June 8-9: Anti-Pornography Slideshow Training in Boston

Do you believe that pornography is related to rape, sexual degradation, and violence in our culture?

Do you want to do something to reclaim our culture?

The National Feminist Antipornography Movement invites the public to attend two days of Stop! Pornography Training in Boston. The training will take place during Friday, June 8 through Saturday, June 9 at Wheelock College. See this flyer (PDF) for more information.

The training features Gail Dines, Robert Jensen, Rebecca Whisnant and Lierre Keith.

Learn how to present NFAM’s new slideshow on pornography. We will give you the experience, knowledge, and confidence to talk publicly about pornography in your community, work, schools and churches. The slideshow is free to all participants.

Friday will include in-depth presentations on topics such as:

  • the content and harms of pornography on individuals, relationships and culture,
  • the economic and cultural dynamics of the pornography industry, and
  • ways of integrating anti-porn education into a range of programs.

Saturday will include training on:

  • how to present the slideshow,
  • including practice on how to respond to questions and challenges,
  • a session on self-care for presenters and activists.

Download this flyer (PDF) for contact information.

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