Capital Video Planning Board Application Shows 73 Abutters

Here for public review is Capital Video’s Planning Board Application, received yesterday by the city.

Capital Video Planning Board Application (PDF)

The application form includes an information sheet from the city describing the approval process. It is likely that Capital Video’s plans will be discussed at a public hearing on October 12. We’ll know for sure by the end of September. A representative of Capital Video is required to come to this meeting–a rare opportunity for citizens to meet the people behind the porn shop. We encourage the public to attend.

In their application, Capital Video provides the required list of abutters within 300 feet of the property at 135 King Street. There are 73 abutters on this list, underscoring how many homes, businesses and organizations will be affected by the porn shop. You may well know someone on this list. Download the PDF and have a look.

41 thoughts on “Capital Video Planning Board Application Shows 73 Abutters

  1. I am not into the “porn thing”, but dont you think their are more important issues. Being NoHo I would think it would be a great tax income for the city where EVERYONE is accepted.
    If you don’t like it ,don’t go in.
    People say their are churches around! Rember the preist’s and the boy’s ordeal? They are still their. Maybee you should go after people who hide behind religion to seem like they are a pillar of their community. While behind closed doors they beat wives, mothers, sons, ect.. Cheat. Disown their gay siblings.
    This is just an example where possative energy needs to go.
    I am a Smith grad and think the people in NoHo would understand.
    Besides most people who don’t agree of porn are only told this by religions. And most of thei daughters dress like little whores for older perverted men to go home and make plans to snatch one up for play time. Concentrate on that too. Thanks, R.G.

  2. We feel that crime, economic vitality, disease, women and fidelity are important issues. We doubt that property and sales tax revenues will compensate the city for the porn shop’s likely damage to surrounding commerce and area property values.

    While churches aren’t all perfect, they serve many positive functions. Positive functions for porn shops are considerably harder to find, despite much study.

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