Now on Sale at Capital Video: Watch Women Eat Their Own Poop (explicit)

We agree that healthy erotica exists and that “feminist pornography” that empowers women might be possible to create. However, the reality remains that the substantial majority of porn sold in America is misogynistic and degrading to women. In addition, just because porn is produced by a woman is no guarantee that it will respect women. See, for example, the work of Lizzy Borden.

One of the newer crazes in porn is a genre called “ass-to-mouth”. In a typical scenario, a man has anal sex with a woman, then puts his penis into her mouth. In effect, the woman is being paid to eat her own feces. How to interpret this as empowering to women is beyond our imagination.

A quick search of Capital Video’s website,, finds “A2m – The Art Of Ass To Mouth #1” (PDF) and “A2m 4” (PDF) now on sale. The sales copy for the films claim:

Ask any girl and shes sure to tell you – “There’s nothing more romantic than Ass-To-Mouth”.
Other websites have a different spin on the practice of making people eat their own excrement. Wikipedia writes,

Coprophagia [consumption of feces] is extremely uncommon in humans. It is generally thought to be the result of the paraphilia known as coprophilia [sexual pleasure from excretion], although it is only diagnosable in extreme cases where it disturbs one’s functioning. From the medical literature, coprophagia has been observed in a small number of patients with dementia, schizophrenia[1] and depression[2]. Consuming other people’s feces carries the risk of contracting diseases spread through fecal matter, such as hepatitis. Hepatitis A, Hepatitis B, pneumonia, and influenza vaccinations are generally recommended for those who engage in this practice. Consuming one’s own feces potentially involves risk, as the bowel bacteria and eggs of parasitic worms are not safe to ingest. Similar risk can apply to related sexual practices, such as anilingus or inserting an object into the mouth that has recently been in the anus (see ass to mouth).
This website describes life in Stalin’s gulags:

Russian citizens were rounded up by the millions and put into Soviet forced-labor camps called gulags. Many gulag prisoners died from over-work, malnourishment or disease. Prisoners were also abused – for example, some were forced to eat human feces. Other were routinely beaten or left in freezing temperatures.
Apart from the symbolism, we would argue that paid A2M, short of elaborate medical precautions, should simply be illegal from a workplace safety point of view.

[Added on 1/19/08]

Here’s a film on (affiliated with that emphasizes how humiliating ass-licking and cum-swallowing can be, at least when the target of the humiliation is a man. (The film’s also racist to boot.)

Cum Eating Cuckolda
THE ULTIMATE HUMILIATION Your wife says you don’t satisfy her in bed. She needs big black cock. And she wants you to watch! While her black stud is pounding her pussy she adds to your humiliation by ordering you to lick her dirty asshole. You do it because you don’t have a choice. You’re a wimp… The coup de grace comes when she lets the black savage ejaculate inside her then positions her pussy over your face and says: “Lick up every drop Sweetie!”

4 thoughts on “Now on Sale at Capital Video: Watch Women Eat Their Own Poop (explicit)

  1. I literally Laughed Out Loud when I first read the title of this post, because it just seemed too ridiculously over the top to be real. Of course, it ceased to be funny as I read on.
    I confess to chuckling at the incredulous line from the sales copy:
    Ask any girl and shes sure to tell you – “There’s nothing more romantic than Ass-To-Mouth”.
    This explains to me how VIP’s lawyer is proclaiming them a “Romance Shop”

    What is wrong with people? (of course to even ask that will get comments accusing me of being “judgemental” or repressed, etc. because suggesting that this practice, as long as it is between consenting adults, is anything other than normal makes me the bad guy)

  2. Thanks for the headline–I had a rough day, and reading about anyone eating their own poop really packs an unintentional-funny-punch and really helps me unwind. Seriously: you guys are funny. Keep up the good work!

  3. Laura makes the point I made, although you decided to censor my previous comment. This phenomenon is NOT funny–which is why I had to comment on how strikingly hilarious your actual article IS.

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