Yard Sign Gone Missing? We’ll Replace It Free

We’ve noticed several NoPornNorthampton yard signs have gone missing lately. Today we replaced our own sign for the second time. It would appear that in their zeal to defend free speech, some porn advocates have taken it upon themselves to censor us and those who agree with us.

We are happy to replace any yard sign that has gone missing. There is no charge. We have many signs and we’ll make up more if they run out. Please send your request to info@nopornnorthampton.org.

We would like to remind people to think twice before taking actions that could be construed as trespassing, interfering with another’s property, and interfering with someone’s right to express their opinion.

5 thoughts on “Yard Sign Gone Missing? We’ll Replace It Free

  1. I guess that “three” technically counts as “several,” but isn’t this kind of whiney and stupid? Three measly signs between July and October? That doesn’t seem like very many. And since you give out your yard signs for free anyway, why would you make a big deal about how you’ll replace them at no charge? You guys never cease to amaze.

  2. We’ve replaced quite a few more signs that have gone missing from other peoples’ property besides the three from ours. It would appear that one or more anti-censorship activists are blatant hypocrites.

  3. I’m leaving this here since it was the only spot I could find that wasn’t closed for reply…”It would appear that one or more anti-censorship activists are blatant hypocrites.” It would also seem that this forum subscribes to the same policies it would criticize. Freedom is a funny thing and while I agree with some of the points presented in this forum I find the overall lack of open dialogue on your posts a little disconcerting to say the least. One hand clapping sounds pretty much the same from any angle. Good luck in your efforts even the ones that from a lot of angles seem completely puritanical and bizarre in nature…I have found that when people speak in superlatives it is often a disservice to the greater goal of most causes since invariably there is no room for debate in a world that is closed to opposing points of view.

    I find the overall tone of this site to be pretty antagonistic as a guy who thinks for himself; just my two cents.

  4. Yes, we reluctantly did restrict the normal commenting mechanism. The primary method of accountability available to us is the IP address. Those who heckled, harassed, or otherwise abused their commenting privileges had their IP address blocked. Unfortunately, some members of the opposition found and publicized a way to defeat this system.

    We do accept comments by email and phone, as is noted on every page of the website.

    As always, we reserve the right not to publish any comment. This aligns with our overall position that private actors should think hard before publishing or profiting from meritless or harmful speech.

    We strive to provide evidence over rhetoric on the website. If the evidence is harsh, we don’t soften it.

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