Letter to Gazette: “Children need education to help deal with predators”

Today’s Gazette publishes a letter from Enid Gorman of Amherst. She writes:

I am a retired social worker who worked as a child sexual abuse prevention educator in public and private schools in New York City for several years, as well as providing therapy to sexually abused children.

In regard to your article of Jan. 20-21, “Programs react fast to child porn arrest,” while possession of child pornography is not necessarily the sign of an abuser, it should be a red flag to all educators and parents. I am writing to urge all area schools, public and private, from pre-school through high school, to implement child sexual abuse prevention education curricula. Just telling children to talk to someone if they feel uncomfortable with an adult is not enough. Many good curricula for children, parents and teachers exist at various levels, and training is available…

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