StopPornCulture! Launches Website; Online Slide Show Available

We welcome the launch of StopPornCulture!’s website at SPC is the newest evolution of a longstanding feminist movement against porn:

…With the explosion of technology and increased accessibility of pornography via the internet in the late 1990s and early 2000s, feminists from around the country began to organize meetings to discuss the proliferation of pornography and the increased violence associated with its production and consumption. Through these discussions, it became clear that efforts were needed to rebuild a viable, national movement to combat the harms of the pornography industry. Several feminists developed a contemporary version of the slide shows developed in the 1970s to be used as an educational tool and to inspire action against the pornification of our culture. It is out of these efforts that the new organization, StopPornCulture! was created.

The website features the slide show, “WHO WANTS TO BE A PORN STAR?”, written and produced by Gail Dines (Wheelock College), Rebecca Whisnant (University of Dayton) and Robert Jensen (University of Texas). This online presentation is “an educational and organizing tool for anti-porn activists that presents a feminist analysis of pornography and of the increasingly pornographic culture in which we live.” The slide show comes with a toolkit for presenters that includes the script, different PowerPoint versions, and suggestions for how to dialogue with audiences.

Also featured at the website, you’ll find a calendar of events, a FAQ, online resources, suggested readings, and links to relevant websites. You can sign the no-porn pledge, visit the YouTube Anti-Pornography Video Blog, and make a tax-deductible donation.

See also:

Now for Media Madness: The Impact of Sex, Violence, & Commercial
Culture on Adults, Children, & Society, July 8-11, Boston

For the 14th consecutive year, Wheelock College is offering the very
popular summer institute on the role that the media (television, movies,
magazines, video games, advertising and pornography) plays in shaping
children’s development and behavior, as well as our overall cultural
attitudes. The institute will be held on Wheelock’s Boston Campus.

New Low-Cost Option for Institute on Media Madness, July 9-11, Boston
We’ve had overwhelming interest in scholarships to the summer institute on Media Madness. In order to accommodate as many people as
possible, we are offering a two and a half day training as an
alternative to the full institute. This training is free, though if
you can give $50 we would appreciate it.

Gail Dines Presents: Pornography and Pop Culture (explicit)
Gail Dines
is Professor of Sociology and Women’s Studies at Wheelock College in
Boston. For 20 years she has lectured across the country against
pornography and sexist portrayals of women. A Google video (1 hr 2 min) is now available of the lecture she gave to a rapt audience at the Pornography and Pop Culture conference
at Wheelock on March 24. This video describes the increasingly harsh
misuse of women in modern pornography–such as in the emerging
“ass-to-mouth” genre–and how the people, money and values of porn
reach deep into mainstream media and corporations.