The Elevens Parties with (explicit)

If you walk by Capital Video’s porn shop at 135 King Street, you’ll see this flyer on the front door:

The Elevens says it is “the area’s premier venue for independent, local, regional, national and underground performers”. We are sorry to see it partner with one of the nation’s premier sellers of media that grind up women, blacks and relationships for profit. Ask The Elevens to end this partnership now.

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Now Showing at The War on Relationships (explicit)
Ex Boyfriends Revenge
Dedicated to exposing real ex-girlfriends.

Grudge Fuck #7
Now is the time to put that bad
temper to good use. These 5 fiery scenes of sexual vengeance are all
designed to get your blood boiling and help you explode… the right
way. This Grudgefuck starts with a little anger banging and ends with
an explosion of carnal rage so if you like sex charged with a bit of
spite and hostility you’ve come to the right place.

Pain In The Ass
The bitch has been naggin at you
all fuckin day. Take out the garnage. Do the dirty fuckin dishes. Dont
drink so much beer. Blah Blah Blah. Theres only so much a man can
fuckin take so when its bed time make it your turn to be the major pain
in her ass.

Use ’em Abuse ’em & Lose ’em #2
Use’em:Pick up
ordinary girls and persuade’em to get naked. Abuse ‘Em; Do what the
fuck you like to ’em! They all love it anyway. Lose’Em:Dump’em and go
lokking for your next victim. Ride along as we pick up ordinary young
women fuck ’em senseless and dump ’em! It’s all good clean fun!

Herbert, Brooks and Osayande on Misogyny, Money and
Power;’s War on Women and Blacks (explicit)

Extreme Audition #6
What happens when you have a
tiny little blonde walk into your studio? Well a lot of fun for Michael
Kahn. This pretty little thing was in tears by the end of this video.
She had no tolerance for pain and so it was great fun to beat her
little ass.

Pain #26
Can you maintain ninety minutes of
masochistic mayhem?! Watch today’s most worthless degenerates line up
for abuse and debasement. On the street. In private. Female pigs have
been stripped of all dignity. Listen to their wretched screams. Watch
their distorted pained faces. Then jerk off to the brutal inhumanity of
it all!

Young, Dumb And Full Of Cum 7
They havent got a
clue… and we love fill them in! Freaky Anal Banging Deep Throat Jizz
& DNA Buckets Facials They dont even know when their training has
stopped! Oh well.

Big Black Ass Next Door #3
These bruthas know how
to GIT SOME! Our cameras accompany them on their mission to score some
Big Black Ass and as you’ll see they’ll say anything and do anything to
get some! Including charming lying begging daring and generally talking
any kind of shit they can! And amazingly it works! Watch the nice sweet
black girl next door go from “NO WAY” to “HOE WAY”! Just when you think
she’s gonna kick him out she ends up with a big black dick in her hands
mouth and juicy black pussy! This shit’s unbelievable!

Big Black Ass Next Door #16

Tag on box cover: “NAPPY-HEADED HOS!”
Homeboys dog the bitches out on camera. Watch as these hoes get tricked into sucking dick and giving pussy for free.

Cracker Fucks That Phat Black Ass
I love da horny white boyz

Ghetto Booty 14
Introducing 5 gold diggers with one
question: “Where ‘dem dollars at?!?” That’s right they are not
accepting your stiff wood and they ain’t giving up the “good juge”
until you start dishing out the goods. These girlz love th fuck but
they demand that you leave the money on the dresser when you’re done.
So if you don’t have the dollars don’t try to holla’!

Now Showing at The War on Privacy and Consent (explicit)
Blame It On Daddy
Look what daddy made them do.
These chicks are fucked up and they just can’t get enough. Adopt these
sluts today make them call you daddy and see what they won’t do!

Intense Fetish #712 Electro Pain Training
Tawny said she was afraid of pain. What is she doing in Master Len’s dungeon? She is learning to accept pain and
not be afraid. Tawny is whipped front and back. She has to put her tender nipple into the jaws of the pliers and d
not flinch. You will see her tender lips clamped and whipped untl she cums. The electro box is used and she is
shocked until she cries. It is like you are right inside her head getting every jolt. This one is for you the true BDSM

Kimberly Princess of Pain
Pain became her
pleasure… Watch every stimulating moment of the young Kimberly’s
metamorphosis; from head strong captive to a willingly submissive
student of pain and torture!!!

Pain 25
Remember when your daddy would come home from work and beat the living shit out of you? Remember how your
flesh bruised and bled at the end of his belt? Some days you thought your worthless life was over. My how you
begged and cried. Good times. Damn good times. Well now you can relive those special moments. Take Pain #25
home today!

Real Hidden Coed Girls #1
The college coed
cummundrum continues! In other words college chicks are getting filmed
naked! Without their permission! Naked while they change dress shower
get ready for bed or take communal showers with other girls at the… Making Nazis Sexy (explicit)

Now on Sale at The Swirlies (explicit)

Childhood Spanking Linked to Coerced Sex and Risky Sex in Adulthood; Milks Pain for Profit (explicit)

Intense Fetish # 724 300 Strokes For Spanky

Three hundred hard strokes using six different instruments! With
assistance from his slave Nicole Master Len picks three instruments
from the wall!Spanky picks three more for a total of six. Spanky is
given fifty strokes from each instrument. The strokes are spaced out
every three to five seconds. There is only a small break between each
new instrument. Every stroke is applied to her tender ass. See her ass
get red and bruised with small blood blisters forming. Spanky is a real
pain slut. You will see her writhe in pain and then smile in ecstasy.

Details from box cover:

… stores also sell sadomasochistic magazines:

Abusive Relationships and Porn: The Similarities (explicit language)

Porn Use Correlates with Infidelity, Prostitution,
Aggression, Rape-Supportive Beliefs