The Republican: “Pornography debate has ‘Hamp talking”

Fred Contrada profiles some of the personalities in the porn debate in the Hampshire & Franklin Plus supplement of today’s Republican. Those mentioned include Adam Cohen and Jendi Reiter of NoPornNorthampton, Peter Brooks of Talk Back Northampton, Carol Gesell of Oh My!, and Corinna Yazbek, who read a passage by Carol Queen to the Northampton City Council. (We respond to some of Ms. Queen’s “sex positive” theories here.)

An excerpt:

“[Peter] Brooks has created his own blog spot, talkbacknorthampton, and started his own free speech petition. Although he is in some ways the anti-NoPornNorthampton, he was written to porn king Guarino, taking him to task for keeping a low profile.

“In short, Mr. Guarino,” the letter concludes, “you’re a coward, unworthy of respect. So, take your shoddy operation and get the hell out of town, or step up, face the public and be a real man.”

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