permission to continue to behave in the way that I am. In all types of violence and addiction, Permission-Giving Beliefs are involved. Examples would include “All men go to prostitutes”, “Women like sex mixed with violence” and “Children enjoy sex with adults”. These particular Permission-Giving Beliefs are also common in pornography…

Male Attitudes about Rape Can Be Learned…and Unlearned
Aggressive pornography, as used here, refers to X-rated images of sexual coercion in which force is used or implied against a woman in order to obtain certain sexual acts, as in scenes of rape and other forms of sexual assault. One unique feature of these images is their reliance upon “positive victim outcomes”, in which rape and other sexual assaults are depicted as pleasurable, sexually arousing, and beneficial to the female victim. In contrast to other forms of media violence in which victims suffer, die, and do not enjoy their victimization, aggressive pornography portrays a rosy picture of aggression. The myths regarding violence against women are central to the various influences this material has upon the viewer…

These views diminish the moral reprehensibility of any witnessed assault on a woman and, indeed, suggest that the sexual attack may have been a highly desirable outcome for both victim and aggressor…

Although it was once believed that only rapists show sexual arousal to depictions of rape and other forms of aggression against women…research by Malamuth and his colleagues…indicates that a nonrapist population will show evidence of increased sexual arousal to media-presented images of rape. This increased arousal primarily occurs when the female victim shows signs of pleasure and arousal, the theme most commonly presented in aggressive pornography…

The results of a “Sexual Attitudes Survey”, conducted several days after the screenings, indicated that viewing the sexually aggressive films significantly increased male but not female acceptance of interpersonal violence and tended to increase rape myth acceptance…

Behind the Scenes of D
eep Throat with Linda Lovelace

[Explicit language:] “Marchiano traveled to campuses to speak out about her two and a half year imprisonment by her husband/manager Chuck Traynor. Linda’s speech encouraged women on the campus to protest outside the fraternity-sponsored showing of Deep Throat. She said that in this movie there are visible bruises all over her body that attest to part of her torture. The fraternity brothers’ response, was to shout out during Deep Throat: ‘Fuck her, hurt her, rip her.’ Toward the other females on the screen they screamed comments such as ‘Ugly bitch and whore.’ They chanted, ‘Bruises, Bruises, Bruises!’ continually during the film.”

New Book – Prostitution and Trafficking in Nevada: Making the Connections
The brothel prostitutes often live in prison-like conditions, locked in or forbidden to leave…

The rooms all have panic buttons, but many women told her that they had experienced violent and sexual abuse from the customers and pimps…

…The women are expected to live in the brothels and to work 12- to 14-hour shifts…

Farley found that the brothel owners typically pocket half of the women’s earnings. Additionally, the women must pay tips and other fees to the staff of the brothel… One former Nevada brothel worker wrote on a website: “After your airline tickets, clothing, full-price drinks and other miscellaneous fees you leave with little. To top it off, you are … fined for just about everything. Fall asleep on your 14-hour shift and get $100 [£50] fine…

More than 80% of those interviewed told Farley they wanted to leave prostitution…

Porn Actresses: Most Careers Are Short, Few Are Lucrative (explicit language)
Although the industry is dependent on fans for survival, many of the respondents reported a fairly negative image of the imagined viewer… Ironically, then, actresses and actors are motivated in part to receive recognition from a group they know little about and often disparage. In addition, they reported little pride in the products they produce. Like most artifacts in the “sleaze industry”, porn is disposable, mass-produced, fungible, and easily forgotten… Unlike the “straight” industry, actors and actresses are paid a flat fee for their performances, and receive no royalties for successful projects.

Jenna Jameson’s 25 Good Reasons Why No One Would Ever Want to Become a Porn Star (explicit language)
“Most girls get their first experience in gonzo films – in which they’re taken to a crappy studio apartment in Mission Hills and penetrated in every hole possible by some abusive asshole who thinks her name is Bitch. And these girls, some of whom have the potential to become major stars in the industry, go home afterward and pledge never to do it again because it was such a terrible experience.” (Pg. 132 from Jameson’s book, How to Make Love Like a Porn Star: A Cautionary Tale)

Kara Nox, adult film star, on “What don’t you like about porn?”
A: …Mostly, it’s the attitude among many men that I’m subhuman. The degradation of women is getting worse. Conditions for women on set are becoming more and more dangerous. As porn grows, more men with Neanderthalean views of women are getting power as talent, and producers. The results are increased acceptance of violence onset. Women face enough danger outside of porn. It seems as though many of the men we fear are now doing porn, and they legitimize their misogyny by saying it’s for entertainment value. That scares the shit out of me, because it means there are even more troglodytes watching this, and geting off on women being hurt.

Video Presentation: A Content Analysis of 50 of Today’s Top Selling Porn Films (explicit language)
Ana Bridges: “…I’m going to begin to talk about what it is that we found after looking at these 304 scenes in these 50 top selling pornographic films. In total in the 304 scenes we coded a total of 3,376 acts of aggression. That ends up averaging…to an aggressive act every minute and a half. The scenes on average contained eleven and a half acts of verbal or physical aggression…”

What Porn Is: Selections from Mainstream Porn (explicit language)

Gail Dines Presents: Pornography and Pop Culture (explicit)
In pornography, women are

  • cum dumpsters

  • fucktubes

  • slut sandwiches

  • m.i.l.f.’s

  • wet cunts

  • fresh teen ass

  • horny old broads

  • hot slits

  • slanteyed sluts

  • naughty schoolgirls

  • tight pink pussies

  • stupid hoes

  • naughty nymphos

  • big booty ghetto girls

  • drunk bar sluts

  • cameltoes

  • pathetic bitches

  • little hoochies

  • squirting skanks

  • kung pao pussies
“Now, I’ve been on television shows with many pornographers, and they have the absolute chutzpah to turn around and say to me, ‘But we love women. This is a celebration of women.’ Well I have to tell you, if you think calling a woman a ‘cumbucket’ is your sign of love, sorry… These men hate women…

Example Website:

Gag on My Cock

We fuck them in the face ’till they cry!

Can these fuck toys be any dumber?


“One of the things they always argued about with radical feminists, is that we went to the very worst. I want to tell you that every image we used today, and every image that you will see in our slide show tomorrow, we downloaded within 5-7 seconds, got major hits on Google, and were free. We did not search anywhere for this. These are the ones that pop up…

“Gagging is very popular… Now let me tell you where the kid gloves are off here. There is no pretense that she likes it… Look at her mascara running down her eyes. She’s crying. And they don’t wipe it away. Why not? Because part of the thrill of this is that it hurts her and she hates it. And this is for me a…new theme in pornography that I have only seen coming in the last year or two–where they are very clear, ‘You know we don’t give a shit whether the bitch likes it and in fact if she doesn’t, then it’s even better.’

“Now again, what does it mean for young boys and men to connect orgasm to these images, over and over and over again?”

…Example Website:

Anal Suffering


Example Website:

John Strong presents

Altered Ass Holes

“WHOOAAH!! that fucking hurts!”

“Another very popular theme in gonzo is anal sex. Now, in this particular type of sex in gonzo, the joy about it is that it hurts. There is no attempt to make out that this is pleasurable for her, and in fact when you watch these images, what is amazing about this is that the woman is very, very focused on not being ruptured. And sometimes off-camera you hear them say, ‘Hey, honey, moan,’ because she forgets…”

“These are not actresses. These are women who have very few choices, many of whom have been sexually abused as children.”

…Example Website:

Pimp My Black Teen

Example Website:

Barely Legal

“What happens in pornography is ultimately what is the most sexually arousing are the younger women [down] to children. So this is Pimp My Black Teen which of course trades in all the vile stereotypes that black women are not attractive and need to be turned out and improved by a pimp.

“Now these kinds of images lead to the next, which is Barely Legal. Now Barely Legal is run by Hustler. It is one of Hustler’s flagship websites… The tagline on this is, ‘From the homeroom to the bedroom.’ Now it goes from this to Chester the Molester who is very well known in Hustler magazine, because what did Chester do? Chester went after a little girl. This was month in, month out in Hustler.”

I Was a ‘Self-Esteem Vampire’: A Woman’s Journey Out of Watching Porn (explicit language)
I asked myself honestly, what was I getting out of porn? The answer surprised me. It terrified me. It shamed me…

I was getting a sense of power from watching the humiliation and degradation of the women on the screen.

I was claiming power, the all-elusive power that women strive for their entire lives, from degrading and enjoying the degradation of other women. I had absorbed a lesson from the patriarchy: women are easy to degrade, weaker, and more vulnerable, so much so that even another woman can take their power. Watching women being slapped and hurt was filling that void within me that was taken so many years before by men. It allowed me to feel powerful and in control…

Abusive Relationships and Porn: The Similarities (explicit language)

Evidence Assessment: The Role of Pornography in the Physical Abuse of Women

Testimony from Northampton Shelter for Battered Women: Half of Abusers Use Pornography as a Part of the Abuse (explicit)

Porn Use Correlates with Infidelity, Prostitution, Aggression, Rape-Supportive Beliefs

Influence of Porn on Sex Practices: Dispatches from the Field (explicit language)
Comments on Jezebel.com:
…I am fully convinced porn is the reason guys always try for anal. ALWAYS…

Teapartys_over: …it creeps me out that SO MUCH porn is about the facial cum shot. It’s basically like, look at me degrading this woman. Why is that sexy to so many men? *shudder*…

Dulcinea: …I don’t want to feel like a poor substitute for porn. More importantly, I can’t get off feeling like a poor substitute for porn. The idea that porn is what sex aspires to, rather than the other way round, is deep in my head, and I think it’s deeper in the heads of most of the men I know.

Spicevicious: …i remember being made to feel like i was crazy and frumpy because i would not dress like a stripper, nor would i agree to have a threesome with an ex’s stripper crush. he even went so far as to take me to an art gallery where pictures of her pleasuring herself were on prominent display…

Sallybrown: …I recently had the displeasure of meeting and dating a Dickweed Douchewad who insisted that he would only come if he could come in my mouth. Otherwise he was NOT coming — unless he could come on my face. WTF? He insisted that other girls let him do it and that he didn’t watch a lot of porn (yeah right). I refused…so he never came.

DD also asked me during the the second time we hung out whether I “did anal.” Not that I’m pissed about someone asking me what I’m into, but the whole “do anal” part….ugh. I’m not a porn star…I don’t “do” things.

I should have run away after that, yes, yes.

This boy was 34, by the way. I think some men are just creepy. But porn just makes these creepy men think they’re within their rights to expect that women would like men spewing jizz on their faces (or mouths)…

Kataroo_kangaroo: HOLY CRAP ITS NOT JUST ME. I started dating a 34 year old man, and if it’s not “dirty fucking” then, well, it’s nothing. I mean, seriously, what about, um, intimacy? I’m glad I’m not the only one experiencing this phenom.

Testimony in Massachusetts: Porn and a Hostile Work Environment in Carpentry
Working as a woman in a non-traditional job (union carpentry) I have encountered many covert and overt aggressions. Pornography on a job site is one of the more blatant ways a woman is told that “this is a male domain;” “Go Away.”

Porn and a Hosti
le Work Environment

Maggie Hays of Against Pornography: My Story (explicit language)
While I was in junior high school, I could sometimes overhear the boys’ conversations when they were talking about the latest porn videos they’d been watching at home, comments such as “You seen that girl in the porn movie; she had one dick in her pussy and another in her ass.” And they were all laughing. Other times, boys were using pornographic scenarios to terrorize us as girls — and, in some cases, to “shut us up.” This went from telling us what they had seen in a porn movie — things like “Hey, I saw this film yesterday. In it, there was a girl with a cock in her cunt, one in her ass, and one in her mouth at the same time.” — to telling us pornographic stories they invented with us and them included in this stuff they were saying, like “You suck my dick,” “I take you up the ass,” etc… This was pretty degrading but, still, the only word I could think of was “dirty.”

Testimony in Massachusetts: Porn Confuses Young Men about How to Behave

Young New Yorkers Talk about Porn’s Effect on their Relationships (explicit language)
Over beers recently, a 26-year-old businessman friend shocked me by casually remarking, “Dude, all of my friends are so obsessed with Internet porn that they can’t sleep with their girlfriends unless they act like porn stars.”

Testimony in Minneapolis: “Pornography is probably the most extreme example of anti-women socialization that men receive in this society”

Testimony in Minneapolis: Pornography contributes to women’s masochism, chronic depression, anxiety and lowered self-esteem; porn’s false promises to men

Press Release: MISOGYNY & THE EMCEE: RACE, SEX & HIP HOP by Ewuare X. Osayande
“At a time when the outcry is minimal and the voices are tragically few, Ewuare Osayande’s MISOGYNY & THE EMCEE takes no prisoners and cuts straight to the chase on challenging all forms of inter and intra-racial violence perpetuated against Black women and girls. Too fierce! Osayande’s critically needed message is a constant reminder that if Black people, most especially Black men, do not address sexism with the same vigilance that we (need to) address racism, our (non-monolithic) communities will never ever be whole or safe. In response to Abbey Lincoln’s timeless essay “Who Will Revere The Black Woman?”, Osayande’s powerful book of essays very loudly and clearly say “I will!”

Aishah Shahidah Simmons,
Producer, Writer, Director, NO! The Rape Documentary

Videos on Sexist & Exploitative Media (Includes Rap/Hip Hop) (30+)

“Hip-Hop: Beyond Beats & Rhymes” Screens in Northampton on June 3; Q&A with Director Byron Hurt
Hip-Hop: Beyond Beats & Rhymes provides a riveting examination of manhood, sexism, and homophobia in hip-hop culture. Director Byron Hurt, former star college quarterback, longtime hip-hop fan, and gender violence prevention educator, conceived the documentary as a “loving critique” of a number of disturbing trends in the world of rap music. He pays tribute to hip-hop while challenging the rap music industry to take responsibility for glamorizing destructive, deeply conservative stereotypes of manhood.

Realities of Teen Prostitution Mock Notions of ‘Sex Work’, ‘Sex-Positive’, ‘Freedom’ and ‘Empowerment’; Media Glamorizes Pimps
“I think in the last couple years we’ve seen a real increase in the glorification of pimp culture,” Lloyd says. “Girls growing up now, and boys too, are beginning to see this as cute and sexy or glamorous and not really understanding the realities of the sex industry…”

“What you see in the movies, what you see on TV — it’s not like that,” Sara says. “They don’t tell you the part about the rapes. They don’t tell you about getting beat up. They don’t tell you that you might die every day…”

A Review of Can’t Buy My Love
Again and again, Kilbourne’s book exposes how the underlying philosophy of mainstream advertising is identical to that of pornography: addictive craving, despair about meaningful relationships, a narcissistic model of personal fulfillment, the displacement of desire from persons to things, and the reduction of human bodies to objects of consumption. If we’re having a hard time seeing porn as a serious problem, could it be because porn is too much like the corporate-driven culture we take for granted?

Hugo Schwyzer Reviews “Getting Off” by Robert Jensen
[Jensen:] People routinely assume that pornography is such a difficult and divisive issue because it’s about sex. In fact, this culture struggles unsuccessfully with pornography because it is about men’s cruelty to women, and the pleasure men sometimes take in that cruelty. And that is much more difficult for people — men and women — to face.

[Schwyzer:] …Leaving aside — for a moment — the question of whether or not the women who perform in porn are exploited or not, there seems little doubt that the male user of porn, the fellow whose masturbatory reveries are conditioned by images of women being gang-banged or facialized or sodomized, is participating in his own exploitation. His own sense of what he really wants is shaped, distorted, and ultimately replaced by what pornography tells him he ought to want. And he grows a little more numb, a little less human, a little less kind. And as high a price as that is to pay, the price that the women in his life pay is higher still.