“To Mary Magdalen, with thanks”, a Poem by Vicki Goodfellow Duke

We are pleased to present “To Mary Magdalen, with thanks”. This poem won an Honorable Mention in the 2005 Utmost Christian Poetry Contest. It is reprinted with permission:

    To Mary Magdalen,
    with thanks

    by Vicki Goodfellow Duke

    savior of pretty girls
           slammed into doors
           bloodied by steel-toed

           tripping in heels
           through the night

           into drains

           to scrub filth
           from split lips,

           certain still, their souls
           are unbroken,

           (these are the fortunate)

    safe from pills
    stashed in pockets

    they’ve heard the truth—

    love covers a multitude of sins

           and there’s been plenty
           of lovin’

    no sense to kill yourself
    when you may be redeemed

    by tears,
    letting down your hair
    is easy,

    the hardest thing,
    to believe there’s deliverance

    at the feet of a man

    Copyright 2005 by Vicki Goodfellow Duke

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