Northampton: Feminist Film Series on Sex Trafficking and Exploitation

Local feminists are screening films this month to raise awareness about sex trafficking and sexual exploitation. Both of the following will be shown in the Media Education Foundation Community Room, 60 Masonic Street, Northampton MA.


Saturday, June 21, 7pm

When 13-year-old Adriana is kidnapped by sex traffickers in Mexico, her 17-year-old brother, Jorge, sets off on a desperate mission to save her. As
Jorge dodges overwhelming obstacles to track his sister’s abductors, he meets Ray (Kevin Kline), a Texas cop whose own family loss leads him to
become an ally. Inspired by Peter Landesman’s chilling New York Times Magazine story on the US sex trade, “The Girls Next Door”, Trade is a powerful
story of courage and a devastating expose of the world of sex trafficking and prostitution. Learn more.

Cargo: Innocence Lost
Tuesday, June 24, 7pm
A compelling documentary, Cargo: Innocence Lost, unveils the hidden underworld of sex trafficking through compelling interviews with some of the
country’s top officials on the subject, victims’ advocates and victims themselves, who were rescued in Texas. A must-see, thought-provoking film
that is interwoven with a raw, intense narrative based on numerous true stories from victims of the sex trade. Warning: this film contains graphic
footage that is disturbing and may be difficult to watch.
Learn more.

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