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  1. According to BlogTopSites, you were visited by somewhere between 500 and 800 unique people during the time when this was your lead article, pleading for votes on Digg. All of these people would have seen this plea as the first visible thing after your page loaded.

    But only 4 of them actually voted for you, a rate somewhere in the neighborhood of way less than 1 percent. Perhaps this is an indication that although you get a lot of hits, that’s just an effect of all the advertising you do, and not an indication that your blog is well-regarded by the public at large. Once people actually see your blog, they don’t “dig” it. So they don’t Digg it–vote for it on Digg, even when you beg for votes in your lead article. At least one person appears to have “buried” your blog, which is how one expresses disapproval on Digg.

    This, I think, casts further doubt on your contention that your blog is generally taken seriously.

  2. I have a friend in the state of WA and her Grand daughter to seeing there mother boy friend walk around the house nude. What can be done about it. To me I hate it I have Grand kids and I make sure it not done in my family I have seen bad thing done to our little one and done like it I was a Fire Fighter EMT for 25 year.
    I am on a fix income but would like to help.


  3. I appreciate your concern. You might want to check in with your local counseling center/rape crisis center/women’s shelter to see what might be done. You might also be able to raise the awareness level of the mother of the children by asking her to review the articles on NoPornNorthampton.org, especially these on child molestation.

  4. Hey! You got another Digg! That’s 5 so far, out of like, 12,000. Nice work. People really do like your blog.

    Also, when you responded to that guy up there, why didn’t you tell him to call the cops, or the Washington”>http://www1.dshs.wa.gov/“>Washington State Department of Social and Health Services? If you’re going to dispense advice to people like that, you have a huge responsibility to get it right. Telling him to consult your blog was really irresponsible.

  5. i feel this would be great help to minors if it appeared and popped up like porn pictures do.i t should be required for victims of incest and teachers and ppolice officers and ministers. I was abused as a smallchild by my sister and it has continued as everyone says just be quiet dont blame her for all your problemsand love her like a good christian. I have and she still seeks to dominate and has made me a target for rape many times.

  6. Thanks for writing. We feel a good way to reach minors would be to beef up sex education, countering the myths spread by porn, such as that women enjoy abuse, that children like sex with adults, and being promiscuous is good and natural.

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