One thought on “Satellite Photo Shows 135 King Street Surrounded by Homes

  1. I literally live one block from the proposed location of the new porn shop. I have two teen boys, and as a foster mother, often care for more. This proposal is highly problematic for me and I don’t plan to ever give the shop peace or quiet. The amount of children and teens that pass my house every day is far too strong a temptation for Northampton’s numerous sex offenders. Having these offenders concentrated at the King Street location is asking for sorrow.

    Being a victim of molestation myself, and experiencing the all encompassing dysfunction, as well as all my work with children with similar problems, I assure everyone involved that if this happens, I will be out there utilizing every legal means of annoyance to send Capitol Video packing. I will not stop!

    I also want to ask Mr. and Mrs. Goldberg if they have any children? Or if they would like to take one of my foster kids to dinner and listen to a story or two?

    There are other places to put this shop. No amount of lost revenue can replace the innocence, or the feeling of safety that is forever lost when someone maliciously touches a child.

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