Julie Marie Wade…What Love Is

Julie Marie Wade won the 2005 Gival Press Oscar Wilde Poetry Award for “The Lunar Plexus”. It is our pleasure to present these excerpts from her erotic poem:

In the context of the body,
everything is beautiful.
She and I like bread,
our bodies like bread,
the loaves of the shoulders
browned, softened, rising,
and the white flour fingers,
and the dark yeast of the thighs,
rendering new our skin,
the lumps under our loam,
making us rise,
making us rise beautifully

It is almost a prayer,
the way you take the red cup of my mouth
in the white curve of your hands;
the way you polish me with your tongue as silver
is polished with cool cloths…

I did not intend for love to happen, love like a stray cat sitting on the path, perched unobtrusively in the tree; love that stalks so silently we never hear it coming.
Then, the loud scratching at the back door, hungry mouth entreating, demanding to be heard…

Read the complete poem.

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