Gazette: “Planning Board to hear video, hotel proposals”

Today’s Gazette reports on the Planning Board meeting scheduled for tonight. Capital’s Video’s Site Plan has been scheduled for review at 8:30pm, but the board may decide to “continue” (delay) voting on the plan in light of adult-use zoning now being considered by the City Council.

“Even if a vote isn’t taken, [senior planner Carolyn] Misch said, the board might open the floor for comments from Capital Video and residents.” Concerned citizens are urged to attend. The meeting will take place at 212 Main Street, behind City Hall.

Also in today’s Gazette, city editor Laurie Loisel comments on the intense debate over the porn shop:

This plethora of views from all angles has certainly made discussions about the plan fascinating and thought-provoking. The proposal is set to come up again tonight before the Planning Board.

Even though the issue is painful for some, and deeply conflictual, I think the vigorous debate engendered by the Capital Video proposal is healthy.

Let’s face it, when freely exercised, free speech can be deeply divisive.

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