Mopornnorthampton Launches (explicit)

You know you’ve truly arrived when you get parodied. NoPornNorthampton welcomes a new website to the debate, Mo’ Porn is a creation of Jeff Hobbs. It is “dedicated to free speech, free trade, and most of all, filthy dirty blue gloves.”

In one of its first posts, Mo’ Porn references a study called Understanding Pornography in Australia. The study questions what it says are common assumptions that porn is bad for you, that it objectifies women, and that it causes you to treat other people with less respect.

This study acknowledges that its ‘porn universe’ has a constraint, “there is no sexual violence against women in mainstream Australian porn videos–unsurprising because this is a legal requirement.”

Capital Video may lack this restraint. We have earlier mentioned one of their featured movies, Use Em’ Abuse Em’ & Lose Em’ #9. On one of Capital Video’s websites,, there are whole categories of movies in such specialties as Bondage, Domination and Gangbang. On, we see at least one movie with “bukkake” in the title. For those of you not familiar with this term, Wikipedia defines it as

a group sex practice wherein a series of people take turns ejaculating onto someone. There can be strong overtones of erotic humiliation in this practice. Various styles exist, but a common form of bukkake seen in such publications will involve a woman or man sitting, lying down, or kneeling while men (or functional transsexuals) approach to masturbate until they ejaculate on her/his body, primarily on the face or in the mouth….

Fetish “forced bukkake” movies are popular in Japan. The typical plot features a young woman acting as a naïve, uniformed student or a demure pantyhosed office lady somehow finding herself in the predicament of being tied up and drenched with semen against her will.

We agree that there can be forms of erotica that are healthy and support good relationships. We don’t trust that Capital Video tends in this direction.

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