Report of assault at, a San Francisco torture pornography production company (explicit language)

This article originally appeared on January 16 on the Traffick Jamming blog at Prostitution Research & Education. We are reprinting it by kind permission.

A post about a woman who’d been brutally assaulted as part of a production at in San Francisco appeared on Luke Ford’s blog [explicit site] on January 10, 2008. There were 18 responses, including my own. After 5 days, the thread was removed from his site. I have reason to believe that this account is substantially true. What is really going on at What can we do about it?
Melissa Farley

January 10, 2008, 4:59 PM Runs Another Girl From The Business

Director Ricky D. writes:

I usually don’t post this kind of stuff, but I really don’t like to see talent get taken advantage of.

A close friend of mine worked for Kink for her third time recently, and had the most traumatizing experience of her life. (No, she didn’t do the Training of O everyone is always talking about) Her injuries after the shoot include numerous lumps in both breasts (from being slapped, whipped with a bamboo cane), bruises and rope burns from head to toe, bleeding from both her vagina and butt, and soreness everywhere from being constantly shocked when she made it known she didn’t want to do it. On top of that, it was shot in a room with running water flowing through the room that was so cold that during the shoot you can see the talent’s breath. On top of that, she can’t sleep because of the pain and flashbacks from the scene in her dreams. She officially quit the business right after the shoot. I’m sure she’s not the only one they’ve driven to leave. It seems as though once they get you in that building, they torment you as much as they can get away with until the talent won’t work for them, or at all, anymore.

People in this industry know the hush money they pay talent to shut the fuck up. I know quite a few girls that they’ve taken advantage of and felt the need to give them extra money after the fact. I’ve talked to producers, directors, and talent – the only people saying positive stuff about them are the ones making money off them.

I know what people will say, this girl is looking for attention: if she was looking for attention she’d post here herself. And no she’s not a drug addict; she had some medical issues as a child that would kill her if she takes almost any recreational drug.

This is just a warning to any girls looking to work for them and people looking to push traffic to them. I just hope you’re okay with promoting sites like there’s with people like that.

See also: Bondage Porn Gone Chillingly, Cheerfully Corporate (explicit

…Kink’s websites include:

Whipped Ass
“As the title implies, you will be seeing extreme ass whipping. Our
girls turn on each other and dish out the punishment like no other site
out there.”

Wired Pussy
“This site is shocking, literally. Our girls are put to the test when
they are bound, gagged, and shocked over and over. It’s all in good fun
of course!”

Men in Pain
“Throughout Kink you have seen our girls overpowered by men, machines,
whips, water, etc… now it is their time to strike back! Men, you
can’t run or hide!”

Fucking Machines
“Beautiful women and sex at 350rpm. It’s all the rage on Howard Stern, HBO.”

Sex and Submission
“Our powerless girls scream as they are tied up and forced to have sex
over and over. Are they screams for help or do they really just want

Device Bondage
“Medieval metal restraints, ingenious fucking machines and all kinds of
imaginative devices will make this the most innovative bondage site on
the web.”

The Training of O
“Slaves are trained for a full week deep in the confines of Kink’s
castle, having been trained to take pain, please cock, or anything else
their master desired. Coming Spring 2007!”

Childhood Spanking Linked to Coerced Sex and Risky Sex in Adulthood; Milks Pain for Profit (explicit)

Intense Fetish # 724 300 Strokes For Spanky

Three hundred hard strokes using six different instruments! With
assistance from his slave Nicole Master Len picks three instruments
from the wall!Spanky picks three more for a total of six. Spanky is
given fifty strokes from each instrument. The strokes are spaced out
every three to five seconds. There is only a small break between each
new instrument. Every stroke is applied to her tender ass. See her ass
get red and bruised with small blood blisters forming. Spanky is a real
pain slut. You will see her writhe in pain and then smile in ecstasy.

Pain 25
Remember when your daddy would come home from work and beat the living shit out of you? Remember how your
flesh bruised and bled at the end of his belt? Some days you thought your worthless life was over. My how you
begged and cried. Good times. Damn good times. Well now you can relive those special moments. Take Pain #25
home today!

Herbert, Brooks and Osayande on Misogyny, Money and Power;’s War on Women and Blacks (explicit)
Extreme Audition #6
What happens when you have a
tiny little blonde walk into your studio? Well a lot of fun for Michael
Kahn. This pretty little thing was in tears by the end of this video.
She had no tolerance for pain and so it was great fun to beat her
little ass.

Mistress In Da’ Hood
If you can’t beat ’em whip ’em
good! And the fur is definitely flying as you watch the painful
climaxes these all black gash lashers love.

Now Showing at The War on Relationships (explicit)
Pain In The Ass
bitch has been naggin at you all fuckin day. Take out the garnage. Do
the dirty fuckin dishes. Dont drink so much beer. Blah Blah Blah.
Theres only so much a man can fuckin take so when its bed time make it
your turn to be the major pain in her ass…

Now Showing at The War on Privacy and Consent (explicit)
Blame It On Daddy
Look what daddy made them do.
These chicks are fucked up and they just can’t get enough. Adopt these
sluts today make them call you daddy and see what they won’t do!

Now on Sale at The Swirlies (explicit)

Punishment Porn: “Whether-She-Wants-It-Or-Not” (explicit)
Strictly Speaking Spanking, a magazine on sale at Bookends
of Enfield, calls itself “entertainment for consenting adults”. On
reading the magazine, however, one could be forgiven for becoming
confused about the role of consent in the entertainment.

Hustler Cartoons: Racism, Misogyny, Anti-Semitism, Homophobia, Pedophilia, Incest, Ridicule of Disabled People… (explicit)

man watches TV while a woman looks on. On the wall, there’s a baseball
bat in a case with this sign: “In case the bitch gets mouthy, break

police are called to a home with domestic violence. On the wall are
portraits showing women in bandages and smiling men. One cop says,
“Yep, it looks like another family with a history of wife abuse.”

Military Still Selling Porn on Bases Despite Law (explicit)
We invite you to look over these samples from Playboy and Penthouse and
judge if you feel their messages are harmless or not.

Martin Amis: “A rough trade” (explicit language)
Regan Starr who worked on the second film in this “line”, Rough Sex 2, [said,] “I got the shit kicked out of me,” she said. “I
was told before the video–and they said this very proudly, mind
you–that in this line most of the girls start crying because they’re
hurting so bad…. I couldn’t breathe. I was being hit and choked. I
was really upset, and they didn’t stop. They kept filming. You can hear
me say, ‘Turn the fucking camera off’, and they kept going.”

Kara Nox, adult film star, on “What don’t you like about porn?”
A: …Mostly, it’s the attitude among many men that I’m subhuman. The
degradation of women is getting worse. Conditions for women on set are
becoming more and more dangerous. As porn grows, more men
with Neanderthalean views of women are getting power as talent, and
producers. The results are increased acceptance of violence onset.
Women face enough danger outside of porn. It seems as though
many of the men we fear are now doing porn, and they legitimize their
misogyny by saying it’s for entertainment value. That scares the shit
out of me, because it means there are even more troglodytes
watching this, and geting off on women being hurt.

Raffaëla Anderson and the French Porno Industry (explicit language)
“I consider those scenes [of double and triple penetration] as real
‘hardcore’ […]. Other girls had to do worse. Starting with double
vaginal penetration, double anal penetration, then both at the same
time. Imagine four guys, North-South, East-West, and the girl on
doggie-style, barely able to breathe, during a two-minute close-up, the
minimal time required […]. I’ve seen those girls [from Eastern
Europe] suffering and crying […]. Imagine a girl with no experience,
not speaking the [same] language, far away from her home, sleeping at a
hotel or on the set. She’s got to do a double penetration, a vaginal
fisting, along with an anal fisting, sometimes both at the same time, a
hand up her ass, sometimes too. At the end, you’ve got a girl in tears
who’s pissing blood because of lesions, and who generally shits herself
because nobody explained to her that she needed to have an enema.[…]
After the scene which they are not allowed to interrupt, and anyway
nobody listens to them, the girls get two hours to rest. They get back
on the set […]. The director and the producer encourage those
practices […] because the consumer asks for them.”

Video Presentation: A Content Analysis of 50 of Today’s Top Selling Porn Films (explicit language)
Ana Bridges: “Gagging and choking were much, much more common than any of us thought when we first walked into this project…

happened 30% of the time… Most of the aggressors in these films were
men…73%. By far the most common recipient of aggression was a woman.
Even when women were aggressing, they were generally aggressing other

Pornoland’s unwritten law: “if we tell the truth about what’s really going
on here, the fan will get turned off”

At conventions and other public events, the adult industry tends to
portray itself as a happy family promoting shame-free sexual enjoyment.
But privately, many performers say the reality is very different.
“There’s some unwritten law or agenda out here in Pornoland that…if
we tell the truth about what’s really going on here, the fan will get
turned off,” said Ona Zee, a former performer who is now an advocate
for reform.

Abusive Relationships and Porn: The Similarities (explicit language)

Wikipedia: Consent (criminal)
Consent as a defence to non-sexual assaults
The problem has always been to decide at what level the victim’s
consent becomes ineffective. Historically in the UK, the defence was
denied when the injuries caused amounted to a maim (per Hawkins Pleas of the Crown (8th ed.) 1824). Now Lord Mustill in R v Brown
(1993) 2 AER at p103 has set the level just below actual bodily harm,
unless there was considered to be a good reason. Good reasons include contact sports, such as boxing or mixed martial arts, as well as body modifications

Consent to sexual assaults
For sado-masochism, R v Boyea (1992) 156 JPR 505 was another application of the ratio decidendi in Donovan
that even if she had actually consented to injury by allowing the
defendant to put his hand into her vagina and twist it, causing
internal and external injuries to her vagina and bruising on her pubis,
the woman’s consent (if any) would have been irrelevant. The court took
judicial notice
of the change in social attitudes to sexual matters but, “the extent of
the violence inflicted… went far beyond the risk of minor injury to
which, if she did consent, her consent would have been a defence”. In R v Brown (1993) 2 All ER 75 the House of Lords rejected the defense on public policy grounds (see below). This is an application of the general rule that, once an actus reus with an appropriate mens rea has been established, no defense can be admitted but the evidence may be admitted to mitigate the sentence. This decision was confirmed in the ECHR in Laskey v United Kingdom
(1997) 24 EHRR 39 on the basis that although the prosecution might have
constituted an interference with the private lives of those involved,
it was justified for the protection of public health. In R v Emmett
(unreported, 18 June 1999), as part of their consensual sexual
activity, the woman allowed her partner to cover her head with a
plastic bag, tying it tightly at the neck. On a different occasion, she
agreed that he could pour fuel from a lighter onto her breasts and set
fire to the fuel. On the first occasion, she was at risk of death, and
lost consciousness. On the second, she suffered burns, which became
infected. The court applied Brown and ruled that the woman’s
consent to these events did not provide a defence for her partner. The
general rule, therefore, is that violence involving the deliberate and
intentional infliction of bodily harm is and remains unlawful
notwithstanding that its purpose is the sexual gratification of one or
both participants. Notwithstanding their sexual overtones, these cases
are considered to be violent crimes and it is not an excuse that one partner consents.