Now Showing at The War on Relationships (explicit)

Lesley Rich, general counsel for Capital Video, claims that their “stores are oriented more as a ‘sensuality’ style business, with a focus on couples and women in the adult market.” As Valentine’s Day approaches, let’s peel back the veneer of love at and examine the reality. is jealous of your human relationships.

It wants your attention and money for itself. With messages subtle or not, its movies encourage you to neglect and abuse your intimate partners, especially your female ones. If you must relate to another human, wants the experience to be exploitative, short and unstable, to better ensure your swift return to a porn-hungry state. These strategies appear to be working. At a 2003 meeting of the American Academy of Matrimonial Lawyers, two-thirds of the 350 divorce lawyers who attended said Internet porn contributed to more than half of the divorce cases they handled.

Robert Jensen argues that two ways to make sex interesting are to inject love or cruelty. In general, today’s porn goes for cruelty:

Sex…has an emotional component, and emotions are infinitely variable. There are only so many ways people can rub bodies together, but endless are the ways different people can feel about rubbing bodies together in different times, places, and contexts. When most non-pornographic films, such as a typical Hollywood romance, deal with sex they draw on the emotions most commonly connected with sex, love and affection. But pornography doesn’t, because films that exist to provide sexual stimulation for men in this culture wouldn’t work if the sex were presented in the context of loving and affectionate relationships. Men typically consume pornography specifically to avoid love and affection.

That means pornography has a problem. When all emotion is drained from sex it becomes repetitive and uninteresting, even to men who are watching primarily to facilitate masturbation. So, pornography needs an edge. Pornography has to draw on some emotion, hence the cruelty…
Writing for Voice Male, Haji Shearer relates how Jensen’s arguments led him to examine porn’s role in his marriage:
About a year ago Voice Male published an article by one of its frequent contributors, journalism professor and anti-porn activist Robert Jensen. He argued that both performers and viewers of pornography are degraded by their involvement. Personally, I know using porn never left me feeling particularly proud. It was more likely to bring up feelings of shame after the fact–seldom a good sign. My reflections sparked by the Jensen article inspired a revelation: Jasmin and I strive for intimacy in our relationship. Using porn hinders that. Whether alone or with my wife, viewing porn takes time and energy away from our union and squanders it on a pseudo-relationship. Even using porn as a stimulus for marital sex is problematic because porn rarely reflects healthy modes of connection. Porn is wham, bam, thank you, ma’am–at best–and not reflective of the kind of sex I really want in my own life. No surprise, I find it easier to achieve sexual pleasure and intimacy with my wife when images of models paid to perform male fantasies are not playing in my head.
Salon elaborates on how porn muscles into relationships between people, encouraging isolation:

…whether you approve of porn in theory or not, its effect will be to displace [the mate of the porn addict]. Like crack, it tends to take over, to push out other hungers that tend to nurture the human community by making us dependent on one another. Since we are dependent on each other we must be civil and loving. If we are not dependent on each other then we needn’t be civil and loving. We needn’t have community and family. That is the way in which any drug breaks down family and community by isolating its user. Porn isolates its users also, meeting their needs outside the social compact. The social compact becomes a commercial compact between anonymous people, while those in the actual human community are relegated to bystander status. It introduces a third party into the erotic economy of a relationship…
The website currently feeds traffic to, a 2006 creation of the same Cranston, RI porn moguls behind (see article – explicit ads). These companies and their affiliates also operate under the names of Capital Video, Metro Entertainment, Metro Interactive, and Met-Cap Management. We examined the sales copy for hundreds of the 30,000 titles on offer. These titles may seem absurd or laughable when listed on a web page like this one, but consider the mindset of a viewer intent on having an orgasm.

Some of our opponents claim the messages of porn are “harmless”. Another claims that if porn impacts a marriage, then “the marriage isn’t that strong to begin with.” Do you think the following films cultivate exploitation, abuse, infidelity, coercion, discord, and dissatisfaction with your partner? What is their attitude towards counseling? Judge for yourself:

Anyone But My Husband
One of the smash hits of seventies Manhattan hardcore Anyone But My Husband established the kink queen reputation of its star C.J. Laing. C.J. plays a wife out for sexual adventures behind cheating hubby R. Bolla’s back. Her experiences include being strung up and whipped leaving nice big marks…

Casual Brutality #2
Red assed lasses trussed up and tormented!

Cheating Wives Tales #2
To cheat or not to cheat. There is no question. Performer/director Mario Rossi gets together 5 of the hottest wives that are looking for something bigger and better than what they have at home. Michelle Lay gets her pussy hammered every way but her way in a session of pussy aerobics with Marco Banderas…

Cheating Housewives #3
More infidelity on Smashingbird lane! Watch these scandalous married sluts get their pussies pounded and butts banged deep and hard! Lisa Ann gets the big dick of a stranger when her husband fails to fuck her properly! Nasty Nicole Sheridan Punishes her lame husband making him watch as she gets her tight pussy and ass reamed good! Aurora puts the “A” in adultery getting her holes slammed ’till she can’t take any more! Don’t miss the best Cheating Housewives yet!

Cheating Wives Tales #5
Is your wife cheating? Then let’s give her a good beating! Watch as Mario Rossi and his merry men give these filthy wives exactly what they’ve been missing. They’re going to get fucked so hard it’ll be like getting hit by a truck. Barbie Baja Heidi Mayne Kelli Tyler Isabella Manelli and Darryl Hanah are this feature’s lonely spouses that will do anything to get fucked. So to cheat or not to cheat? There is no fuckin’ question!

Cheating Wives Tales #6
There’s nothing filthier than a cheating housewife and that’s why they’re so great to fuck! We’re going to give these dirty suburban sluts the fucking of a lifetime. We’ve got Rhyse Richards Kitti Lynxxx and Sofia Lomeli goin’ behind their husbands’ backs for a good soap opera fucking. While Michelle McLaren and Rhylee Richards dust off their hot box and cram it full of rock hard cock. So to cheat or not to cheat? There is no fucking question!

Private Man #07 Deperate Househusbands
The married residents of Pussy Willow Lane have switched roles the wives are high powered working executives and the husbands stay at home and fuck each other! Welcome to the world of the Desperate Househusbands!

Desperate Housewhores #4
Add spice to their boring lives! When they win a DH makeover they’ll get more than a beautiful new hairstyle. They’ll get their pussies and assholes banged by steely young studs that fuck them in ways their boring husbands never could. These nasty dirty bitches live for guilty fucks like these!

Desperate Housewhores #6
These hoplessly bored housewhores are flirting and squirting their way throught the suburbs!

Desperate Mothers & Wives 2
If you like the idea of a wife sneaking around and fuckin every man that comes knocking on the door or a mother maybe yours… Eyeing your best and secretly fucking him on the side. Then you’ll love these Desperate Dirty Women…

Desperate Measures
Those who don’t destroy the past are doomed to repeat it.She didn’t just snap. It came on slowly. Her turbulent life at home had become much more than she could deal with. She tried to run and leave everything far behind But it…

Divorced And Horny
Everyone knows that divorced chicks are the biggest sluts out there! After splitting from their husbands these whores can’t ever seem to get enough dick to satisfy their sex-crazed and long-supressed appetites. Now that they are single they’re on a mission to become the dirty cum-crazed c*nts they’ve always dreampt of being! Join them on their quest for cock as they enjoy the single (and slutty) side of life!

There is a fine line between pain and pleasure and that line has been more than blurred this time. Pain can be our biggest pleasure tapping into our sixth and seventh senses…taking our sexual experiences to a new realm and darker dimension where the rules as we know them cease to exist.

Ex Boyfriends Revenge
Dedicated to exposing real ex-girlfriends.

When The Honeymoons Over… The Real Action Starts… or Until Someone Better Comes Along!! Delectable Delbert and luscious Loretta were so in lust the only logical thing to do was tie the knot. But like they say whenthe honeymoons over?its really over! To ease the pain of a rocky relationship the curvaceous couple make love with anyone and everyone that comes along. Can a marriage counselor help? How about watching each other get it on with strangers? Anythingto save their marriage; and the more people that crowd into their bed the better. After all marriage is forever right?

Man. Woman. The eternal struggle. Grudge. Hold one today. The first look. The approach. The conversation. The tease. The first kiss. Sex. Love? The commitment. You move in together. Sex every day in every room in every position. Life. Work. Soon the sex becomes routine a part of life. Then it becomes work. Until that new first look. That new tease. Bu
t with a new person. And what to do with the old? Four people fall into love. But do they stay… or do they stray?

Grudge Fuck #2
There is a fine line between love and hate. We’ve all been there. But nothing cures the pains of passion quite like sex fueled by spite. Six twisted scenarios set the stage for eight prime pussy poundings as Grudgefuck #2 picks up where the original left off. Pick a bone in ways she’ll never forget and drive your point home with your prick. Why kiss and make up when you can f**k her and forget about it? A solid Grudgefuck will send shock waves through the standard sex scene and Guy Capo has master crafted six such scenarios of stellar quality.

Grudge Fuck #3
There are times for moments of compassion and there are moments when punishment must prevail. When these two moments are at odds with each other nothing can be done to stop a GRUDGEFUCK from errupting. This third film in this series churns out 6 new scenarious where loathing meets libido and passion becomes the punishment…

Grudge Fuck #4
Nothing says I love you quite like I hate you as Grudgefuck #4 takes you to the next level of spew splashing spite! 6 scorching scenesfollow seven sexy sluts down a path to the most aggressive Grudefucks so far! If you like sex fueled with a vengence Grudgefuck # 4 is sure to satisfy!

Grudge Fuck #6
There’s a fine line between desire and anger…Consider it crossed. It’s another ass smacking nipple-biting panty-ripping thrill ride as our fearsome fuckers and stormy sluts work out their deep-seated issues…on each other.

Grudge Fuck #7
Now is the time to put that bad temper to good use. These 5 fiery scenes of sexual vengeance are all designed to get your blood boiling and help you explode… the right way. This Grudgefuck starts with a little anger banging and ends with an explosion of carnal rage so if you like sex charged with a bit of spite and hostility you’ve come to the right place.

House Of Pain
House of pain collects plenty of top bondage babes and submissive sluts that have been spanked flogged hog tied gagged suspended caned strapped to walls doors closets the pantry roped to eye bolts spread and humiliated.

Housewife Bangers #7
The Housewife Bangers are out to con gullible husbands into letting them fuck their hot wives – ON FILM! Watch as these loser husbands turn out their sweet wives when they think they’re threatened with jail time blackmailed or just need some extra cash. See once innocent and trusting brides get hammered by the massive man meat of strangers and splattered with cum all while their chump husbands look on.

How To Pick Up Milfs
Get ready to go on a most fabulous hunt where we track down MILFs in their natural habitats from gas stations to soccer games. We will lure them away from their husbands and family to make them do very dirty things. And we don’t stop until we over flow their mouths and cunts with thick white man juice. Let the games begin!

Married, Yes… Dead No
Harry and Annie are newlyweds. But Annie has a sexy secret she is keeping from her husband.. Shes a nymphomaniac! When Harry goes to a party at a friends house who does he discover is the entertainment? His lovely new wife and twoof her sexy friends! Fun for all is the order of the day!

My Big Fake Wedding
Jared and Beth young and in love. Jared wants more than anything to have sex with Beth but she wont until marriage. Jared feels he’s too young to get married so with the “little head” doing the thinking he decides to plan a fake wedding! See what happens when Jared and his buddies go all out to get him married for fake and laid for real. Will Beth find out in time and be able to turn things around? Will Jared get laid? Or just get f*cked? Holy matrimony it’s My Big Fake Wedding!

My Wife’s Best Friend
Who is the one girl you should not make a pass at? You guessed it…your wife’s best friend. Going there is suicide. But she is so sexy so hot so horny and so so very available. How can something so wrong seem so right? And after all she’s your best friend… she’ll understand right? Well let’s just wait and see…

Nina Hartley’s Guide To Swinging
Queen of Swing and XXX star Nina Hartley shows you how to explore this controversial multipartner lifestyle. Anna Malle and Hank Armstrong enact partner responses from insecurity to warm acceptance…

Oops She’s My Friends Wife
Lonely wives need love too. Over 2 hours of horny whores in heat!

Pain In The Ass
The bitch has been naggin at you all fuckin day. Take out the garnage. Do the dirty fuckin dishes. Dont drink so much beer. Blah Blah Blah. Theres only so much a man can fuckin take so when its bed time make it your turn to be the major pain in her ass.

Screw My Husband Please 3
Hubbies need lovin’ too! These wives are already taking care of the cooking the cleaning dropping the kids off at soccer practice… who has time to scew their husband properly? Nope it’s time to call in the pros.

Screw My Wife Please 02 – Again
Have you ever handed your wife over to another man? The guys in this video have!! Real wives. Real husbands. 1 real pornstar.

Screw My Wife Please 6
More husbands standing by and watching their wives get boned. Watch as these retards look on as their wives get boned up the ass and swallow cumshots.

Screw My Wife Please 12
Sweetheart you like to watch? Don’t you? Hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm a young man is f**king my ass! I was wrong size does matter! Honey did you see his load? It was huge! Oh my god this is much better than doing the laundry! Their hubbies did the laundry.

Screw My Wife Please 20 The 2nd Anniversary Edition
The Second Anniversary Edition! Meet wives who take it up the ass! Gang bang a wife today.

Screw My Wife Please 25
Those randy housewives are at it again as their husbands leave it to some pros to satiate their ladies’ insatiable carnal desires. See what happens when normal wives become porn stars! The easy way to get your wife off your back is to put her on hers.

Screw My Wife Please #30 The 3rd Anniversary Edition
The 3rd Anniversary Edition !AVN Nominated Best Continuing Series.The 3rd Anniversary Edition!AVN Nominated: Best Continuing SeriesWhy go to all of the hassle of foreplay and having to make love to your wife when you can sit back watch some porn studs nail your wife and jerk off to your heart’s content!

Screw My Wife 32: And Make Her Sweat Like A Pig
Letting somebody else screw your wife means more TV time for you! Oh and make her sweat like a pig please!

Screw My Wife Please #35 – She’s So Naughty
Why go to all of the hassle of foreplay and having to make love to your wife when you can sit back watch some porn studs nail your wife and jerk off to your heart’s content!

Screw My Wife Please #37 – She’s On Fire!
A porn star plus your wife screwing the porn star equal a happy marriage! This series entry provides just that a bevy of beautiful amateur oversexed housewives and some star studded slammers making this one hell of a backdoor burner!

Screw My Wife 40
A card is cute. Flowers are thoughtful. Dinner is appreciated. Diamonds are forever. Getting a porn star to fuck your wife will get you a month without having to cuddle! The 4th Anniversary Edition is here! Enjoy!

Screw My Wife Please #43 – She Likes Her Ass Slapped
Forget marriage counseling. Just let a
porn stud fuck your wife and she will forget about you never moving the lawn!

Screw My Wife Please #47
Why break a sweat fucking your wife when one of our porn stars can do it better! She gets what she needs.

Screw My Wife Please #53
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Screw My Wife Please #54
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Slime Ballin’ Collectors Set (2 Disc Set)
Toxxxic Entertainment marks its return to the world of adult XXX with a big ooze-fest that will leave a stain in the middle of the otherwise bland landscape of gonzo hardcore movies… Welcome to a depraved world of light and color where sex and fantasy collide. Slime Ballin’ reduces sex to the lowest and dirtiest common denominator. Filled with anal sex double penetrations and explicit cum swallowing Slime Ballin’ is at once the most visually interesting and erotic adult production Toxxxic has released.

Sweet Revenge
Steven St. Croix’s philandering chickens come home to roost in this fast-paced look at the real cost of infidelity. He plays a high-priced ad exec who just can’t seem to keep his pants on — no matter whose girlfriend he’s with! His long-suffering girlfriend finally decides that what’s good for the gander is good for the goose and she proceeds to go around goosing the sexiest studs she can find. She sets out to take away all that he holds dear — his mistress his car even his job. And of course sex is the means she uses to achieve her amorous ends…

Take My Wife Please
Britt Morgan Is Up For Grabs! What happens when the doldrums of suburban life become too much to bear? Why sway I say! Welcome to a neighborhood of horny housewives and equally hot to trot husbands that are sure to have property values skyrocketing. Borrow a cup of sugar? It pays off with interest.

The Wife Swap Club
Never the same tw*t twice! Swap out the old hole for a new one.

Use ’em Abuse ’em & Lose ’em #2
Use’em:Pick up ordinary girls and persuade’em to get naked. Abuse ‘Em; Do what the fuck you like to ’em! They all love it anyway. Lose’Em:Dump’em and go lokking for your next victim. Ride along as we pick up ordinary young women fuck ’em senseless and dump ’em! It’s all good clean fun!

Wife O Rama #1
My hubby ignores me. I’m gonaa show him something! He doesn’t know what he’s missing!! I want to fuck someone new!

Wife O Rama #3
This sweet pussy needs to be filled. If he won’t do it… someone will. I used to love gagging on his cock! Why won’t he give it to me?

Wife Swappers
Couples therapy never got results like this! The place a beautiful mountain resort. The concept “what would happen when we dared four hot married couples to explore the world of wife swapping?” The result well let’s just say our cameras caught all the action.Director Chuck Lords presents Wife Swappers a wicked journey that takes sex to the next level. Every boundary is crossed and sexual desire is the only objective. It is a casual sex game that everyone wins. Explore the minds of the men and women who enjoy the comfort of other men and women.

Wife Switch
These everyday housewives are a wee bit peckish for fresh meat. And their husbands wouldn’t mind losing the “ball and chain” long enough to pork “thy neighbor’s wife”. At first the little ladies are shy awkward and reluctant but faster than you can say “ramrod reciprocation” our connubial foxes are gobbling unfamiliar knobs and getting pounded by someone else’s giddy grateful hubby.

See also:

Free Book Download: Diana Russell’s Against Pornography: The Evidence of Harm (explicit)
Against Pornography is unusual in that it goes beyond abstract discussions of pornography to present the raw material, so readers can judge for themselves. Dr. Russell reprints and analyzes over 100 cartoons and pictures from publications like Playboy, Penthouse, Hustler and Cheri. She writes,

I have found that showing pornography is an effective and rapid consciousness-raiser about misogyny and male views of women. It helps to enhance women’s understanding of many males’ dangerous notions of what it is to be a man. It often also succeeds in arousing women viewers’ anger (and some men’s) at the contempt and hatred of women they see in the pictures and captions. [File 1, p.16]

Now on Sale at (explicit language)
Deviant Housewives
In this world nothing lasts forever and it looks like Kelly Erikson’s husband Van needs some space. Kelly decides to invite all her friends going thru the same problems to stay and support each other. But all of Kelly’s friends have an empty void in their lives they need filled and it’s from a younger man!…

David and Jennifer have a marriage on the rocks. In desperation they seek out a marriage counselor who proposes a revolutionary new method of therapy. David and Jennifer have free reign to cheat on each other for the next 24 hours. Their sexual inhibitions are set free and their fantasies fulfilled as they visit The Dark Side.

Now on Sale at Capital Video: Watch Women Eat Their Own Poop (explicit)

Capital Video’s Magazine Rack: Bondage, Racism and More

Rick Porras, Capital Video Executive, Would Rather You Not Know He Is a Pornographer (explicit language)
…Considering the role of porn in domestic abuse and child molestation, you might not be proud of some of the magazines sold by Capital Video, which include such material as:

Magazine: World of Black Bondage

Article: ONCE A Slave…

“Because this babe has a submissive personality and a heart-shaped behind, she makes the perfect slave. Be that as it may, she got the notion into her pretty head that she wanted to play dom.

“Well, her man quickly disabused her of the idea that she could dominate him. He got rough, took away her leather paddle, threw her onto the bed and tied her into a series of strict positions.”
Photo Caption: “The look in her eyes tells us that she would like this bondage session to end pretty soon. Forget it, girl!”

Photo Caption: “Her Master has told her, ‘Don’t you dare move.’ She’s finding that immobility is in itself a form of torture.”

Photo Caption: “Because her body is beginning to ache, she writhes on the carpet. It makes watching her even more arousing.”

Photo Caption: “Tied to the post, Tracy takes a fearful whipping.”

Story: My Father, The Hero
First He Protected Me, Then He Porked Me!

Story: Getting Gooey With Uncle Louie
His Huge Cock Made Me A Woman!

Story: Portrait Of A Hot Pussy
My Brother Painted Me Nude, Then We Got Lewd!

Story: Two On A Tool
I Gave Both Of My Daughters A Good Fuck!

Any feelings of discomfort or embarrassment would be completely understandable. Fortunately, there is a simple way to ease them. Quit. Today.

Capital Video: Purveyors of Shame Feature a New “Celebrity Sex Tape Scandal” (explicit language)

Hustler Cartoons: Racism, Misogyny, Anti-Semitism, Homophobia, Pedophilia, Incest, Ridicule of Disabled People… (explicit)

Hustler Photo and Caption (cited in Dangerous Relationships by Diana Russell)
Picture 43. This photograph is a close-up of a pretty woman’s face with her mouth replaced by a replica of a gigantic vulva surrounded by masses of pubic hair. The text below the picture, titled “Lip Service”, reads as follows:

There are those who say that illogic is the native tongue of anything with tits… It comes natural to many broads; just like rolling in shit is natural for dogs… They speak not from the heart but from the gash, and chances are that at least once a month your chick will stop you dead in your tracks with a masterpiece of cunt rhetoric… The one surefire way to stop those feminine lips from driving you crazy is to put something between them–like your cock, for instance.
Abusive Relationships and Porn: The Similarities (explicit language)

New Study: Men Still Outpace Women in Porn Consumption
A new study out of Brigham Young University finds that men still substantially outpace women in porn consumption. 86.1% of the male respondents said they had viewed porn in the past year, versus 31.0% of the women. Among the men, 21.3% said they viewed porn every day or almost every day, versus just 1.0% of the women. Participants in the study were aged 18-26.

Video Presentation: A Content Analysis of 50 of Today’s Top Selling Porn Films (explicit language)
Ana Bridges: “…I’m going to begin to talk about what it is that we found after looking at these 304 scenes in these 50 top selling pornographic films. In total in the 304 scenes we coded a total of 3,376 acts of aggression. That ends up averaging…to an aggressive act every minute and a half. The scenes on average contained eleven and a half acts of verbal or physical aggression…

“So how many scenes didn’t contain aggression? About 10%…

“…Less than 10% of the videos showed any kind of a positive act, and that included kissing… caressing happened maybe twice. Something like a verbal compliment, ‘Gosh, you look pretty’, not, ‘Slut bitch, come over here,’ that happened maybe five times in the 304 scenes. So we have a ratio of positive to negative behaviors of 1 to 9, which is not a sustainable, happy relationship.”

Research Paper: “Cruelty’s rewards: The gratifications of perpetrators and spectators”
Kings or emperors affirm their power as social regulators through carnivalesque public entertainments and punishments in which the social purpose of cruelty is manifest. The infliction of prolonged pain is an effective way to establish and maintain social dominance; the harsher or more painful the punishment, the greater the relative status advantage of the perpetrator in relation to the victim; and the more terrible the punishment, the more permanent its effects on the social system…

Deliberate infliction of pain, as with any other decisive manifestation of interpersonal power, enhances the status of the perpetrator. Accordingly, the initiation and coordination of punishment in the family-level and local group would have facilitated the emergence of a leadership figure, whose willingness to injure would have created a reputation for ferocity with significant resource access benefits for that individual… Today as in the past, aggression linked to a readiness to inflict pain is a route to prestige, leadership, and social mastery that entrains survival and reproductive benefits… Cruelty attributions may elevate status, leadership, and sexual attraction ratings more, for example, than attributions of physical strength or intelligence…

The strong routinely use pain as punishment (from the Latin poena, penalty) in their dealings with the weak – masters with slaves, adults with children, and men with women…

As the neurobiology of predation predicts, blood and death have erotic force. Barton (1993) writes that the raging sexuality of the arena came to a focus in the gladiator’s scarred body, and Rome’s prostitutes gathered at the arena exits, where they did a brisk trade…

Time to Explore the Links Between Porn, Testosterone, Sexual Behavior and Violence
…[T]estosterone is highly susceptible to environment. T levels can rise and fall depending on external circumstances–short term and long term. Testosterone is usually elevated in response to confrontational situations — a street fight, a marital spat, a presidential debate–or in highly charged sexual environments, like a strip bar or a pornographic Web site…

Gail Dines Presents: Pornography and Pop Culture (explicit)
I say this to men over and over again. You might not go to pornography hating women, but you’re sure as hell going to come away with that feeling. You get much more than you bargained for with pornography, and that’s the problem with it. The other problem with pornography is it sexualizes the violence and degradation against women. And when you sexualize violence you render that violence invisible, because when men see that they can’t step back and critique it… You are basically trying to have a rational conversation with an erection and it doesn’t work.

What Porn Is: Selections from Mainstream Porn (explicit language)
[Robert Jensen:] …The pornographers want to label any collective discussion of the meaning of intimacy and sexuality as repression. They want to derail any talk about a sexual ethic. They, of course, have a sexual ethic: Anything goes. On the surface that seems to be freedom: Consenting adults should be free to choose. I agree they should. But in a society in which power is not equally distributed, “anything goes” translates into “anything goes for men, and some women and children will suffer for it…”

Improv Resource Center: True Porn Clerk Stories (explicit language)
I don’t understand the need to degrade someone. But that need is definitely, sadly out there. One of our best-renting titles of long standing is called Grudge Fuck.* It rents right back out as soon as we can replace the tag. Every time.

The Impact of Internet Pornography on Marriage and the Family: A Review of the Research
…according to data from the General Social Survey in 2000 (N = 531), people who report being happily married are 61 percent less likely to report using Internet pornography compared to those who also used the Internet and who had completed the General Social Survey in 2000…

Whitty (2003) also found that both men and women perceive online sexual activity as an act of betrayal that is as authentic and real as offline acts and that Internet pornography use correlated significantly with emotional infidelity (N = 1,117; 468 males and 649 females)…

“Spousal Use of Pornography and Its Clinical Significance for Asian-American Women”

Effects of Prolonged Consumption of Pornography on Family Values; Women’s Desire to Have Daughters Plummets
Pornography consumption had a most powerful effect on evaluations of the desirability and viability of marriage. Endorsement of marriage as an essential institution dropped from 60.0% in the control groups to 38.8% in the treatment groups…

Testimony in Minneapolis: Porn and the Death Spiral of a Marriage
…we would have incredible arguments with each other. I would tell him I loved him, I only wanted to love him, I wanted to be a good wife, I wanted our marriage to work, but I didn’t want to be with these other people. It was he I wanted to be with, and no one else. He told me if I loved him I would do this. And that, as I could see from the things that he read me in the magazines initially, a lot of times women didn’t like it, but if I tried it enough I would probably like it, and I would learn to like it. And he would read me stories where women learned to like it.

Statement of Rev. Susan Wilhelm: “…the sex became especially abusive after he started using pornography” (explicit language)
He exposed me to the pornography, too. Once we saw an X-rated film that showed anal intercourse. After that, he pressed me to try it. I agreed to once, but found the experience very painful. He kept trying periodically. He told me my vagina had become as sloppy as an old sow’s and he could not get pleasure any other way. He also used to pinch and bite me. When I said “it hurts,” he would say, “no, it doesn’t.” I became numb. I lost track of my own feelings. One time, he said in reference to himself sexually, “it’s supposed to hurt.”

Laurie Hall, An Affair of the Mind
Over the years, I’ve spoken with other women who have had similar experiences. They tried extra hard to be attractive to their husbands; but the year-after-year battering of constant comparisons with other women and the continual attack on their desirability as a sexual partner wounded their spirits to such a point that they gave up and became the exact opposite of the firm, gorgeous, beautifully made-up women their husbands kept trying to force them to become. Ironic, isn’t it, how pornography creates the exact opposite in real life of what it promises in fantasy life?

Evidence Assessment: The Role of Pornography in the Physical Abuse of Women
…Sommers and Check (1987) surveyed 21 battered women from a shelter and a comparison group of 21 women from the university to investigate the role of pornography in the physical abuse of women. They found the partners of the battered women read or viewed significantly greater amounts of pornographic materials than the partners of the comparison group, and the ‘battered women experienced significantly more sexual aggression at the hands of their partners than did women in the comparison group’ (p 189).

Cramer et al. (1998) conducted a prospective cohort study of 198 women attending a public clinic who were pregnant and reported having been abused by their male partner in the year prior to or during pregnancy. Almost 41 per cent indicated that their abusers used sexually violent pornography, and the severity of violence used against women was highest for those women who reported that the abuser asked or forced them to look at, act out or pose for pornographic pictures (p 329).

Cramer and McFarlane (1994) conducted a survey of 87 ‘battered women filing charges against their male partner at the district attorney’s office in a large metropolitan city’ (pp 268-272). Pornographic material involved rape with physical violence. The study found a statistically significant association between men’s use of violent pornography and physical [and sexual] abuse of women (p 271)…

Porn Use Correlates with Infidelity, Prostitution, Aggression, Rape-Supportive Beliefs
In 1995, Human Communication Research reported on a meta-analysis of 33 different studies. Researchers found that “Exposure to pornography increases behavioral aggression. While there are many factors that influence this effect (for example, the content of the pornography viewed), the researchers conclude that a connection between exposure to pornography and subsequent behavioral aggression exists.”

Testimony from Northampton Shelter for Battered Women: Half of Abusers Use Pornography as a Part of the Abuse (explicit)
We have recently begun to formally ask the battered women who call us whether the abuser uses pornography and from this we conservatively estimate that at least 1/2 of the abusers use pornography as a part of the abuse. Battering is based on an issue of power and control, with the abuser using all kinds of methods to continually assert his power and control over the woman. Throughout, he is persistently working to deny her of her ability to make informed decisions about her life and through threats, coercion, and continual terror succeeds at clearly establishing himself as “in control”. We frequently hear a woman say that she feels like a prisoner in her own home, and in fact, she is.

Influence of Porn on Sex Practices: Dispatches from the Field (explicit language)
Jezebel is a busy website devoted to “Celebrity, Sex, Fashion. Without airbrushing”. It’s a Gawker property and hardly a bastion of anti-porn sentiment. Here are excerpts from a December 12 post, “How About You Don’t Ask To Come On My Face On The First Date?”, followed by selected comments from Jezebel readers…

Whynotshesaid: I find it interesting that the porn lovers I’ve had sex with have all ranged from mediocre to terrible when it came to sex, but that the one guy I’ve been with (my current BF) who never watched porn is also the one who rocks my fucking world, so to speak.

I know there is a connection there. I’m sure it has something to do with what I call the Richard Christie effect (cast member from the Howard Stern show). That dude refused to have sex with real women, instead choosing to jack off to porn (because real women were gross). Yet when it came time to talk about sex, Richard Christie was all up in the conversation talking about how “women like that” because he saw it in porn.

Thinking real women are gross + thinking that porn actresses actually get off in their movies = BAD AT SEX…

Sarahmc: Men are so focussed on what’s happening in porn, they are no longer able to get hot over the living, breathing woman right in front of them. Porn has completely skewed men’s expectations of sex, of women, of relationships…

It scares me to realize that a lot of guys want to fuck you ’cause they hate you, not ’cause they think you’re sexy…

My ex-husband
loved to talk about how he wanted to fuck his hot young female coworkers that annoyed him, like it was some sort of punishment or something.

It always made me wonder what he thought about sex with me.

Again, I think that it is no surprise that the hottest sex of my life happens with a guy who has no interest in porn.

Hugo Schwyzer Reviews “Getting Off” by Robert Jensen
A great many men look at porn and don’t rape women. But “not-raping” is hardly proof that porn is harmless. There are many ways in which pornography can damage our sexuality short of turning men into rapists. The discomfort and bewilderment of the girl who sent me that note, wondering why her boyfriend (who, in her own words, was otherwise a “good guy”) would even want to come on her face, makes this case with heartbreaking and stomach-churning effectiveness. The answer to the “why” is that he’s seen facials in porn. He might accept “no” for an answer, or he might just keep nagging until she gives in and lets him ejaculate on her face. She won’t be raped in the legal sense, of course, but she’ll be learning a bitter lesson about male sexuality and her own value that she didn’t have to learn.

A Review of Pornified: How Pornography Is Damaging Our Lives, Our Relationships, and Our Families
Many of Paul’s interview subjects said porn use made them more judgmental of their real-life sex partners. One thrice-divorced 34-year-old subject, who had been watching porn since age 10, said that he would break up with any woman who wouldn’t give him the kind of pleasure he saw men getting in porn films. If the woman takes too long to reach orgasm, or doesn’t enjoy swallowing semen, she’s history. (pp.92-93) Other young men said they wanted their girlfriends to be “slutty” and submissive. (p.94)

Maggie Hays of Against Pornography: My Story (explicit language)
While I was in junior high school, I could sometimes overhear the boys’ conversations when they were talking about the latest porn videos they’d been watching at home, comments such as “You seen that girl in the porn movie; she had one dick in her pussy and another in her ass.” And they were all laughing. Other times, boys were using pornographic scenarios to terrorize us as girls — and, in some cases, to “shut us up.” This went from telling us what they had seen in a porn movie — things like “Hey, I saw this film yesterday. In it, there was a girl with a cock in her cunt, one in her ass, and one in her mouth at the same time.” — to telling us pornographic stories they invented with us and them included in this stuff they were saying, like “You suck my dick,” “I take you up the ass,” etc…

Testimony in Massachusetts: Porn Confuses Young Men about How to Behave
I travel around the country and speak to college audiences, both male and female, and mixed audiences, and one thing I find over and over again, in frank discussions, is that pornography is extremely influential in the lives of young boys growing up today, and girls, but specifically I speak to guys. This blizzard of images of women in degrading and humiliating positions, guys just come to think of that as normal.

There was an article in the New York Times last week about sexual harassment in schools, how there’s a whole new area of litigation that’s opening up with young girls who are sexually harassed. If you read that article on the front page of the Times last week, you’ll find that guys are saying that they don’t know what to do, what they can do and what they can’t do, what’s acceptable and what isn’t acceptable. As I read that, I said to myself, it’s obvious where they’re learning on one level what is and what isn’t acceptable. In other words, you could take some of the dialogue out of these kids’ mouths right out of a discussion of pornography that I’ve had on numerous occasions.

My Boyfriend Loves Porn – What Should I Do?
…Often the man wants the woman to act out what he sees in the movies. You are responding as almost all women do that email me on this subject. Women internalize the man viewing porn as if there was something wrong with them. It is not true. You are fine… You appear wise by not wanting this in your life. I would be highly cautious having a relationship [with] this man if porn has been such a part of his life… You do not want to marry a porn addict and then suffer the consequences for years to come.

Young New Yorkers Talk about Porn’s Effect on their Relationships (explicit language)
They have since broken up, and have stopped talking. “He was a lot more innocent when he was younger,” she says. “He was looking for love and companionship. Now he just wants a good lay. I’m sure he’s looking for some huge-breasted, tight-assed bitch…” These days, she feels “very jaded about love and sex,” but every so often, she finds her cynicism dissolving… “I think it will be really rare, and hopefully it will happen, that I can meet a guy who will be happy with only me.”