We are pleased to pass along this announcement:

We are proud to (finally) announce the launch of, our gateway to antiporn activism worldwide. is designed to be a one-stop resource for any newly minted activist seeking to answer that depressing question, “What can one lonely person do about the vast and powerful porn industry?”

Lucky visitors who find will get simple ideas for everyday activism, inspiration from previous actions, and best of all, learn how to connect with like-minded antiporn individuals and groups around the world.

About Us

Antiporn: being against all forms of pornography – live, filmed, or photographed.

Activist: someone who works to bring about social or political change.

If this describes you, welcome aboard.

The AntiPorn Activist Network is just what it sounds like: a network of antiporn activists around the world. We are represented on three continents and counting.

We got our start in the summer of 2003 during the odious Hunting for Bambi fiasco and also claim responsibility for convincing the Nation magazine to drop a sex-tourism ad… We embrace many kinds of antiporn activism, although this website focuses primarily on what an ordinary person can do in their spare time.

If you are actively working against the multibillion dollar global porn industry, go ahead and consider yourself a member of APAN.