Law Professors Provide Comprehensive Sample Adult-Use Ordinance for City Planners

Daniel R. Mandelker is the Stamper Professor of Law at Washington University. John M. Payne is Professor of Law & Justice Hall Scholar at Rutgers University. They kindly provide to the public a Sample Ordinance on Sexually Oriented Business Regulation as a starting point for city planners. This comprehensive ordinance includes the following sections:

  1. Purpose and Findings.
  2. Definitions.
  3. Classification.
  4. License Required.
  5. Issuance of License.
  6. Fees.
  7. Inspection.
  8. Expiration of License.
  9. Suspension.
  10. Revocation.
  11. Hearing; License Denial, Suspension, Revocation; Appeal.
  12. Transfer of License.
  13. Location of Sexually Oriented Businesses.
  14. Regulations Pertaining to Exhibition of Sexually Explicit Films, Videos, or Live Entertainment in Viewing Rooms.
  15. Additional Regulations for Escort Agencies.
  16. Additional Regulations Concerning Public Nudity.
  17. Prohibition Against Children in a Sexually Oriented Business.
  18. Hours of Operation.
  19. Exemptions.
  20. Injunction.
  21. Severability.
  22. Conflicting Ordinances Repealed.
  23. Effective Date.

For real-world examples, the professors provide links to adult-use zoning in Vancouver, WA and Stanton, CA.

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