NoPornNorthampton Commenting System Changed

We have turned off the standard commenting mechanism for this blog. Going forward, please email your comments to Please indicate if your comments should be kept private.

Why did we do this?

Under our host’s standard blog system, the primary method of accountability
is the IP address. Those who heckled, harassed, or otherwise abused
their commenting privileges had their IP address blocked.
Unfortunately, some members of the opposition found and publicized a
way to defeat this system.

By restricting comments to email, we are hoping to achieve the same level of accountability that many other blogs enjoy.

We enjoy receiving and responding to sincere comments that stick to the facts, and we regret that, for now, the commenting process will be a bit more cumbersome for all.

As always, we reserve the right not to publish any comment. This aligns
with our overall position that private actors should think hard before
publishing or profiting from meritless or harmful speech.