Vote Tracker: Northampton Planning Board on Adult Signage, Location of Adult Enterprises (September & October 2006)

The minutes from the Northampton Planning Board’s meetings of September 28 and October 12 have recently been released. They describe the discussion over various adult-use ordinances and how planning board members voted. We provide these minutes here for your convenience. The addresses of residents on both sides of the debate have been obscured to protect their privacy.

Northampton Planning Board – Minutes of Meeting – September 28, 2006 (PDF)

Approved: Ordinances to regulate the adult content of signage and requiring establishments with porn viewing booths to locate in Northampton’s Highway Business District and be at least 500 feet away from homes, schools, houses of worship, and certain other features.

In favor: Francis Johnson, Keith Wilson, Jennifer Dieringer, Fran Volkmann, Paul Voss, George Russell

Opposed: George Kohout

Absent: Kenneth Jodrie, David Wilensky

Northampton Planning Board – Minutes of Meeting – October 12, 2006 (PDF)

Approved: An ordinance to regulate the location of large adult enterprises (over 1,000 square feet of adult material on display). Such enterprises must locate in Northampton’s Highway Business District and be at least 500
feet away from homes, schools, houses of worship, and certain other

In favor: Francis Johnson, Keith Wilson, Kenneth Jodrie, Paul Voss, George Russell

Opposed: George Kohout, David Wilensky, Fran Volkmann

Absent: Jennifer Dieringer

For more information about the Northampton Planning Board, see the Northampton city website.

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