The Republican: “Web serves as great resource for activists”

The March 15 Republican reports on the growth of blogs and websites for local activism. Daryl LaFleur posts public documents at Paradise City Forum so people can review them and “come to their own conclusions,” without having to troop down to City Hall. Granby resident Mark Bail hosts Granby01033, a blog to bring more attention to Granby issues.

Bail estimates that the blog gets 100 visitors a day. Some of them are former Granby residents who live out of state. He acknowledges that there are some fundamental differences between his site and mainstream media.

“Newspapers are supposed to be fair and balanced,” he said. “I just try to be fair.”

NPN’s Adam Cohen is quoted in the article as saying new media can help anti-porn activists get a fair hearing when they feel frustrated with traditional media.

“For a relatively small amount of money, we’ve created our own newspaper, and that’s very exciting to me.”

Besides soliciting comments, Cohen and Reiter have been able to post a wealth of information on the site, including background on Capital Video. also made a 300-page study on the side-effects of adult entertainment in New York City available online and often references other sites, some of which offer opposing viewpoints.

“The Internet makes it really easy to make connections between things,” Cohen said. “I want to encourage every activist to exploit the potential in this medium.”

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Visitors to NoPornNorthampton Website Outnumber Those of Local Newspaper Website
Quantcast estimates that NoPornNorthampton is now receiving 12,629 monthly unique visitors from the US (see PDF profile). GazetteNet trails slightly behind with 12,602 monthly unique visitors from the US (see PDF profile).
The Daily Hampshire Gazette’s website dates from August 1996, when the
domain was first registered. is,
of course, less than one year old, having been launched in June 2006.

Daryl LaFleur, “Blogging is a value added service”
Bloggers are providing an entire industry with new competition, and that is great NEWS for consumers and voters alike. Perhaps bloggers are succeeding because many of the people that tuned out because they recognized there is too much information that is unheard of, unspoken of, and unwritten about by the mainstream media, are tuning back in now that they have a refreshing new resource for unedited discourse that stems from a phenomenon created by and for humans known as cyberspace.

5 thoughts on “The Republican: “Web serves as great resource for activists”

  1. I agree it is good to give consenting adults wide discretion in their affairs. The problem is, things like secondary effects affect the people around adult enterprises whether they patronize them or not. Residents generally don’t consent to crime, harassment and blight, but those are the risks they are exposed to.

    We have shown that porn (adult and/or child porn) is a significant factor in child molestation, and that child molestation is an enormous social problem in America affecting 10% of boys and 25% of girls. In those cases, both the consenting and the adult parts of your formula are missing.

    We have shown that violence, coercion and intoxication are a significant part of the way today’s porn is made. Similarly, a lot of today’s porn suggests that women like being dominated and forced to do things [example]. Consent is not foregrounded.

    Advocacy of freedom must be balanced by the recognition that not all people have equal power to exercise freedom. When you dispense with all restraints, the strong come to oppress the weak. This is exactly what we’re witnessing between porn producers and performers, between porn shops and communities, and between porn viewers and victims.

    Wisdom lies in the right balance between restraint and freedom, not in anarchy.

  2. Can you please explain what you mean when you say that “porn is a significant factor in child molestation”? Can you provide something more specific than “factor”?

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