Testimony in Los Angeles: Pornographers Place Recruitment Ads for “Models” in Newspapers

Our opponents chant ‘consenting adults’ like a magic formula to ward off all criticism, yet time and again we see pornographers making a mockery of the idea of informed consent, let alone informed consent from people unpressured by money troubles. Members of the Los Angeles County Commission for Women heard this testimony about peoples’ encounters
with porn at a hearing on April 22, 1985. This account appears in In Harm’s Way: The Pornography Civil Rights Hearings (p.359-360).

Testimony of Sarah Schultz

My name is Sarah Schultz, and I’m a psychiatric nurse, and the only organization I’ve been involved in lately is Students Against Violence at Cal. State, Northridge. I work in a hospital where I had an instance happen that really made the whole issue of what I was supporting at school come into my life.

I overheard half of a phone conversation with one of the young housekeepers, and she was telling her friend, “I know it’s pornography, is what they’re trying to do.” And it was like I didn’t want to be in tune to what was going on, so I tried to turn off the conversation, and afterwards I asked her if she was all right. And she proceeded to tell me her friend, who’s on welfare, has three children, saw an ad in the newspaper. It said, “Girls, Girls, Girls.” And she brought it in and showed it to me, and it’s very typical in all the newspapers: Modeling, $300 a day. And she felt she could get money for her children for Christmas for presents. She didn’t have money. And so this young lady that I know was trying to talk her out of it, and it went on. I would see her every once in a while… And each time she began telling me the persuasion that was going on, and I could understand how easily a young woman could slip into this.

She began by going for the interview, and they made pictures of her, and paid her the money and told her they were going to make her a star. And it seemed all–everything seemed all right. So she proceeded to leave, and they said, by the way, we may have some lingerie ads you could do for us. We need you, just take your clothes off. I want to see if there’s any marks on your body. She did that, put her clothes on and left. And all along this young woman that I know is trying to talk her out of it.

Well, it got to the point where they started at one location. Then they began to tell her she could become a star on cable television. They took her to another location that–all I know is Melrose near La Cienaga, looks like a library, and this young lady I know [the housekeeper] was taken along one evening, [the pornographers were] hoping to recruit her. But she didn’t get involved in it. She described it as looking like a library. It was run by an Asian man, a black man, and a white man, and an Indian man. And it was very sophisticated as far as [being] computerized and how the doors are very secure. Each room had names on ’em. It was sadomasochistic things that were going on.

She came home and when the woman I know did not get involved, the young woman who was involved in all of this was given “punishment” for not having the friend come along. She was then, began to be threatened. The young woman came home with welts on her arms and the young woman I know kept saying, “they’re beating you.” And she’s saying, “No, no, it’s all right. It’s all right.” She pulled her shirt up quickly and saw there’s welts all over her back. There’s track marks on her arm, and then she confessed to her that she was told there would be harm to her children if she didn’t cooperate. And it’s to the point of immobilization.

This young lady, I consoled her as much as I could. I talked with a police psychologist that I work with, and she said that the police wouldn’t get involved because it is pornography. I felt totally helpless. I contacted Women Against Violence Against Women, and got the phone number, gave it to this young woman, and they’ve been supportive of her.

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