Breaking News: City Council Approves Adult Use Ordinances at First Reading

Northampton’s City Council approved all three adult-use ordinances under consideration at tonight’s public meeting. These ordinances regulate signage with adult content, require a 500-foot buffer zone between shops with porn viewing booths and homes/schools/houses of worship, and require a similar 500-foot buffer zone between large adult enterprises and homes/schools/houses of worship. A large adult enterprise is defined as one with over 1,000 square feet of adult material on display (including adjacent aisles).

Tonight’s vote constituted a first reading. A second reading and vote will likely take place at the next City Council meeting on November 2. Council members may consider modifying some of the ordinances with amendments during the interval.

Let your City Council member (contact information) know you support reasonable adult-use zoning for Northampton, such as many other towns in Massachusetts enjoy, and that they should avoid amendments that will weaken the ordinances approved tonight.

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