Code of the City of Northampton Now Online and Searchable

Ward 4 City Councilor David J. Narkewicz announces that “The complete Code of the City of Northampton–which includes all of our ordinances, zoning regulations, special acts of the legislature, and the charter–is now available online via the City’s homepage or directly by going here.

The up-to-date “E-Code” contains Northampton’s recently adopted adult-use zoning and signage ordinances.

Northampton joins cities and towns in 20 US states and Canada in having its code available online and free to the public at General Code’s E-Code Library. You can search multiple codes at once. For example, you can search General Code’s municipal clients in Connecticut for “adult”, to explore the regulation of adult enterprises.

We give our thanks to the City of Northampton for making this resource available to the people.

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