Hartford Pedophile: “Reardon has the potential to go down in the history of the United States of America as one of the biggest monsters in this genre” (explicit)

Porn merchants like Amazing.net/Goflix.com, and their business partners, find that it’s stimulating, entertaining, and/or profitable to sell images of the abuse of the young and the weak. Movies sold at Goflix.com include:

Abuse of Power
A young athlete is taken advantage
of by his own doctor! A perverted policeman… An innocent cop is
bullied by a gang of hooligans!

Barely Legal: School Girls #3
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Blame It On Daddy #2
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Corrines Painful Examination
Pretty 19-year-old Corrine submits to a painfully thorough very sadistic medical exam at the hands of Nurse Lolita and the wicked “Doctor” Savage.

Pain 25
Remember when your daddy would come home from work and beat the living shit out of you? Remember how your flesh bruised and bled at the end of his belt? Some days you thought your worthless life was over. My how you begged and cried. Good times. Damn good times. Well now you can relive those special moments. Take Pain #25 home today!

Real Hidden Coed Girls #1
The college coed
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Use ’em Abuse ’em & Lose ’em #2
Use’em:Pick up
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Vivian’s Painful Examination
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This DVD features a story-driven title
that mixes drama with hardcore sex. Wonderland tells the story of a man
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Young Dumb And Full Of Cum
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Magazine fiction sold at Amazing.net includes:

Story: My Father, The Hero
First He Protected Me, Then He Porked Me!

Story: Getting Gooey With Uncle Louie
His Huge Cock Made Me A Woman!

Story: Two On A Tool
I Gave Both Of My Daughters A Good Fuck!

Amazing.net is operated by Capital Video Corporation. Here are some of their local business partners:

Barry and Annette Goldberg of Longmeadow (landlords of 135 King Street)

R.J. Greeley Co. (leasing agent for the Goldbergs)

the elevens (hosts monthly party sponsored by Amazing.net)

The porn industry would like you to buy into the fantasy that these abusive practices are rarely performed in actuality, or that they are harmless, even beneficial for those involved. It’s a tempting fantasy, because the reality is shattering. According to the National Center for PTSD, “Researchers estimate that, in our country, about 10% of boys and
25% of girls are sexually abused.” Without effective treatment, long-term effects may include:

  • PTSD and/or anxiety
  • Depression and thoughts of suicide
  • Sexual anxiety and disorders
  • Poor body image and low self-esteem
  • The use of unhealthy behaviors, such as alcohol abuse, drug
    abuse, self-mutilation, or bingeing and purging, to help mask
    painful emotions related to the abuse

The June 1 Hartford Courant features a major article from its assistant features editor, Kevin Hunt. Mr. Hunt, now 51, is one of the numerous victims of pedophile Dr. George Reardon. Here are excerpts from his story:

Reardon Victim Goes Public, Blasts St. Francis Hospital

On a Sunday afternoon in March 1970, Dr. George Reardon photographed me
in degrading, sexually provocative poses in his office at St. Francis Hospital

Money won’t heal the victims Reardon traumatized, many of them
repeatedly over several years. Time obviously hasn’t. How many victims’
lives have been ruined by drugs or alcohol, haunted by the memories or
shattered when no one believed their stories?

…Even now, with the department’s 13 detectives pitching in, police say
only about an eighth of [Dr. Reardon’s child pornography] slides have been analyzed and cataloged for
the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children, a
law-enforcement clearinghouse. Lt. Donald Melanson, who is coordinating
the investigation, says that based on the number of slides, which he
now estimates at 60,000, there could be as many as 500 victims.

“Reardon has the potential,” Fallon told me, “to go down in the history of the United States of America as one of the biggest monsters in this genre.”

When the pornography cache was discovered, St. Francis continued to minimize its knowledge and its responsibility.

“One hundred [victims] over 30 years is not a constant parade” to
Reardon’s hospital office, said Barry Feldman, the hospital’s general
counsel and senior vice president…

A child did not question a doctor in a hospital. In his office, Reardon
intimidated us… We did as he said… The poses were pornographic, some simulated sex acts. Reardon
manipulated our genitals, then demanded that we maintain an erection…

At Arthur Drug, he bought me and the other boy a $1.50 model car…

I don’t know the precise psychology of how a child can best cope with
such an experience. In 1970, kids didn’t receive psychological
counseling. I just know what worked for me.

I had validation.

My mother believed me. I cannot tell you how powerful it is when a
child, traumatized, confides in a parent who listens calmly, asks
appropriate questions and gets specific answers…

Nothing would ever change what happened to me. I accepted it. I know
how much worse it could have been. I had a brother, Bill, five years
younger, in that judo club. I had three sisters: Mary Ellen, Kathleen
and Lisa. Now I realize that any of us, or all of us, could have wound
up at his cabin in upstate New York. Detectives working on the case,
who have seen the gruesome photographs from that site, tell me I really
don’t know how lucky I was.

“Your entire family,” says Det. Fallon, “was on the verge of being ruined…”

Victims and their families can find help at Connecticut
Sexual Assault Crisis Services Inc. Call 1-888-999-5545 (English) or
1-888-999-8332 (Español) or visit www.connsacs.org.

See also:

Some Porn Hard to Distinguish from Training for Pedophiles (explicit language)
sold by Capital Video and its affiliates include “Amateur Initiation
29”, “Bubble Gum Virgins”, “Early Entries #4”, “Forbidden Cherries”,
“Home Schooled #3” and “It’s a Young Girls Thing”.

Childhood Spanking Linked to Coerced Sex and Risky Sex in Adulthood; Amazing.net Milks Pain for Profit (explicit)
The industry may or may not have a conscious strategy to promote
dysfunctional relationships within and between generations, but it does
have a financial incentive to do so. As Jill Manning observes, happily married people consume relatively little porn: “…according to data from the General Social Survey in 2000 (N = 531), people
who report being happily married are 61 percent less likely to report using Internet pornography
compared to those who also used the Internet and who had completed the General Social Survey
in 2000…”

Now on Sale at Amazing.net: The Swirlies (explicit)

Military Still Selling Porn on Bases Despite Law (explicit)
We invite you to look over these samples from Playboy and Penthouse and
judge if you feel their messages are harmless or not. These images are
reproduced from Against Pornography by Diana Russell…

Hustler Cartoons: Racism, Misogyny, Anti-Semitism, Homophobia, Pedophilia, Incest, Ridicule of Disabled People… (explicit)

at a meeting discuss a new doll product, “Baby Kick and Bleed with
Bandage and Crutch”. The child is shown saying, “Please no!” The
caption reads, “…And we pitch it toward the battered-child market!”

Exposure to Pornography as a Cause of Child Sexual Victimization
Playboy, Hustler magazines all “covertly” normalize adult–child sex and
promote sex with children (Mayne, 2000, p. 25). There are many
examples–particularly of cartoons in Hustler–that quite blatantly
legitimatize incestuous and extrafamilial child sexual abuse. Many of
them trivialize child sexual victimization by repeatedly making jokes
about this crime…

Testimony in Minneapolis: Offenders Use Porn to Convince Children that Child Sex is Normal and Pleasurable
One of the most common ways that offenders do convince children…that
the sex is normal and pleasurable, or should be pleasurable, is through
showing them pornographic pictures of other children engaged in sex
acts, looking as though they enjoy it. This is also one of the main
ways that offenders coerce children into posing for pornographic
photographs, is by showing them other pictures of children and saying,
“Well, everybody else likes it. There must be something wrong with you
if you don’t find this pleasant,” and “Gee, you know you liked it the
last time we were together.” Offenders are very seductive with children.

“Bin The Bunny” Targets Playboy UK (explicit language)

…Who do you think buys these items?

Porn’s “Verbatim” Accounts of the Pleasures of Child Sexual Abuse Don’t Square with Reality
Child sexual abuse has been reported up to 80,000 times a year, but the
number of unreported instances is far greater, because the children are
afraid to tell anyone what has happened, and the legal procedure for
validating an episode is difficult…

A child who is the victim of prolonged sexual abuse usually develops
low self-esteem, a feeling of worthlessness and an abnormal or
distorted view of sex. The child may become withdrawn and mistrustful
of adults, and can become suicidal.

Some children who have been sexually abused have difficulty relating to
others except on sexual terms. Some sexually abused children become
child abusers or prostitutes, or have other serious problems when they
reach adulthood…

You’re unlikely to find the observations above in the incest stories
sold by porn shops. These stories, analyzed below by Jeffrey Masson,
generally portray children as happy, willing accomplices, and suggest
that the primary harms from sex with children stem from society’s

The novelized accounts of incest are fantasy, but the promotion of lies
about women and incest, the propaganda, is no fantasy, but a form of
action that serves to justify incest and insensitivity to survivors of
incest. And, of course, incest itself is not fantasy. All the fallacies
held by the public at large about incest are given legitimacy by these

  1. Incest is harmless.
  2. Incest is instigated by daughters, fathers simply respond; that is, daughters seduce their fathers.
  3. Daughters who are willing victims are insane.
  4. Coercion plays no role in incest.
  5. Any physical harm is so temporary that it is like a fantasy.
  6. Fathers have incest with their daughters out of love.
  7. Incest is a natural act.

These fallacies/fantasies (lies) have a distinguished lineage. For when
Freud decided that the accounts of incest (which he first believed)
were in fact nothing but the overheated fantasies of adolescent girls,
he shifted the onus of responsibility from adults to children. Incest
then became a question of wishes, fantasies, and impulses on the part
of children toward their parent, not acts engaged in by adults.

Certified Sex Therapist Marty Klein Wants You to Believe Porn Is Harmless
We can’t let Dr. Klein’s doublespeak pass without further mention.
For him, child porn is “children’s eroticism” and abusive practices are
“erotic predilections”.

Porn Figures Prominently in Family’s Tragic History of Molestation
The man I lived with last used pornography books to sexually arouse my
son so he could molest him–and my son and his friends used pornography
to molest my daughter–to experiment on her sexually–using the
pornographic books as teaching guides…

Testimony in Minneapolis: Role of Porn in Child Sexual Abuse; Pornographers Perpetuate, Profit from Dysfunction
Letter of Trudee Able-Peterson, December 1, 1983

…Playboy ran one cartoon of a little girl getting dressed and saying derisively to an old man in a robe, “and you call that being molested!” The old man standing there looking very inept and foolish, INADEQUATE.

This cartoon
accuses the little girl of being the seducer, and gives her all the
power, and believe me, a 10-year-old girl who attempts suicide,
sometimes successfully, rather than sleep with Dad or Uncle again, has no power

Letter of Louise Armstrong, December 8, 1983

I am the author of Kiss Daddy Goodnight: A Speakout on Incest
(Hawthorn, 1978; Pocket Books, 1979). This was the first book to
document–to listen to and validate–the experience of women who had
been repeatedly molested as young children by fathers and stepfathers.

from giving a voice to the millions of women of all generations in
current American society who were sexually exploited as children within
the family, the book has been widely used by mental health
professionals–both those working with incest survivors, and those
working to “sensitize” offenders (meaning to re-socialize them to see
women and children, their victims, as humans)…

[F]ew would claim that if you eradicated child pornography, you would eliminate child abuse.

There is evidence, however, of a direct linkage in an as yet unquantified number of cases…

psychiatric experts I’ve spoken with recently, including child sexual
abuse expert Dr. Roland Summit, Harbor General Hospital, Torrance,
California, have referred to the growing incidence (that is, the
greater number of cases coming to their attention) of men making
private sexual-pornographic use of their children, exchanging and
selling the photographs (and sometimes the children).

Within the
last month, I have heard from a woman whose former husband was, as her
four-year-old son testified, molesting the child during visitation,
photographing him in pornographic poses, and sharing both the child and
the pictures with friends…

Although child pornography is
illegal, it remains available. And any diminished availability is more
than compensated for by the proliferation of homemade pornography. And
by the rampant infantilization of women in adult pornography–their
graphic representation as child-like, in pigtails, with lollipops…

Whether or not pornography is causative of real abuse practices, it is fully and profoundly supportive of them… Pornography “de-sensitizes” men to the real and gross violation of a human being involved…

What is key to the issue is that permission, societal permission, is at the core of real paternal child molestation; and at the core of most marital and stranger rape.

Pornography is a blatant and powerful manifestation of that permission…

Letter of Anne-Marie Eriksson, NYC Probation Officer, and Erik A.
Eriksson, Lt. Col. USAF (Ret.), Incest Survivors Resource Network
International, December 7, 1983

Many incest victims have
difficulty establishing a satisfactory sexual relationship with a peer.
Many of the male incest victims, out of loneliness, turn to
masturbation. For many of these, pornography appears to fill the need
for masturbation fantasies. The industry also grinds up immature incest
victims of both sexes and stuffs them into the sausage skins of
pornographic films…

The Science Behind Pornography Addiction
Beliefs are a set of beliefs that imply that my behavior is normal,
acceptable, common and/or doesn’t hurt anyone so I have permission to
continue to behave in the way that I am. In all types of violence and
addiction, Permission-Giving Beliefs are involved. Examples would
include “All men go to prostitutes”, “Women like sex mixed with
violence” and “Children enjoy sex with adults”. These particular
Permission-Giving Beliefs are also common in pornography…

Free Book Download: Diana Russell’s Against Pornography: The Evidence of Harm (explicit)
A particularly important feature of my definition of pornography is the requirement that it appears to endorse, condone, or encourage abusive sexual desires or behaviors.
These attributes differentiate pornography from materials that include
abusive or degrading sexual behavior for educational purposes. Movies
such as “The Accused” and “The Rape of Love”, for example, present
realistic representations of rape with the apparent intention of
helping viewers to understand the reprehensible nature of rape, and the
agony experienced by rape victims.

Improv Resource Center: True Porn Clerk Stories (explicit language)
Anime section is the one that really makes me cringe. It’s upstairs in
the general releases since it’s all, you know, cartoons, and some of it
is charming fare like My Neighbor Totoro. But a lot of it is
incredibly hardcore stuff – way worse than we’ll allow in the
real-people porn downstairs. My position on porn is that I’m fine with
whatever floats your boat, as long as everyone involved is a consenting
adult. Manga throws both of those rules out the window. Sure, all the
boxes claim that all the characters are at least 18, but a lot of them
are clearly drawn to look about 12. And there’s a lot of raping. Not
just run-of-the-mill raping, either – we’re talking about
triple-penetration rape by demons…

MacKinnon: Framing Torture as Porn Magically Makes It Acceptable

Raffaëla Anderson and the French Porno Industry (explicit language)
pornography industry is just a place where a lot of victims relive
their abuse, where they can continue to destroy themselves like their
abusers destroyed them. That’s what is the most disturbing to me. The
incest, rapes, child abuse and neglect that become the springboard for
a lot of participants to enter the industry.

Testimony from Northampton Shelter for Battered Women: Half of Abusers Use Pornography as a Part of the Abuse (explicit)

Testimony in Minneapolis: Prevalency of pornography amongst our offenders

in Minneapolis: “Pornography in the home is insidious. Girls pick up
the message, they act it out, they don’t know why they feel suicidal
and crazy.”

I believe a lot of battering of young girls has to
do with sexual feelings, much of what comes every time in families
where there was pornography. The father feels sexual towards his
daughter, wants to repress that, and instead of taking responsibility
for his addiction, which is out of control, beats his daughter. It is
connected many times. I have had fathers open up to this when they come
to family therapy and talk about it…

Exposure to Pornography as a Cause of Child Sexual Victimization
[Child pornographer:] “They couldn’t show fear or doubt in the pictures.
They had to show happiness or love… To get that look, I’d give them
something, from tricycles to stereos. It depended on what they wanted.
You have to be able to express [evoke] excitement in the pictures…”

In the following example, an incestuous father’s attempts to use
pornography to normalize and legitimize having sex with his daughter
were unusually persistent.

The incest started at the age of eight. I did not understand any of it
and did not feel that it was right. My dad would try to convince me
that it was ok. He would find magazines, articles or pictures that
would show fathers and daughters or mothers, brothers and sisters
having sexual intercourse. (Mostly fathers and daughters.) He would say
that if it was published in magazines that it had to be all right
because magazines
could not publish lies… He would say, “See it’s okay to do because
it’s published in magazines.” (Attorney General’s Commission on
Pornography: Final Report, Vol. 1, 1986, p. 786)

Child molesters also send pornography to the children they have
targeted for sexual victimization to convince them “that other children
are sexually active” (Hughes, 1999, p. 28). Showing children child
pornography thus normalizes and legitimatizes adult–child sexual
encounters in the minds of some children…

When child molesters expose targeted children to pornography, the
children often feel guilty and complicit, particularly if they found
the material sexually exciting or masturbated to it. According to
Scotland Yard, one of the five major ways that pedophiles use
pornography is to “ensure the secrecy of any sexual activity with a
child who has already been seduced” (Tate, 1990, p. 24). Child
molesters can often silence their victims by
telling them that their parents would be very upset to learn that they
had watched pornography. Even without such warnings, children often
fear that their parents will blame and punish them for having looked at
this material. Children who are sexually abused following the exposure
may feel complicit in the abuse and thus become even more motivated to
remain silent. Ultimately, this reduces the likelihood that abused
children will disclose the sexual abuse to their parents or others.

Dartmouth Law Journal Article: It Should be Legal to Possess Child Porn; Our Rebuttal
[From New York v. Ferber (1982), emphasis added]

“[The] use of children as . . . subjects of pornographic materials is
very harmful to both the children and the society as a whole.” S. Rep.
No. 95-438, p. 5 (1977). It has been found that sexually exploited
children are unable to develop healthy affectionate relationships in
later life, have sexual dysfunctions, and have a tendency to become
sexual abusers as adults.

…As one authority has explained:

“[Pornography] poses
an even greater threat to the child victim than does sexual abuse or
prostitution. Because the child’s actions are reduced to a recording,
the pornography may haunt him in future years, long after the original
misdeed took place. A child who has posed for a camera must go through
life knowing that the recording is circulating within the mass
distribution system for child pornography.”
Shouvlin, Preventing the Sexual Exploitation of Children: A Model Act, 17 Wake Forest L. Rev. 535, 545 (1981).

See also Child Exploitation 292 (“[It]
is the fear of exposure and the tension of keeping the act secret that
seem to have the most profound emotional repercussions”
); Note,
Protection of Children from Use in Pornography: Toward Constitutional
and Enforceable Legislation, 12 U. Mich. J. Law Reform 295, 301 (1979)
(hereafter cited as Use in Pornography) (interview with child
psychiatrist) (“The victim’s knowledge of publication of the visual
material increases the emotional and psychic harm suffered by the

Kink.com: Bondage Porn Gone Chillingly, Cheerfully Corporate (explicit language)
powerless girls scream as they are tied up and forced to have sex over
and over. Are they screams for help or do they really just want more?”