Goldbergs’ Leasing Agent: “I would have rejected the tenant”

In recent correspondence that a Northampton resident shared with NoPornNorthampton, the leasing agent for 135 King Street, Robert J. Greeley, said he disapproved of having Capital Video establish a porn shop there but he felt bound to honor his contractual obligations to the landlords, Barry G. and Annette E. Goldberg of Longmeadow. Greeley wrote,

From: Robert Greeley <>
Cc: ‘Brendan Greeley’ <>
Sent: Wednesday, August 09, 2006 6:12 PM

Subject: RE: property

Dear Concerned Citizen,

We are the leasing agent for the Owner of the property. By contract, by our code of ethics, and by law governing my real estate license, I am obligated to act in the best interest of my client, the Owner. If I owned the property, I would have rejected the tenant. I don’t own the property. The Owner chose to accept the tenant, who is, as far as I know, compliant with all laws in the City of Northampton.

Those who object to the use should look to the political process in the City of Northampton, to take the appropriate steps to enact the laws to prohibit such a use (if constitutional).

Believe me, I am sympathetic with your concerns. I don’t think it fair to focus your wrath on me or my Company. The laws of the City of Northampton and the decision of the Owner are more appropriate places to plead your case.

I trust that you will consider the facts of the process before you impugn my integrity. You might learn the facts, before you judge me and suggest that money overrules my morality. You don’t know a thing about me or my morality, and have no basis or right to judge me. Shame on you as a resident of [more than 25] years to have been so lax for so long as to not involve yourself in the political process of attempting to preclude this use in your neighborhood. Since you are so concerned about the City’s reputation and quality of life, what pro-action have you taken to enact the laws that might have prohibited this use? Maybe you should be looking at yourself and your political complacency…before you “blame” me for following the law and my contractual obligations to the property owner.



Robert J. Greeley
R.J. Greeley Company, LLC
One Federal Street, Bldg. 104-2R
Springfield, MA 01105

Phone: 413.734.7923
Fax: 413.734.7478

On reading this correspondence, NoPornNorthampton wrote its own response to Mr. Greeley on August 10,

Dear Mr. Greeley,

…I am concerned that you are underweighting your responsibilities to the community, in violation of the codes of ethics to which you subscribe. In particular, the National Association of Realtors states that the interests of the nation and its citizens “impose obligations beyond those of ordinary commerce. They impose grave social responsibility….”

At, we have accumulated evidence that the proposed adult use may damage property values and commerce in the area. This is inconsistent with the interests of the real estate industry as we understand them.

I question whether you are truly unable to stop working for Mr. Goldberg if you feel his actions are unwise. At the least, you could forgo receiving money for assisting the establishment of a porn shop next to residential neighborhoods.

The City of Northampton can’t legislate everything. A quality democracy has to depend heavily on the good judgment of all the people. The law can have a hard time distinguishing between Pride and Joy and Capital Video, or Mark Carmien and Kenneth Guarino, but your average citizen can make the distinction easily.

I look forward to your reply.


Adam Cohen

We invite citizens to continue the dialogue with Mr. Greeley, and any other vendors that have involvement with 135 King Street. As of the morning of August 14, we have not received a further response from Mr. Greeley.

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