A Thought Experiment for Those Who Want to Legalize Prostitution

Andrea Lavigne has a modest proposal for those who think legalized prostitution is a good idea. Andrea received her Masters Degree in Social Work at Wayne State University in 1994. She is currently in an independent private practice as a licensed clinical social worker (LMSW), is credentialed as a Qualified Clinical Social Worker (QCSW) and holds the Academy of Certified Social Workers (ACSW). Andrea is a member of the National Association of Social Workers (NASW) and the Michigan Psychoanalytic Counsel (MPC). Andrea is also an activist and educator in women’s liberation movement. Learn more at her website, Social Physics.

Research Project for Advocates of Legalization/Unionization of Prostitution

Begins 8/2007)

Simple Requirements
Dr. Freedom, Research Project Leader, from the University of Liberation is looking for volunteers who are liberals and leftists who view prostitution as sex work or work and supports the legalization/unionization of prostitution as a solution. Dr. Freedom is looking for males and females, drinking ages 21 years old and up.

Definitions:  The use of “grow your profession” and “research assignment” are used interchangeably in this document.  

First Tier or Second Tier Assignment:  You get a choice between First Tier or Second Tier Assignments.

Your Field Supervisor
You get to have a Field Supervisor, such as protector, boyfriend, bouncer, union representative of your choice.  If you form a union, you will get extra credit.

Time:  Your 6-month assignment will only be extended to 9 months, then 12 months, indefinitely, etc…until you meet your requirement of growing your profession to a least 10 clients per day, 5 days per week.

Type of clientele:  

  • All clients must be both male and female, drinking age, 21 years of age or older. You must check ID’s to make sure clients are 21 years or older.  

  • Clients must proposition you, not you propositioning them. Your duty is to just walk around looking sexy (which is legal) until you get propositioned.

  • If clientele offers you money, don’t accept under any circumstances, because you are a research VOLUNTEER ONLY. Don’t tell your clients that your work is free, until after they offer you a sum of money (because you will be keeping meticulous track and logging in a journal how much was offered to you.)

Amount of clientele:  Whether male or female, you will have to service at least 10 clients a day, 5 days a week. At least 2 clients per week have to be of the same sex, optimizing your performance. You can also perform with 5 or more clients at the same time for efficiency.

Location:  You can do your assignment anywhere in our global economy.

  • USA (One or several locations across the beautiful rolling hills of USA. If you like to travel, try Glamorous Las Vegas; Motor City Detroit; Southern Charm Huntsville; fabulous Hollywood; and/or Harlem.

  • Netherlands, Switzerland, Germany (where prostitution is legal)

  • Cambodia, Tanzania, India, Costa Rico (exotic locations). If you get stuck in a never ending debt bondage to a brothel owner when you want to quit the assignment, just form a union. Negotiate!

Condom Use: Use!

First Tier Assignment (High Class Call Girl or Call Boy)  This involves fanciful specialization, multi-tasking, high confidence, expensive clothes. Your clients should come from fraternity homes on university campuses, business people who are married and single, and every other kind of person in between.   

First Tier Assignment:

  • Street:  On the street, 1 night of the week, from sun down to sun up.

  • Brothel / Massage Parlor:  At a high-traffic brothel or high-traffic sensual massage parlor, 1 weekend night per week

  • Home:  Out of your home, 1 night per week. If you want, send your children and spouse off into the next room during volunteer work hours. You also need to have a Pole mounted into one of your rooms: living room, basement, bedroom, or other to perform mandatory pole dances for your clients.

  • Strip Club:  In VIP rooms of strip clubs, at least 3 clients per during this 1 night of the week

  • Bachelor Parties:  At 2 bachelor parties, during the same night, 1 night per week:
         Requirement 1Pole: You will need to have a portable pole that you set up at all parties you perform at.
         Requirement 2:  At least one Line Up Performance is required by you at one of the bachelor parties. A Line Up is laid out like this: You wait in the bathroom in sexy clothes or completely naked, while many clothed party attendees line up at the entranceway of a bathroom. Your job is to every few minutes, service each client (10 plus), by any means or penetration necessary to get clients to quickly orgasm. (Male Volunteers:  If you can’t find a bachelorette party of 10 or more women who are willing to line up at a bathroom to mount or grope you, you will do so at a bachelor party of heterosexual or homosexual males. Understandably, you might find it easier to find male clients to participate in Line Ups.
         Requirement 3The 69 Twister: This is a sexually intimate contact dance performance between you and another dancer of the same sex where you both together perform in the nude, simulating a 69-style sex act. You are required to perform The 69 Twister with a pack of 20 or more clients closely encircling your dance performance. If you decide to Jello Wrestle instead of doing The 69 Twister, the rules still apply. After you perform The 69 Twister or Jello Wrestle with your same sex dance partner, then you can let the bachelor either perform these games with you or you can jump into the shower together.
         Requirement 4Gang Sex: At least 1 gang bang of 5 or more clients per week is required or allowed if you find it more convenient to get the work done faster.

Second Tier Assignment (Strip Club Industry)  You will have to work in a club that requires you to be totally nude, orifices shining bright.

Second Tier Assignment:

  • 10 stage dances per day/night

  • 3 lap dances per day/night

  • 3 close encounters in the VIP room per day/night

  • 1 favor for your boss per week

  • 1 after-hour party for your boss’s buddies per week or one night dancing for 2 bachelor or bachelorette parties per week. Note: Bachelor party Requirements 1, 2, and 3 from the First Tier Assignment apply to you whether you service your boss’s buddies or any bachelor party.
Male Volunteers:  You will have to work at least one day a week at a gay strip club or cross-dresser club and still fulfill all of the requirements listed above. Even though you are a male, you will also have to work one day a week wearing 5 inch high heels dancing around a pole (movements need to be gyrating moves that are traditionally typical of female strippers). Find the Duke Lacrosse Players, or your choice of any combination of racist sexist pigs. You will be rewarded to be the object of their power tripping circus freak show entertainment (white male supremacy rituals). In order to achieve more fudge brownie points, let the white males poke and fondle your body, make sexual/racial slurs, and commit harassment. During these legal supremacy ritual hours, what normally is sexual/racial slurs and harassment is healthy white male bonding for the purchasers and is sexual/racial liberation for the dance performer(s) because money says so. But, don’t take the money. Just count it and give it back. Keep meticulous track of how much in your log, though. You are only a volunteer trying to prove that prostitution should be legal.

Written Assignment:

  • General Assignment:  Questions you will need to answer and write about in a 3-5 page paper: Can you sit down or are your orifices too sore? Did you need to take alcohol and other drugs to dissociate? Are you saying that you loved your “job” out of liberation of the mind or out of internalization of oppression? What do you children/family/friends/lover think about your assignment in prostitution or stripping? Is prostitution something you would want to put onto your resume? Is prostitution a job you would want your unemployment agency offering you and then telling you that if you don’t take it, you will lose your unemployment benefits? Are you still for the legalization?

  • Logs:  Applies to First Tier volunteers, but also apply to Second Tier volunteers if Second Tier volunteer happen to provide some types of First Tier (extra) favors to your clientele. Before getting a restful night’s sleep, you will have to spend about 5 to 10 minutes of mediation, going over all the bodily and psychological sensations you experienced during each encounter. Record: How many vaginal tears? Level of soreness? How many tears in the anus? Level of soreness? Do you have an infection? Colorful bruising? Sore jaws? Sores in the mouth? Unwanted pregnancy? Did you get an STD even though you used a condom? (condoms break, guys refuse to use condoms, guys pretend to use condoms, or condoms fall off inside the orifice during course of intercourse). Did you need drugs or alcohol to dissociate from the work? Do you feel psychologically liberated? Or, psychologically devastated? How so? Anyone stalking you? If so, fear level? Were you pressured to perform an act that you didn’t want to, but consented to anyway? If so, how do you psychologically feel?

  • Books/Articles:  You will have to read about 3-4 articles/books about cultures that never had prostitution. You will have to write 3-5 pages as to why they did not have prostitution. (What was it about their socio-economic conditions? Status of women?  Property relations? etc…)

  • 10 Reasons for Not Legalizing Prostitution: You will have to write 5-7 pages as to why the legalization of prostitution is not working as a solution.

  • Swedish Law: (Good, as it does not criminalize the women, but does criminalize the purchasers, but not sufficient because only a limited change). You will have to read about how the Swedish Law on Prostitution is the best so far, but insufficient in protecting women from the steady flow of misogyny. You will have to write a 2-3 page document as to why the Swedish Law is claimed to be better than all other laws on prostitution, even though it is insufficient.

  • USA Law:  You will have to read USA Laws (unfortunately, it criminalizes the women used in prostitution, too). You will have to write a 2-3 page document as to why the USA Law on Prostitution is harmful to women used in prostitution as it criminalized them and as we still have our streets littered with strip clubs and massage parlors.

  • Unions:  For all you union buffs, it is advised that you write a 5-7 page document about what you ended up having to negotiate. Did you have to negotiate the amount of blow jobs per day? The amount of double penetrations? Health care options etc…

  • Movies:  You must watch at least 4 movies: 2 that glorify prostitution, like “Pretty Woman” and “Best Little Whore House in Texas”, 2 that speak about prostitution as violence toward women and children, like “Darwin’s Nightmare”, “Turning a Corner”, “Sleeping with Cambodia”, “Sex Trafficking”, “Not For Sale”, etc…) and write a 1-2 page paper on each film.

Note:  If you use the technical terms in your written documentation to describe body parts, please also document somewhere the pejorative terms used for your body parts by clientele or region of clientele.  

This project is interchangeable between nonfictional and fictional, you choose.  

If you do this research project, send any questions, comments, or results, to the Research Project Leader, Dr. Freedom, at freedom_dr@yahoo.com.


Dr. Freedom
Research Project Leader
University of Liberation
Research Division
Wall Street, New York

See also:

Prostitution Research & Education: How Prostitution Works
Real sexual relationships are not hard to find. There are plenty of adults of both sexes who are willing to have sex if someone treats them well, and asks. But there lies the problem. Some people do not want an equal, sharing relationship. They do not want to be nice. They do not want to ask. They like the power involved in buying a human being who can be made to do almost anything…

The john would like to believe he is paying for sex, but the person he has sex with gets little or none of the money. The money goes to the pimp to pay for the force needed to keep prostituted women and children working. It goes to the drug dealer who provides whatever it takes to keep the workers from becoming psychotic or committing suicide. It goes to pay the businessmen who provide the real estate, support services, and legal protection for the trade.

Prostitution: Factsheet on Human Rights Violations
As recently as 1991, police in a southern California community closed all rape reports made by prostitutes and addicts, placing them in a file stamped “NHI.” The letters stand for the words “No Human Involved.” (Linda Fairstein, Sexual Violence: Our War Against Rape, 1993, New York, William Morrow)

The average age of entry into prostitution is 13 years (M.H. Silbert and A.M. Pines, 1982, “Victimization of street prostitutes”, Victimology: An International Journal, 7: 122-133) or 14 years (D. Kelly Weisberg, 1985, “Children of the Night: A Study of Adolescent Prostitution”, Lexington, Mass, Toronto). Most of these 13 or 14 year old girls were recruited or coerced into prostitution. Others were “traditional wives” without job skills who escaped from or were abandoned by abusive husbands and went into prostitution to support themselves and their children. (Denise Gamache and Evelina Giobbe, Prostitution: Oppression Disguised as Liberation, National Coalition against Domestic Violence, 1990)…

Estimates of the prevalence of incest among prostitutes range from 65% to 90%. The Council for Prostitution Alternatives, Portland, Oregon Annual Report in 1991 stated that: 85% of prostitute/clients reported history of sexual abuse in childhood; 70% reported incest. The higher percentages (80%-90%) of reports of incest and childhood sexual assaults of prostitutes come from anecdotal reports and from clinicians working with prostitutes…

Pimps target girls or women who seem naive, lonely, homeless, and rebellious. At first, the attention and feigned affection from the pimp convinces her to “be his woman.” Pimps ultimately keep prostituted women in virtual captivity by verbal abuse–making a woman feel that she is utterly worthless: a toilet, a piece of trash; and by physical coercion–beatings and the threat of torture. 80% to 95% of all prostitution is pimp-controlled. (Kathleen Barry, The Prostitution of Sexuality, 1995, New York, New York University Press)…

“About 80% of women in prostitution have been the victim of a rape. It’s hard to talk about this because..the experience of prostitution is just like rape. Prostitutes are raped, on the average, eight to ten times per year. They are the most raped class of women in the history of our planet. ” (Susan Kay Hunter and K.C. Reed, July, 1990 “Taking the side of bought and sold rape”, speech at National Coalition against Sexual Assault, Washington, D.C.)…

83% of prostitutes are victims of assault with a weapon. (National Coalition Against Sexual Assault)…

A Canadian Report on Prostitution and Pornography concluded that girls and women in prostitution have a mortality rate 40 times higher than the national average. (Special Committee on Pornography and Prostitution, 1985, Pornography and Prostitution in Canada 350)…

One woman (in another study) said about her health: “I’ve had three broken arms, nose broken twice, [and] I’m partially deaf in one ear. I have a small fragment of a bone floating in my head that gives me migraines. I’ve had a fractured skull. My legs ain’t worth shit no more; my toes have been broken. My feet, bottom of my feet, have been burned; they’ve been whopped with a hot iron and clothes hanger–the hair on my pussy had been burned off at one time. I have scars. I’ve been cut with a knife, beat with guns, two by fours. There hasn’t been a place on my body that hasn’t been bruised somehow, some way, some big, some small.” (Giobbe, E. (1992) “Juvenile Prostitution: Profile of Recruitment” in Ann W. Burgess (ed.) Child Trauma: Issues & Research. Garland Publishing Inc, New York, page 126).

In one study, 75% of women in escort prostitution had attempted suicide. Prostituted women comprised 15% of all completed suicides reported by hospitals. (Letter from Susan Kay Hunter, Council for Prostitution Alternatives, Jan 6, 1993, cited by Phyllis Chesler in “A Woman’s Right to Self-Defense: The Case of Aileen Carol Wuornos”, in Patriarchy: Notes of an Expert Witness, 1994, Common Courage Press, Monroe, Maine)…

…67% of those in prostitution from five countries met criteria for a diagnosis of PTSD–a rate similar to that of battered women, rape victims, and state-sponsored torture survivors. (Melissa Farley, Isin Baral, Merab Kiremire, Ufuk Sezgin, “Prostitution in Five Countries: Violence and Posttraumatic Stress Disorder” (1998) Feminism & Psychology 8 (4): 405-426)…

If we view prostitution as violence against women, it makes no sense to legalize or decriminalize prostitution. The primary violence in prostitution is not “social stigma” as some maintain. Decriminalizing or legalizing prostitution would normalize and regulate practices which are human rights violations, and which in any other context would be legally actionable (sexual harassment, physical assault, rape, captivity, economic coercion) or emotionally damaging (verbal abuse). (Melissa Farley)

Pornography Trains and Indoctrinates Prostitutes
In a study of 475 people in prostitution (including women, men, and the transgendered) from five countries (South Africa, Thailand, Turkey, USA, and Zambia)…92% stated that they wanted to escape prostitution immediately…

Salon: Atlanta’s underage sex trade

The problem isn’t restricted to so-called Hotlanta; Herbert notes, dispiritedly, that “the overall market for sex with kids is booming in many parts of the U.S.” But the city’s role as a convention and travel hub has given it a particular boost. And advocates say that the prevailing preference for ever-younger prostitutes–fueled by “the cultural emphasis on the sexual appeal of very young women and girls” and “the widely held belief among johns that there is less risk of contracting a disease from younger prostitutes”–has pimps an
d sex traffickers recruiting more at-risk kids than ever before.

Realities of Teen Prostitution Mock Notions of ‘Sex Work’, ‘Sex-Positive’, ‘Freedom’ and ‘Empowerment’; Media Glamorizes Pimps
Advocates for ‘sex work’ say it is or should be about free choice and the empowerment of women. They claim that if prostitutes have troubled lives, this stems from the fact that many (unenlightened) people find prostitution offensive and the government doesn’t care enough about prostitutes’ working conditions, rather than anything inherent in exchanging sex for money or the common power differences between prostitutes vs. pimps and johns. They ignore the fact that a large proportion of prostitutes begin when they are underage…

The U.S. Department of Justice estimates that between 100,000 and 3 million American kids under age 18 are involved in prostitution and they’re often targeted by sexual predators…

The average age of a child when he or she is first sexually exploited is 11, according to the Federal Bureau of Investigation. Even if the child is a somewhat willing participant, according to U.S. and international agreements, children can never consent to prostitution: it is always exploitation…

As many as 40 percent of all forced prostitutes are juveniles, according to the FBI…

“I think in the last couple years we’ve seen a real increase in the glorification of pimp culture,” Lloyd says. “Girls growing up now, and boys too, are beginning to see this as cute and sexy or glamorous and not really understanding the realities of the sex industry…”

“What you see in the movies, what you see on TV — it’s not like that,” Sara says. “They don’t tell you the part about the rapes. They don’t tell you about getting beat up. They don’t tell you that you might die every day…”

Pasadena Weekly: “Lives for sale”
“They’re always a point of concern,” Pasadena Police Chief Bernard Melekian told the newspaper. “We follow up on them fairly regularly. I have always been surprised that the [Pasadena] Weekly underwrites the exploitation of women to some degree.”

…“Asian Lovers: Best Young Girls in Town,” “Asian Girl: Pretty Apples,” “Grand Opening, Young Asian Cuties,” read several ads that appeared recently in the Weekly…

Ivy Suriyopaf, an attorney with the Asian-American Defense League, said that if an ad is suspicious, newspapers shouldn’t run it.

“Publications have a choice about whether to run certain ads,” said Suriyopaf. “If they have any reason to believe that businesses are conducting illicit activities, they have a social responsibility to report it to the authorities or, at the very least, not run the business’ advertisements.”

Belltown Messenger: “Greed, Lust and Ink”
…the only motivation for running escort ads in the first place is unbridled greed-and these supposedly liberal publications can’t have it both ways when defending the rights of society’s underdogs in their editorial content…

The “adult services” sections of the Stranger and Seattle Weekly are no bargain for those in the sex industry. They bill at four times the rate of the regular ads and then some.

The Evidence of Relationships Between Adult-Oriented Businesses and Community Crime and Disorder
Chief G.J. Bencale stated that his police department’s undercover officers completed a covert investigation as part of their fact finding effort. Lingerie modeling is basically masturbation for hire (a criminal offense). Officer Bedford said they went to lingerie modeling businesses in the Atlanta and Columbus area. Chief Bencale said they had an overall increase in sex crimes including incidents where dancers were raped, as well as an increase in drugs, theft, and etc. These businesses attract criminal activity. Chief Bencale also stated that some cases involved organized crime.

Coalition Against Trafficking in Women provides a broad survey of prostitution in Thailand:

Around 80,000 women and children have been sold into Thailand’s sex idustry since 1990, with most coming from Burma, China’s Yunan province and Laos. Trafficked children were also found on construction sites and in sweatshops. In 1996, almost 200,000 foreign children, mostly boys from Burma, Laos and Cambodia, were thought to be working in Thailand. (Mahidol University’s Institute of Population and Social Research, “Trafficking of children on the rise,” Bangkok Post, 22 July 1998)

Pattaya has a multi-billion dollar multinational sex industry with links to drug trafficking, money laundering and an expanding regional cross-border traffic in women. (Mark Baker, “Sin city can’t shake vice’s grip,” Sydney Morning Herald, 17 May 1997)

In Thailand, trafficking is a Bt500 billion annual business, which is 50%-60% of the government’s annual budget and more lucrative than the drug trade. (Authorites and activists, Kulachada Chaipipat, “New law targets human trafficking,” The Nation, 30 Novermber 1997)…

Of the estimated 20,000 prostitutes in Pattaya, hundreds are children who are either lured from their villages by the idea of opportunity or by criminal networks. (Mark Baker, “Sin city can’t shake vice’s grip,” Sydney Morning Herald, 17 May 1997)…

Victims of trafficking from other nations are easily deceived or lured because they face poverty, unemployment, broken families and unstable governments in their own countries. (Sirinya Wattanasukchai, “Flesh trade shrugs off new risks,” The Nation, 1 May 1997)…

Russian women, looking for a better life and to escape the Russian economic crisis, are being trafficked to Pattaya. Most of the women became involved with job placement agencies offering high-paying work as dancers, waitresses, domestic servants or sale representatives. Trafficking networks in Russia charge the women anywhere from $1,500 to $3,000 (60,000 to 120,000 baht) and once in Thailand, the women are kept in constant fear. They have their passports taken away upon arrival. The women are forced to work long hours for little pay and threatened with death or the death of their families if they don’t cooperate. (“Pattaya: Murder, prostitution and tourists,” Bangkok Post, 22 April 1998)…

Of 16,423 foreign persons engaged in prostitution in Thailand, 30% are younger than 18. (Mahidol University’s Institute of Population and Social Research, “Trafficking of children on the rise,” Bangkok Post, 22 July 1998)…

Men who use women in prostitution are the largest cause of the spread of AIDS in Thailand. Young boys often have their first sexual experiences in brothels. Grown-up men regularly buy prostitutes. (“Opening our eyes to the Aids problem,” The Nation, 20 May 1997) There are more brothels than schools in Thailand. (CATW – Asia Pacific, Trafficking in Women and Prostitution in the Asia Pacific)…

The rate of HIV infection is 50% or higher among female prostitutes in Northern Thailand. (New England Journal of Medicine, Sarah McNuaght, “Prohibition,” The Boston Phoenix, 23-30 October 1997)…

Thailand has the fourth largest number of AIDS cases in the world with nearly 60,000. This is only the number of officially reported cases and health workers say the actual number is sveral times higher. (Sutin Wannabovorn, “Thai Prime Minister vows end prostitution, AIDS victims react,” Reuters, 29 July 1997)…
Letter to the Gazette: “Addressing prostitution, promiscuity in war on AIDS”
Most sex workers in developing nations are more like slaves than they are like the “D.C. Madam”. Trafficking in women is a human rights violation that self-styled progressives like Garrett should oppose. Moreover, heterosexual women in the Third World, who lack the social power to enforce safe-sex guidelines in their relationships, are being infected with AIDS at an alarming rate by husbands who patronize prostitutes.

New York Times: “The Girls Next Door”; Worldwide Sex Trafficking; Role of Porn
In Eastern European capitals like Kiev and Moscow, dozens of sex-trafficking rings advertise nanny positions in the United States in local newspapers; others claim to be scouting for models and actresses…

”…[Young women’s] idea of prostitution is ‘Pretty Woman,’ which is one of the most popular films in Ukraine and Russia. They’re thinking, This may not be so bad…”

The Science Behind Pornography Addiction (explicit language)
[Performers in the sex industry] have high rates of substance abuse, typically alcohol and cocaine, depression, borderline personality disorder which is a particularly serious disorder and dissociative identity disorder which used to be called multiple personality disorder. The experience I find most common among the performers is that they have to be drunk, high or dissociated in order to go to work. Their work environment is particularly toxic. One study on strippers indicated that they were likely to be punched, slapped, grabbed, called cunt and whore and to be followed home or stalked. Not surprisingly, these women often work with bodyguards. This live form of pornography causes violence and the customers receiving these Permission-Giving Beliefs become carriers of these beliefs back to their homes, onto their jobs, into the street, onto the school yard. There they encounter women and children who do not have bodyguards.

The terrible work life of the pornography performer is often followed by an equally terrible home life. They have an increased risk of sexually transmitted disease including HIV, domestic violence and have about a 25% chance of making a marriage that lasts as long as 3 years.

Carolyn McKenzie: Disease, Intoxicants Prevalent Among Strip Dancers (explicit language)
I’ve had wives call me and say, “I’m reading the credit card bill, and there’s all these strange expenses on it, places I’ve never heard of.” Well, those places are the cover organizations for the clubs, or the massage parlors, or lingerie services that their husbands have been frequenting. The next question I get is, “Well do you think I need to get a physical check-up?” And I say, “Yes, you do.” I can’t tell you how many of them call me back and say they have turned up positive for an STD. I also want to tell you about these 39 women that we have helped to get out of the industry. Out of that number of 39 women, only 6% were married. 90% were single moms trying to support their kids… 75% of them had STD’s when we took them in for their medical check-ups. 16% had felony records that they were working with and 25% had misdemeanors. 95% of them were using drugs and alcohol, and three of them had addictions so severe that we had to put them in long term rehab programs.

“Waitressing, I cleaned the floors and I own a box of men’s wedding rings that I found on the floor.”
I went back to the strip bars to make money. I cannot tell you the lie and the fantasy that it is for men. Waitressing, I cleaned the floors and I own a box of men’s wedding rings that I found on the floor…

The degradation and inferiority and humiliation of being presented as two tits and a hole for entertainment was not as bad as the sexual harassment I received from the management of these places. Customers are not allowed to touch you, but management can and does. You cannot complain to the Labor Board because they say you put yourself there willingly, and usually it’s under the table. I felt worthless…

Strip Club Tips: How to Savor an Exquisite Blend of Fantasies, Lies, Exploitation and Despair (explicit language)
For a stripper’s perspective, we present a selection from 37 Stripper Rants, as posted in March to gripe site Ofuzi…

4) Don’t pull my thong up during a dance and ask me if it felt good. IT DOES NOT FEEL GOOD.

6) No I will not just let you “slip it in real quick” for $50 more bucks.

7) Yeah, my tits are real. As real as my affection for you…

13) My horniness is in direct proportion to your income…

18) STOP trying to grab my tits!!!!!!! That’s extra.

19) SHOWER FIRST, you nasty fuck!

22) Stop asking me why I do this job and try to get all psychologically analytical on me. For the money, you moron, that’s why…

24) NO, I will not take a dime sac for payment. I can tell it’s oregano anyway you stupid motherfucker!…

27) It is not okay for you to bounce me on your cock like a baby on a knee. Not okay.

31) Girls–what’s with the pole smell? Can we do a little hygiene check? Nothing than worse than twirling around the pole and getting a whiff of stale pussy…

D.A. Clarke: Women Adopting Men’s Bad Habits Is Not the Answer
People often talk about the abuses endured by women and children in the sex trade and pornography as the price of a free society, implying that the lives of these people are a tragic but necessary sacrifice if we are to avoid totalitarianism, censorship and so on. My first reaction is always one of stunned outrage – it is so very evident that the people making the sad preachments about necessary sacrifices are never the ones who are being sacrificed, and the freedom about which they have such tender and righteous feelings does not extend to those who are enslaved to ensure it. Then comes a second reaction: What free society? For if the conditions under which the vast majority of prostitutes, and many unpaid sexual servants, live is not fascism, then what is?