Dr. Gail Dines: “Pornography Debases Men, Women & Culture” – Video

Dr. Gail Dines gives a 9-minute PornHarms.com briefing on “Pornography Debases Men, Women & Culture”. Dr. Dines just published PORNLAND: How Porn Has Hijacked Our Sexuality.

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Gail Dines Presents: Pornography and Pop Culture (explicit)
Gail Dines is Professor of Sociology and Women’s Studies at Wheelock College in Boston. For 20 years she has lectured across the country against pornography and sexist portrayals of women. A Google video (1 hr 2 min) is now available of the lecture she gave to a rapt audience at the Pornography and Pop Culture conference at Wheelock on March 24. This video describes the increasingly harsh misuse of women in modern pornography–such as in the emerging “ass-to-mouth” genre–and how the people, money and values of porn reach deep into mainstream media and corporations.

Gail Dines: “Penn, Porn and Me” (7/1/08)

Video Presentation: A Content Analysis of 50 of Today’s Top Selling Porn Films (explicit language)