APAN Action Alert: “Tell Newbury Comics executives to dump CDs which promote violence against women”

From the Anti-Porn Activist Network:

ACTION ALERT! September 2010

Tell Newbury Comics executives to dump CDs which promote violence against women. Necro’s CD Die!, contains a song so vile that 3 different music retailers have already dropped it (Wal-Mart, Best Buy, Juno.com).

The song, “Human Traffic King”, glorifies criminals who kidnap women and force them into prostitution. An excerpt of the lyrics:

“Woman need to be loved, injected with needles and drugs subjected to torture and kidnapped they need to succumb it’s proven, I feed em dog food, they prefer human make ’em savagely beat each other bloody for my amusement It’s all fun and games, I keep ’em handcuffed in chains sexually make ’em do the most disgusting things covered in lighter fluid, lit up and ingulfed in flames sound proof walls guarantee to muffle your screams”

Newbury Comics COO, Duncan Browne, tells the AntiPorn Activist Network that he will continue to sell Necro CDs because “We have always presented the voices of thousands of artists of all ilks and persuasions…freedom of expression is a core value at Newbury Comics. We find very little to have ‘No redeeming social value.’ It all depends on your point of view.”

To understand more about their “core values”, we spent some time on NC’s online catalog. Music glorifying prostitution and other forms of violence against women (50 Cent, Snoop Dogg, Eminem, Geto Boys) is all readily available. Then we checked if NC sold “white power” bands (Skrewdriver, Race War, Pure Hate, English Rose), and found nothing whatsoever.

We’re certainly not fans of white supremacist music; we simply want to understand why that’s considered too offensive and dangerous to put in the hands of America’s impressionable youth, while misogynistic pimp music gets a prominent spot on the shelf.

To ask Newbury Comics to drop Necro’s Die! from their catalog, please email the following:

Please post widely and circulate to your activist friends and mailing lists.
Thanks from your friends at the AntiPorn Activist Network!

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Film critic Michael Medved notes that: “More than 3,000 research projects and scientific studies between 1960 and 1992 have confirmed the connection between a steady diet of violent entertainment and aggressive and anti-social behavior.”[37] The American Academy of Pediatrics concluded: “The vast majority of studies conclude that there is a cause-and-effect relationship between media violence and real-life violence. The link is undeniable and uncontestable…”[38]

One of the most common findings from media studies is that “increased media viewing is associated with more stereotypical views, especially about gender,” and that “being exposed to consistent and repeated stereotypical gender images shapes cognitive structures.”[45] Simply stated, what we see affects how we think.

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Ms. X, a Native American woman, described how she was raped by two white men who made reference to a pornographic video game called “Custer’s Revenge” in which a white Army officer scores points by raping Indian women:

They held me down and as one was running the tip of his knife across my face and throat he said, “Do you want to play Custer’s Last Stand? It’s great. You lose but you don’t care, do you? You like a little pain, don’t you, squaw?… The only good Indian is a dead Indian… A squaw out alone deserves to be raped.”

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..all but a tiny minority want to stop selling sex…

…Such women are 18 times more vulnerable to homicide than other women, and suffer regular abuse from pimps, punters and passers-by…

…I thought, ‘These women are just seen as throwaways. They service the men, serve their purpose, and can then just be disposed of.'”

Prostitution: Factsheet on Human Rights Violations (explicit language)
As recently as 1991, police in a southern California community closed all rape reports made by prostitutes and addicts, placing them in a file stamped “NHI.” The letters stand for the words “No Human Involved.” (Linda Fairstein, Sexual Violence: Our War Against Rape, 1993, New York, William Morrow.)

…83% of prostitutes are victims of assault with a weapon. (National Coalition Against Sexual Assault)

Dorchen Leidholdt, “Demand and the Debate”
I had never heard of a single instance in which a secretary or college professor had been flung out of a window of her workplace to her death on the streets below. And while married women were leaving abusive homes in droves, their prostituted sisters often didn’t have homes to leave. It would be six years before I would encounter the Canadian Report on Prostitution and Pornography with its finding that prostituted women in Canada suffer a mortality rate 40 times the national average. But it was no secret that prostituted women were the special targets of serial killers. How many jobs had murder as a frequent workplace safety hazard?

Herbert, Brooks and Osayande on Misogyny, Money and Power; Amazing.net’s War on Women and Blacks (explicit)
Bob Herbert publishes a spot-on column in January 15’s New York Times: “…If there was ever a story that deserved more coverage by the news media, it’s the dark persistence of misogyny in America…”

In the April 2003 issue of The Atlantic Monthly, David Brooks explains why progressives might be having such a hard time addressing this situation. Clever marketers, knowing the profits to be had from catering to deep-seated sexist and racist attitudes, wrap them in a slippery mix of irony, sexiness and cool. It’s a brave critic indeed who’s willing to invite charges of being dull, sexless, elitist, unmodern, unhip, and even a racist themselves… “Have you noticed that male chauvinism is making a comeback? Thirty years after the feminist revolution, if you look at the rap videos on MTV or BET, you’ll find that ‘ho’ and ‘bitch’ are just about the nicest words used to describe young women. Hooters is now so mainstream as to be just another link in the chain of familiar eateries…”

Ewuare X. Osayande challenges the woman-hating elements of hip-hop culture in his new book, Misogyny & the Emcee: Sex, Race & Hip Hop:…I knew that I could not turn away from the virtual and actual assualt of Black women by artists that is defended by so many within the community. I knew then as I know now that my silence equals complicity…

“Hip hop has been disemboweled of any real socio-political value and stuffed with materialism, sexism and violence and now sits on the shelves of its corporate masters like the prized game that it is…“


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