“‘Big Tent’ feminism? Sounds great. Feels a lot like the status quo.”

Meghan Murphy posted an excellent critique to The F Word on June 3:

The sex industry is not, and has never been a feminist space. It is, in large part, a space that is owned by, and operated for men. It is a space that treats women as commodities…

How big is your ‘tent’ when it means more women are trafficked? When it means that more men think that purchasing a woman is actually empowering her, because, you know, he’s paying her for the use of her body? Or when it means that some women are silenced by those very loud and popular voices who argue for the status quo? And yes, these voices are the loudest, and the most popular because they tell us what we want to hear. They reinforce the fantasy. They allow us to continue to be complicit in the exploitation and degradation of women. They allow us to ignore the fact that money is coercive. The playing field is not leveled because women are paid to be objectified, though it does tell us that which we already know: women need to survive in this world too.

Every woman has a right to say no. I happen to believe that pornography and prostitution make it harder for her to do so.

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