Mocha Club: Helping Former Sex Slaves Transition into Normal Life

This post does not have to do with porn per se, but the Mocha Club‘s Village of Hope is such a great example of love in action we wanted to call attention to it. The village is

a safe community of huts, a workshop, a medical clinic, a community
center and a school that [club contributors] are helping us build for nearly 500 ”child mothers”
who were sex slaves to rebel soldiers in the “Lord’s Resistance Army,”
a rebel paramilitary group in Northern Uganda. These young women are
called ‘child mothers’ because they were only children themselves when
they were abducted, trained as fighters, and given as sex slaves. Now
that they are free, the community at large often rejects them and their
children, but their home at Village of Hope will be a safe haven for
them. This project is specifically being supported through the Matt Wertz Mocha Club [sample blog post].

There are other organizations that help prostitutes leave the industry and care for their emotional and physical health. The Prostitute Research & Education website lists some of them, including this one in Massachusetts.

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