The Pornified Life: “Tonight, we will fake love”

From Tonight, we will fake love, by Steve Turner (Charisma Books, 1974)…

Tonight we will
fake love together.
You my love, possess
all the essential qualities
as listed by Playboy.
You will last me for
as long as two weeks
or until such a time
as your face and figure
go out of fashion…
I will prop my paperback
Karma Sutra
on the dressing table
and like programmed souls
we will perform
and like human beings
we will grow tired
of our artificially sweetened
diluted and ready to drink
love affairs…

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A Review of Pornified: How Pornography Is Damaging Our Lives, Our Relationships, and Our Families
Paul compares porn to junk food. It stirs up your cravings and seems to satisfy them in the short term, but because there’s no nutritional value or variety, you’re still hungry and more frustrated than before. (p.85) This cycle of desire and disappointment is what leads to addictions, whether to porn, gambling, alcohol, or any other highly advertised product that falsely promises happiness. Paul quotes several regular porn users who became bored with ordinary heterosexual porn and needed more and more unusual thrills—group sex, bisexuality, anal sex—to replicate the original high…

Many of Paul’s interview subjects said porn use made them more judgmental of their real-life sex partners. One thrice-divorced 34-year-old subject, who had been watching porn since age 10, said that he would break up with any woman who wouldn’t give him the kind of pleasure he saw men getting in porn films. If the woman takes too long to reach orgasm, or doesn’t enjoy swallowing semen, she’s history. (pp.92-93) Other young men said they wanted their girlfriends to be “slutty” and submissive (p.94)…

The women Paul interviewed, even those who considered themselves sexually experienced and adventurous, frequently reported problems with their partners’ porn use. One woman in her 30s told Paul that she felt cheapened and alienated from her lovers when she noticed them using porn-film moves on her. She could tell when a man was a heavy porn user because he treated her as an object to be viewed, keeping her at an emotional distance. (pp.128-29) Other women said their partners constantly deceived them about how much porn they were watching. Women who made the concession to watch “couples” erotica with their partners felt betrayed and second-rate when they discovered the men were still secretly indulging in hardcore porn. They felt anxious that their men were not sufficiently fulfilled by a relationship with them. (pp.146-47) Just as when a wife discovers her husband’s adultery, these women wondered if it was their fault that the men looked elsewhere for sexual satisfaction. (pp. 170-71) Meanwhile, acceptance of porn was a romantic deal-breaker for many of Paul’s male subjects; they would rather sacrifice a relationship than kick the habit. (pp.134-35) This is a common symptom of addiction.

Young New Yorkers Talk about Porn’s Effect on their Relationships (explicit language)
“He was a lot more innocent when he was younger,” she says. “He was looking for love and companionship. Now he just wants a good lay. I’m sure he’s looking for some huge-breasted, tight-assed bitch…” These days, she feels “very jaded about love and sex,” but every so often, she finds her cynicism dissolving… “I think it will be really rare, and hopefully it will happen, that I can meet a guy who will be happy with only me.”

One thought on “The Pornified Life: “Tonight, we will fake love”

  1. Somebody needs to produce a documentary about
    child porn, interviewing victims right after they turn 18 so they can handle the stress, even though they will remain anonymous, with faces and voices distorted. Just because 69% say “yes” doesn’t mean that they didn’t say “no” just before the chemical was put in their milk. Of course the bad boy could simple say that he thought she kept saying “know”! Rape is rampant in this city, state, country and planet. Much more statistical reporting needs to be done. May God help us all to be effective. I understand that Jesus Christ’s girlfriend, Mary Magdalen, was posessed by seven devils. Maby this means that she had sex with seven possessed humans at frequent orgies. If he purged her, maybe there is hope for all prostitutes and young victums of child abuse. I was raped numerous times by strangers and relatives when I was very young and I am still recovering from that abuse. It was particularily tough when a nun had her way with me when I was only thirteen.

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