The Rebecca Project: “Dear Craig”

The Rebecca Project For Human Rights appeals to Craig Newmark and Jim Buckmaster to close the Adult Services section of Craigslist. Download a high-resolution PDF of this letter.  Learn more. 

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Yahoo! News: “Craigslist faces new prostitution investigation” (5/4/10)
The unfathomably popular online classifieds (and everything else) site Craigslist is back in the news, coming under fire in yet another state over its thinly veiled sex worker ads.

The state of Connecticut has subpoenaed the site to determine whether the site is profiting from prostitution advertisements, after the Advanced Interactive Media Group found that the company is on track to earn $36 million this year from advertising in its adult services section.

Springfield Republican: “Woman’s murder in Boston hotel linked to Craigslist advertising of massage services” (4/16/09)

Online Media Daily: “Craigslist Claims Fewer ‘Erotic Services’ Ads Due To New Listing Requirements, Defends Against Sheriff’s Lawsuit”

New York Times: “7 Accused of Using Craigslist for Prostitution” (5/20/09)

Attorneys General Press Craigslist about Ads for Prostitution and Other Illegal Activities (5/4/09)
“Craigslist is allowing advertisements for illegal activities like prostitution on its site,” Koster said. “It is blatant. It is irresponsible. It is illegal.

New York Times: “As Prostitutes Turn to Craigslist, Law Takes Notice”