A network of lodging facilities that do not offer in-room, ‘adult’, pay-per-view movies

From the CleanHotels “Why Book Here” page:

CleanHotels is a network of lodging facilities that–based on some of the best research available–do not offer in-room, “adult” (pornographic) pay-per-view movies. Although the amenities and management change constantly and nothing can be guaranteed from day to day, we believe we have done everything we can to provide you with a service you can have confidence in.

Our primary purpose is to provide a service through which friends like you can book a room for your vacation, business trip or meeting with the expectation, first, that you and your family or associates will not be exposed to pornographic movies and, secondly, that you will be supporting a facility that cares enough about the wellbeing of its customers not to make harmful pornographic movies available.

Pornography is harmful to our society on so many levels. And the pornographic movies that many hotels make available through their in-room pay-per-view service often are the most explicit, degrading and destructive examples of hard core pornography.

Because pornography is an addictive, consuming substance, many individuals, whose curiosity tempts them to view a pornographic movie in the privacy of their hotel room, become “hooked” on pornography. An escalating cycle of pornography use begins and that cycle can result in the disruption of every aspect of the user’s life, including family and career.

It is not unheard of for families to report that children turn on a hotel TV and find a previously ordered hard core pornographic movie in progress. The images planted on a child’s mind through that one brief encounter can be troubling for many years.

Further, hotels pandering pornographic movies can create a hostile and potentially dangerous environment for women traveling alone or with children.

By booking your lodging needs through, you can feel better about staying in a facility where these dangers do not exist–a CleanHotel!

Go to the CleanHotels website.

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