Mopornnorthampton Returns, Mocks King Street as “Unspoilt Jewel of the Northeast”

Mopornnorthampton, offline for weeks, returned to service in late September. This site, a creation of Jeff Hobbs, Jennifer Ruggieri, and perhaps others, tries to make the King Street porn shop issue a matter of “free speech” and “free trade” with arguments that we address in our FAQ (see on the left).

Recently moporn decided to indulge in the “King Street Is a Write-Off” argument with this post featuring pictures of various commercial properties around 135 King Street, including the Goldbergs’ building there, the Cumberland Farms across the street, Autopart, King Auto Body, China Wok Express, and the old Honda dealership. I’m sure the owners of these properties and businesses will appreciate the understanding and compassion they are receiving from moporn.

And let’s not forget 135 King Street’s other neighbors. Take a quick photo tour with NoPornNorthampton and visit with the Northampton School of Dance, ServiceNet, Saint Valentine’s Church, Children’s Aid and Family Service, YWCA’s Skipton House, and the homes on Summer Street that overlook 135 King Street.

King Street may not be all that it was or can be, but that doesn’t mean citizens should throw up their hands while a large porn shop comes to drag it down.

4 thoughts on “Mopornnorthampton Returns, Mocks King Street as “Unspoilt Jewel of the Northeast”

  1. Q: How many Feminists does it take to change a light bulb?

    A: That’s not funny.

    Separate satire from legitimate opinion. Particularly since the proprietors of the website have lived in town more than the two of you put together…

  2. I always visit king street for the glorious beauty it is famous for. We don’t need an adult store stealing business away from the 2.99 lunch special at china wok!

  3. You’re right, it’s not funny. Kicking King Street when it’s down is just mean.

    If the depth of local ties confers legitimacy, why place your trust in a large porn chain headquartered in Cranston, Rhode Island?

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