Letter to the Gazette: “Addressing prostitution, promiscuity in war on AIDS”

Today’s Daily Hampshire Gazette publishes a letter from Jendi Reiter. Jendi is a co-founder of NoPornNorthampton. One can characterize prostitution and promiscuity as ‘personal choices’, but the problem of containing serious diseases remains. The fact that third parties, such as the spouses of men who frequent prostitutes, are affected by these diseases must also be confronted.

To the editor:

Laurie Garrett’s column on the Presidential Emergency Plan for AIDS Relief (“Perils of Moralizing Foreign Aid” , May 5-6) wrongly minimizes the social costs of prostitution and promiscuity. Garrett argues that the Bush administration is imposing arbitrary, repressive religious values when it conditions AIDS funding on a nation’s willingness to denounce prostitution. She also criticizes the government for supporting AIDS programs that encourage abstinence outside marriage and faithfulness within it.

Most sex workers in developing nations are more like slaves than they are like the “D.C. Madam”. Trafficking in women is a human rights violation that self-styled progressives like Garrett should oppose. Moreover, heterosexual women in the Third World, who lack the social power to enforce safe-sex guidelines in their relationships, are being infected with AIDS at an alarming rate by husbands who patronize prostitutes.

The connection between AIDS, prostitution and infidelity is not an invention of the religious right. Gay activist and journalist Gabriel Rotello, in his groundbreaking book “Sexual Ecology”, concluded, after careful study of the epidemiological data, that the “condom code” had failed and that only monogamy (or, as a second-best, a serious reduction in the number of partners) could prevent AIDS and other STDs from wiping out the gay male community. Like the highly promiscuous men he studied, prostitutes who engage in unsafe sex – in their case, generally not by choice – constitute a “core group” that sustains an epidemic and allows it to cross over to the general population. If Garrett is not concerned about the morality of selling women’s bodies, she should at least take the science of disease prevention seriously, instead of hijacking this issue to advance a naive agenda of sexual liberation.
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