Long-time Feminist Voices Support for NPN

Preserving the charm and historic character of Northampton is important to me. I was there last summer for a seminar at Smith and was pleased that some of my writing is housed in the Smith archives in copies of “Equal Times”. In the 70’s I was known as Marcia Womongold, feminist author and activist.

Jendi and Adam, I support your cause because pornography is a form of propaganda that denigrates women and incites crimes against us. Exploitation of sex for profit damages all participants and pollutes the media.

Keep up the good fight! The next time I travel to the western part of the state I’ll be there with you.

Best regards,
Marcia Matthews

3 thoughts on “Long-time Feminist Voices Support for NPN

  1. Glad to hear that you have support from more people living outside of Northampton who for some reason have an opinion about how our community should be run…

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